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Midnight Dreams

Ever wonder what Jake and Nessie's kid would be like? Meet Aiyana Black, the half-human, half-shifter/vampire daughter of Jacob and Renesmee. Family life, venturing out into the human world, going to high school, meeting new people and trying to be normal. All Cullens, Jacob, Seth, Leah and new characters!! AU- about 40 years after BD


3. Chapter 3

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Chapter Three

“Wake up, kiddo.” Dad tried to find a way through the blanket and sheet cocoon that encapsulated my body. He found the end of the duvet and pulled it out from under me. The early morning light that poured through my windows hurt my eyes and I hid my head under my pillow.

“Five more minutes, pleeeease?” I squeaked in a muffled voice, “I need my beauty sleep.”

“Beauty sleep, Annie?” Only dad was aloud to call me Annie, it made me feel like such a child when everyone else said it, “If you were any more beautiful, sweetheart, I would have to rethink this whole high school thing. Now, come on, I have a surprise for you.”

I shot up in my bed, “A surprise?” Oh, how I loved surprises. Unlike mom and Grams, I had nothing against the lavish gifts my family loved to shower me with. “What kind of surprise, Daddy?”

“Come downstairs, have some breakfast and then I’ll show you. Mom is cooking your favorite, Belgian waffles with strawberries and whipped cream. Better get down there before the boys eat it all.” He kissed the top of my forehead and walked out of the room so I could change.

I looked around my room to find my robe. It was a complete disaster. Clothes were strewn all over the room in complete disarray. It looked like a hurricane had come through and the contents of my closet were its unfortunate victims. I would definitely need to clean it sometime this week. My room was my sanctuary. Grammy Esme did all the design work. The walls were a soft lilac color trimmed with a darker, royal purple. The room was furnished with two flat screen TV’s, the best surround sound system money could buy, a small office and sitting area with a computer desk, a couch and two armchairs. Several dressers and an armoire held the rest of my clothing that didn’t fit into my enormous walk-in closet. My favorite piece of furniture was the massive, silver wrought-iron canopy bed with intricate rose designs. It used to be black when it belonged to my grandparents when they first got married. The coolest feature of my room was the upstairs loft that held the piano that was also passed down by my grandparents. I could sit up there and play for hours on end.

“There you are!” I found the pink fleece robe aunt Alice had given me on Valentine’s Day and I threw it on over my shoulders. I looked in the mirror for a moment to fix my unruly hair so I would look somewhat decent. The aroma of freshly baked waffles and sweet strawberries tickled my nose as soon as I opened the door. I jumped over the banister to the first floor, landing by the entranceway to the kitchen- stairs took too long.

Mom’s left eyebrow rose slightly, “Do you really have to do that every time you come downstairs?”

“What? You never say anything when Aiden does it. It’s not like I’m gonna break my ankles, mom.” I stuck my tongue out to my brother who was working on a stack of my waffles and bacon. “Where did Dad and Bryce go?”

“They’re doing something with your present.” She came over and placed a plate of waffles in front of me. Before I could dig in, her pale, slender arms closed around my shoulders and she placed a soft kiss in my hair, “Happy birthday, honey.”

“Thanks, mom.” I would have turned to hug her back but, I was really, really hungry.

“Yuh, hoppy burthday, sis” Aiden muttered, flecks of waffles and bacon landing on the table.

“Eww, gross Deni, don’t talk with your mouth full…but, thanks.” Dad and Bryce walked into the kitchen a few minutes later. Bryce plopped down in the seat next to me and I snarled at him when he tried to steal my bacon.

“Oooh, someone’s grumpy this morning. Is it cause you’re getting old, Annie?”

“Do. Not. Call. Me. Annie.” I quickly jabbed my butter knife into his arm, drawing a tiny bit of blood. He flicked the droplet at me as the small gash closed almost instantly. His blood did not smell nearly as appetizing as the waffles.

“Ana, don’t stab you brother. It’s not nice.” She turned her attention back to the waffle iron as dad walked up behind her. He wrapped his arms around her waist and squeezed her tight before kissing her cheek, bringing a mile-wide smile to her exquisite face. He whispered something in her ear too low for even my vampire ears to hear. It had to be about my birthday present.

I scarfed down the rest of my food and zipped to my dad’s side before he had a chance to start eating. “Can I see my present now, Daddy?” I hugged him and inhaled his scent. He smelled like fresh cut grass and the damp woods. My favorite. Aunt Rosie is the only one who still teases him about smelling like a wet dog, something I have now picked up and use on my brothers.

“Yeah, I s’pose.” He put me into a light headlock and we walked to the garage. I hope it’s not another car. I like the one I currently have- a tricked-out Mini Cooper that I helped Dad fix up. It’s ancient but you’d never know it. It looks brand new and it goes fast. Really fast. He opened the garage door to show me my gift. Amongst the collection of fancy cars and street motorcycles sat my brand new Yamaha all terrain dirt bike. You could ride it on the freeway and streets too. I’ve been bugging my parents about a bike since Grams taught me how to ride one ten years ago.

“Whoa, dad! This is so cool! Thank you, thank you, thank you!” I rushed over and turned on the ignition. The bike roared as I gave it more gas. “This is so awesome! I love it!”

“ Yeah well, Edward doesn’t want you riding it unless you wear these…” He handed me a helmet, gloves and what looked like a bulletproof jacket. Unecessary accessories for someone with quick reflexes and zero chance of getting hurt.

“Seriously?” I eyed dad questioningly, a smile formed on his lips.

“Yeah, I know, kiddo. But, ease his mind a bit, kay?”

“Sure, pops. Whatever you say.”

“Anyways,” He fastened the helmet strap under my chin, “Happy Birthday, my lil’ bloodsucker. Love you.”

“Love you, too.” I shouted as I pulled out of the garage to take my new bike for a spin.


“Ana, what the…?” I took off my headphones to see Alice picking my clothes from off my floor. “This is a vintage Yves St. Laurent dress and look at this, Christian Dior, probably permanently wrinkled.”

“Oops?” I shrugged my shoulders at the tiny pixie zooming around my room placing my clothes over her extended arm. I tossed my iPod onto the bed and helped her rearrange my closet.

“You’re just as bad as your Grams.”

“Hey, at least I wear this stuff.” I loved everything she bought for me. Alice and Rosie had fantastic taste in clothing. And although I never had anywhere to wear them to, they made sure I stayed up to date on the newest styles and latest trends. Grams and mom had no appreciation for the designer labels that filled their closets. Often times, whenever I raided their closet to find new pieces, I would pull something off the hanger that still had the tags on them. So sad, it was such a waste.

“Yes, that’s true isn’t it? Anyways, I came to give you this.” She handed me the adorable Peter Som dress I had pointed out last week in the latest issue of Vogue. "Wear it to the party. It will look so pretty against your skin."

I held the dress up to my body as I examined myself in the mirror, "Thanks, Alice. It's a great gift."

"Oh, that's not your gift, dear. It's just a dress. You know me better than that!" She grinned before turning and flitted out of my room, humming some lovely tune in her musical, wind chime voice.


I finished curling my hair, slapped on some lip-gloss and threw on my dress before and looked in the mirror for final adjustments before heading over to Grammy and Granddad's house. Theirs was the largest of our homes. Purple's and pink's now covered every inch of the living room from the table covers to the gift-wrap on the presents. A white birthday cake, almost too pretty to eat, was on the center table, surrounded by fragrant white freesias and purple lilacs. A light breeze flowed through the house and the usually scarce sunlight burst through the open windows causing my vampire relatives' skin to sparkle like diamonds. I was awestruck every time I saw it happen. They were all so excruciatingly beautiful, I couldn’t help but be a little bit envious.

Grandpa was the first person I reached, "You are more beautiful than all of us combined, sweetie." He whispered into my ear in his smooth, velvety voice. He obviously heard what I was thinking.

Grams was next, her angelic face twinkled in the afternoon light, "He's right you know. Happy birthday, my darling."

I was greeted and wished a happy birthday by each member of my family. Everyone looked so happy. It was intoxicating being surrounded by such beauty and unconditional love. Mom and dad barbequed steaks, chicken, corn on the cob and an assortment of other veggies. I was not a fan of vegetables but mom insisted that it wasn’t very healthy living on a diet that consisted entirely of undercooked meat. Dad, Mom, Leah, Seth, Bryce, Aiden and I pigged out on the delicious meal.

"Hey uncle Em?"

"What's up?" He looked up from the game on TV. Rosie looked over as well.

"Do you like seafood?"


"See...food!" He opened up his big mouth to show Em the masticated piece of steak, "Get it?" Em let out a booming laugh that echoed through the room.

"You're revolting, you know that?" I rolled my eyes at him in disgust. You would have thought he'd been raised by a pack of wild wolves from the way he ate.

We finished up our lunch and I posed for pictures with my cake and my family. Esme liked to take thousands of pictures every time there was a birthday or celebration. The basement was half full of boxes filled with pictures from our childhood. I cut the cake, handed out the slices and waited for the best part. Presents.


"This is from Jazz and I." Alice tossed me one of the large purple boxes. Inside was a black, quilted Chanel messenger bag and matching sunglasses.

"For school." Jazz chimed.

I got a new Apple laptop from Em and Rosie, a Burberry winter coat and scarf set from Grammy and Granddad, some badly needed Bose acoustic headphones from Seth and Leah and a silver locket with our family crest from Grams and Grandpa. It was exactly like mom and Grams.

"So, for my last present…School? Are we gonna talk about it now?" I had to take advantage of the gift-giving mood everyone was in.I saw fear on the faces of my parents and grandparents until Jazz came up behind them. He half smiled and sat next to Alice. I would have to thank my mood-influencing uncle later for that. I sat between Bryce and Aiden on the sofa as Grandpa led the discussion.

"Yes, school. As you know, we all want what is best for you and your brothers. After many discussions, we have decided to enroll you at St. Augustine Academy."

"Ugh. Isn't that the private school?" I elbowed Bryce in the ribs. I think I heard something crack.

"Would you rather stay home, son?" Dad glared at him.

"Noooo." He shut up real fast.

Grandpa quickly got back into the conversation, "St. Augustine has the best curriculum and teachers. Not that you will have any problems academically."

"Nope, none at all." I beamed at my parents. Bryce and Aiden sank into the couch. School was going to be a breeze--for me at least. There wasn’t anything the teachers could teach that I didn’t already know.

"Of course, you know there are a few rules you have to follow. We have waited so long to send you to school for a reason. Exposure is and will always be our main concern. Therefore, we have agreed on the following--

One, you cannot join any sports teams. You would have an unfair advantage because of your strength and speed and as you know, we will not condone cheating. Along those same lines, you will have to hold back during P.E."

"Your Grams is a good resource for advice in that department. Aren't you, Bells?" Emmett chuckled, joined by Jazz. Grams wasn’t amused.

"I don't know what he's talking about." I could tell Grams was embarrassed, she fidgeted her hands whenever she was put on the spot. Fidgeting is not a vampire trait.

"Can we continue, Emmett or are you not finished badgering my wife?" Grandpa stroked the back of Grams' hand reassuringly. He was always so protective of Grams. It was sweet.

"Rule number two," It was dad's turn now, "this is mainly for you boys. Keep your tempers under control. No fighting or bullying or running you big mouths. The last thing we need is for you two to go phasing in front of the entire student body."

"Rule number three." Mom looked at me, "I know you don't like to darling but, you need to hunt. At least once a week for the first month."

"Mom, I've been around humans before."

"Yes, we know. It's just a precaution. You've been around humans but not for eight hours a day. It's different. Sitting next to them for hours on end. We don't know if it'll do anything to your thirst but, why take chances?"

"Ok." I hated hunting. I was terrible at tracking my prey and it always got messy.

"Rule number four." Grandpa's turn again, "Stick to the story." Ah, yes. The story. This was the greatest complication. Obviously, I couldn't have my actual mother and father sign me up for school seeing as how my mom looks to be about 18 at the most and my dad looks about 25. Granddad Carlisle and Grammy Esme would pose as our adoptive parents. Adoptive parents to 13 children. Believable? I think not. But, it's worked for them in the past.

So, according to the "story," Dad, Bryce and Aiden were my blood brothers. Our parents died in an accident with Seth and Leah's parents- who were our cousins. The Cullens adopted us into their family, which already included my mom, grandparents and aunts and uncles. It was a good thing it was just my brothers and I going to school. I wouldn't even know where to begin explaining the relationships between my paired off "siblings."

"Ok, suck at sports, drink blood and lie. Should be easy enough." That got everyone- except mom and my grandparents- laughing.

"Annie! You must take this seriously." Ugh. Annie. Better not piss off Grandpa.

"Yes, Grandpa. I know. I will. I want this more than anything. So, thank you for letting us go."

"It was a tough decision for all of us but, we can't keep you here forever."

"Yes, no matter how much we might want to," Dad sighed deeply before finishing his sentence, "You have to get out there eventually." His warm hands were on my shoulders. I rubbed his hands consolingly.

"I'll be ok, daddy."

"I know, kiddo. I know." Poor Dad, he was having a tougher time with this than he would admit.

"So, tomorrow? What's the plan?"

"Esme and I will take you and your brothers to register for school in the morning. You'll have to get your uniforms afterward- Alice and Rosalie volunteered to take you shopping." Carlisle nodded his head towards my two grinning aunts.

"Surprise, surprise." Jasper's voice was barely audible above the sound of the football game on TV.

"So, when do we start class? Tuesday?" I clasped my hands together in front of my face.

"Yes." Carlisle held my flapping arms down at my side. I could barely contain my excitement at that point. I bounced around the room smothering my family with hugs.

"Thank you so much! You have no idea what this means to me! I'll be the oldest freshman at St. Augustine's but I don't care. I can't wait for school!"

Dad was the last one I hugged. I made sure to make it an extra strong one. "I've never met anyone so excited to go to school before. Are you sure you're my kid?"