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A Christmas Story

This got deleted somehow....im kind of confused...anyways... this is a christmas story with the cullens set right before christmas, Esme wants a good wait awsome christmas tree for the cullens...so she sends Emmett to find it. LOVESSSS IT thanks guys enjoy

This got deleted somehow....im kind of confused...anyways... this is a christmas story with the cullens set right before christmas, Esme wants a good wait awsome christmas tree for the cullens...so she sends Emmett to find it. LOVESSSS IT thanks guys enjoy

1. The Tree

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“Emmett! That’s not big enough!” said Esme, staring down at Emmett from the stairs.

“This was the biggest one I could find!” replied Emmett, moving back out the door carefully. He wasn’t going to mention that he had scratched Rosalie’s Mercedes on the way in. It was hard to see holding a 13ft. tree.

“No it needs to be bigger! And please be careful you are dropping pine needles all over the floor.” Said Esme, running up stairs to retrieve the vacuum cleaner.

“Well, ok but I’m going to have to go up to Canada to get something bigger…”answered Emmett as he threw the massive tree on top of a pile of the other reject trees. Esme was done cleaning and waved goodbye out on the porch.

“Thanks sweetie!” she yelled off at the muscular white figure disappearing into the line of green and black. Just them Edward and Bella pulled in to the driveway, almost hitting the pile of forgotten trees.

“Edward would you mind just chopping up those, we can use them in our Christmas fire. I would help but I don’t want to get my blouse full of needles,” said Esme.

“Of course not. Bella, I’ll meet you inside,” replied Edward, and with a small kiss on the forehead he was off.

“Bella this is perfect you can help me decide what to cook for Christmas dinner,” said Esme, gently pushing Bella inside.

“But you guys can’t, um, eat.”

“I know, its just fun to get in the Christmas spirit. What do you humans eat for Christmas dinner? Should I call Emmett and tell him to pick up a deer on his way back?” asked Esme trying to find the new William Sonoma Christmas Cookbook she had just bought.

“No, just a turkey or a ham. I don’t think people really eat deer for Christmas…”

“Right a turkey it is!” replied Esme, whipping out her phone. “Emmett? Be a dear and pick us up some turkeys on your way back….No you should be able to find those on Canada… Aren’t there wild turkeys there?...Yes I guess store bought would be fine…wild would just be more authentic…”

“Esme, it’s not really nessicary to make a meal just for…”Bella tried to slide in.

“Of course it is Bella!...no Emmett, not a deer apparently they don’t eat those on Christmas….Yah I didn’t know that either…yes good thing we have Bella…” Esme continued her chat as she waltzed into the living room.

Bella stood there once again entranced by the way vampires worked. Edward came up behind her and kissed her hair, startling the girl.

“Sorry love, your hair just smells so good.” He whispered leaning in for a kiss. She reacted quickly, kissing him back; startling him. “You are the only person who can surprise me.”

She chuckled, “I guess that’s my special power.” Edward just leaned against the counter staring at her.

“Hmm, did Esme say where she wanted all the wood? Oh, shes talking to Emmett. I wonder if Rosalie has realized…” he started, being cut of by a loud growl from outside.

“EMMETT, what the F**K happened?” Screamed Rosalie as she stalked angrily into the living room. Obviously the little scratches on the car hadn’t gone unnoticed.

:Language, dear,” said Esme from the other room.

“He’s out looking for a tree for Esme,” said Edward still staring at Bella.

“Alice!” she said yelling upstairs at Alice. Alice had just returned from a massive Christmas shopping spree with reluctant Jasper. Now she was upstairs wrapping presents while Jasper went hunting. Rosalie was going to use her sister to locate Emmett, “Were going on a little field trip…” she said.

Alice danced downstairs, and into the kitchen. Rosalie immediately grabbed her and pushed her out the door. “Its ok, Rose will only hurt him a little…no wait never mind, it will be a lot” she said to the couple in the kitchen, while being dragged off in the same general direction of Emmett by Rosalie.

“That’s why you don’t touch Rosalie’s cars,” said Edward, looking off at the retreating figures. “Alice wasn’t kidding, it will be a lot.”

“Edward, Bella, could you come here for a second,” said Esme from the other room.

“What do you think?” the room had been transformed. There was silver, gold, red and green everywhere. Tinsel and fake evergreen covered almost every surface. There was a big empty spot in the middle of the room with a big red carpet, presumably for the tree.

“Wow Esme, just, wow,” Even Edward seemed at a loss for words. Esme grinned, pleased that others were happy with her work. Just them Emmett ran in, knocking over a sliver reindeer and its fawn.

“Emmett please be careful. But that tree is perfect, put it down here.” Said Emse, guiding Emmett to the big red carpet in the middle of the room.

“I just avoided Rosalie, by like a mile. I have to go though, she’ll be back any second. Alice held her back so I could get the tree here. It could have been a bloodbath,” said Emmett, with genuine fear in his eyes.

“You better get running Emmett, she just reached the edge of town,” replied Edward, a smirk on his face. Bella let out a low chuckle and Emmett was gone.

“So do we give him away, or let him get away?” asked Edward.

“Oh let him get a head start. This tree is just perfect, he deserves it. I’ll just go get those decorations…” said Esme as she walked out of the room and up the stairs.

“So, what do you think of the Cullen Christmas so far? It’s not exactly traditional, but Esme becomes somewhat of a Christmas powerhouse.” said Edward picking Bella up and placing her gently on the couch.

“No its perfect. I couldn’t ask for anything better,” she said, her heartbeat increasing as he leant towards her.

“Hey, you have to wait for the mistletoe!” she said as he started to kiss her. He didn’t stop and she quickly gave in.

“Edward!” Rosalie cried as she crashed through the door. “I know he was here, where did he go?!” she tracked around the room, oblivious to its new found Christmas-ness.

“Just outside of Tacoma right now, actually,” said Edward annoyed, as she had broken their embrace. Rosalie was out the door before he finished his sentence. Alice glided in the room, acknowledged the amazing decorations and proceeded upstairs.

“I thought you were going to give him a head start,” asked Esme coming slowly back down the stair, with a box of decorations.

“I was, but Emmett expects it. You can’t touch her car without being ripped to shreds, he knows that,” said Edward coolly.

They all watched and waited. Watched, Esme quickly decorate the tree in beautiful silvers and reds. Waited for the return of Rosalie, and what ever was left of Emmett. It was silent except for the soft sound of the Nutcracker Suite coming from the surround sound stereo.

“..was sorry Rose! Please forgive me...”Emmett’s booming voice came in to view just as the second movement of the Suite was finishing.

“..your problem now! I expect 2 new ones for Christmas…”

“…and I said that a lot, it was only a little scratch…”

“…can’t possibly drive it now…”

“…15ft. tree, like tons of needles…”


It continued on till they reached their room upstairs. At least there Bella couldn’t hear them. Bella had a look of disbelief on her face. Nobody else even took notice. Esme was done her tree, a massive 20 footer, full of silver tinsel and red decorations.

“I just love Christmas, don’t you?”