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What would have happened had the Volturi decided to grant Edward his wish and kill him? Would Bella have been able to get to him in time? Would the Volturi show mercy on them still? Bella races to save Edward's life, though one thing has changed...Edward will be killed.


4. Chapter 4: Captured

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I froze in the entryway as I saw him chained to a wall, shirtless, weakened to the point of being very near death, and practically unconscious.

How were the chains holding him? Why didn't he just break free? He still hadn't noticed my presence. Never in my life had I seen him look so weak, so hurt.

"Oh, my God," I said, softly, running over to him, to try to free him. "Edward? Edward, can you hear me? Edward, please answer me."

Despite my better judgment, I took his face in my hands and shook his head slightly to see if he could understand me. "Edward."

Everytime I said his name, a pain stabbed through the hole in my chest, making it burn endlessly, tormenting me, reminding me of the agony that I could never again have him.

Shut up! I told myself. It doesn't matter. I pushed through the pain, forcing myself to make it through this, despite the agony it caused me.

His head lolled weakly forward and I said, "No. Edward, you have to listen to me. Please...come back."

At that moment, he raised his head and forced his eyes open to look at me. "Is it over?" He asked, softly, in a hopeful tone, "Am I dead?"

"No!" I said, firmly, "No, Edward, you are not dead and neither am I. You have to believe me. I'm alive; we both are."

Realization flashed in his eyes and he stared at me, still trying to analyze all that had happened. "Are you real?" He asked, sounding like he was trying not to get his hopes up, "No. No, you're dead; I know you're dead. You can't be real. They...they can make me see things I want to see...make me think that it...you're dead. They're just...they're just messing with me. Go away, you don't exist; go away, you don't exist; go away, go away, go away..."

He shook his head deliriously. Oh, God. He didn't want me to save him. He wanted me to go away. No. No! He was delusional; he didn't know what he was talking about.

"Edward, now I think you're delirious," I said, "I swear to you, I'm real. I'm right here; I'm real. And, I am not going anywhere without you. I came to save you and I'm not leaving you...until I know that I've done just that."

After a while, he looked to me, a smile twitching at the corner of his lips, as he said, "Bella?"

"Yes!" I instinctively stepped closer to him, "Yes, Edward, it's me; I'm here."

"But, how--" he trailed off, struggling to continue on.

"It doesn't matter." I shook my head fiercely, stifling a sob, "It's a...long story; I'll explain later. Let's just...get you out of here." I tugged on the chains, trying to break them, but nothing helped. "Damn it!" I yelled, desperately, "Don't worry, Edward, I'll get you out of here. Everything...will be okay."

"Don't be so sure." A sinister voice said, from behind me.

I gasped and whipped around to see Jane, advancing towards me, trying to scare and intimidate me, but I merely moved myself in front of Edward to protect him, useless as it was, refusing to show any sign of fear. My heart pounded relentlessly in my chest, giving me away, though I did not fear for my life...only his.

It took Edward a second to figure out what was going on, but when he did, his breathing sped up, in anticipation, as he said, angrily but weakly, "Bella...no!...What the hell are you doing?!...Get the hell...out of here...Now...Run, Bella, run!"

He began struggling against the chains, but was apparently too weak to break them.

Jane approached me, smirking in a cruel manner, "Quiet, boy!" She addressed Edward.

Then, she turned on me, "On the contrary, my dear...you...are going to join him."

"NO!" Edward yelled, "Don't touch her!"

But, it was too late. Jane backhanded me before I could react, sending me crashing into the wall, and falling onto the concrete, hitting my head on a jagged stone, and the last thing I felt was my blood spilling freely from my new wound and the intense throbbing in my head, as Edward yelled, "BELLA! No! Don't hurt her, damn it! Leave. Her. Alone!"

Then, I fell unconscious...I appeared to be falling into a dark abyss...it was like I was trapped in a tunnel...this wasn't at all soothing like it had been when I had jumped off the cliff, and was drowning...then, I had Edward with me and he loved me, but now...as I fell into the void...I was completely alone.