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New Strings

Edward and Bella are both from Texas. They had a colorful past together. Edwards a professional bullrider and Bellas a new up and coming singer/songwriter. What happens when they cross paths?


1. I'll Prove You Wrong

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Bella POV

As I drove down the long, winding dirt road leading to Edwards ranch my favorite song by my favorite singer Miranda Lambert came on. I hollered “hell yeah” as I reached over to turn it up. I rolled down the windows of my old ’54 Chevy and started to belt it out along with Miranda.

I'm texas as hell
made in honery
I don't need no loud mouth
comin' on to me

my temper gets hotter in red white and blue blazes
you know dog-gone well everybody can tell I'm texas as hell

well I know I haven't been around a long time
but I've heard my share of
those worn out love lines
if you ain't redneck
dont waste your time
because right now I'm in a lonestar state of mind
God knows that’s true. I’ve had almost every pick up line in the book. It seems all men love to flock to 18 year olds with a pair of boots on there feet and a confident stride. Now I wouldn’t say I’m the most beautiful girl ever but I’ve got my own kind of look. I have long, wavy hair, big pouty lips, a toned tan body, and big doe brown eyes. I’ve probably been asked out by every guy at school, and every man (single or not) in a 30 mile radius of Amarillo. I’ve turned them all down except for one.

and I'm texas as hell
made in honery
I don't need no loud mouth
comin on to me
my temper gets hotter in red white and blue blazes
you know dog-gone well everybody can tell
I'm texas as hell

well I guess you think that I'll be persuaded
but how many times do I have to say this
don't mess with me boy
for heaven's sake
didn’t anybody tell you messin with texas was a big mistake

cus' I'm texas as hell
I'm made in honery
I don't need no loud mouth comin on to me
my temper gets hotter in red white and blue blazes
you know dog-gone well everybody can tell
I'm texas as hell

you know dog-gone well everybody can tell I'm texas as hell

Everybody at my school says that this is the perfect song to describe me. I’m strong, independent, and I don’t take crap from anybody. That’s the way it’s always been, until Edward came along.

Edwards positively the love of my life. With his beautiful green eyes, sexy just-out-of-bed hair, and that adorable Georgia accent I just can’t get enough of him. We’ve been together since sophomore year when he moved here from Georgia to live with his aunt and uncle after his parents died. When he came here he was practically dead inside. His parents were everything to him. Without them he felt like nothing. You could see the pain and guilt in his eyes. They had died in a car accident on the way to see him compete in bull riding at a rodeo. He felt horrible and refused to get on a bull ever since.

That’s until I came along.

Edward says that I’m like his sun. Without me he wouldn’t be able to see the world. After we started dating he was finally able to get back on a bull and start competing again. Our junior year he won the amateur bull riding championship at the state rodeo. I remember after he won he took me to see none other than Miranda Lambert at the Rodeo Houston concert. It was the best night of my life.

After the song ended I pulled up to his driveway, turned off the ignition, grabbed my new guitar from the back, and hopped out. I unruffled my tattered riding jeans, checked my hair in the mirror and headed to the front porch. I knocked a few times but no one answered, so I went over to the garage and sure enough Edwards stupid silver Volvo was in its place. I told him to get a new 4x4 but no he had to get that dumb shiny thing. Now every time we go to the mud pit I have to borrow Jakes 94 Chevy and that just isn’t as fun as a brand new one.

I guessed that he was in the barn. So I walked around the house and started walking down the trail to the barn. As I got a little closer I heard a voice I’ve couldn’t recognize. Hhhmm, that’s strange. So I walked into the barn and looked up into the hayloft. What I saw just about killed me. There was Edward and some skanky looking strawberry blonde sitting really close, flirting. Edwards back was turned towards me but the blonde caught sight of me. Once she did she smirked, then leaned forward and kissed Edward right on the lips.

I couldn’t control the squeak that came out of my mouth.

Edward heard and turned around. His eyes widened, and he cursed as I quickly turned away and started running back to my truck. I couldn’t believe it. I thought he loved me, I thought I was his one and only, his personal sun. As I ran, and the tears streamed down my face I could hear Edward running after me, calling my name. I was almost to my truck when he caught up with me and grabbed my elbow. He was much stronger than me and I was whipped around to face him.

I couldn’t say anything, just look at him in shock and pain. Once he got me to look him in the eye, he quietly said “I can explain.”

Those three words finally set off my temper and I unleashed it on him.

“You can explain?! You can explain you fooling around with some bimbo behind my back?! You little piece of shit! I gave you everything I had and more! I could have chosen any guy I wanted but I chose you! And this is how you fucking repay me?! I can’t bel-“

“It’s not what it looks like let me explain! Just shut-up and let me explain!” he interrupted.

“Are you fucking serious!? I’m not going to sit here and take this! I came here to show you a new song and this is how you repay me?! You’re sick and worthless! Jake was right! He knew you would hurt me som-“

“Don’t fucking bring the piece of shit Jake into this! He’s only mad because I got into your pants before he did,” he spat at me.

“Oh fuck no! Don’t talk about Jake like that! At least he actually appreciates me! I can’t take this we’re over” I screamed.

“Were done?!” he screamed right back. Pure fury blazed from his eyes. “You’re fucking nothing without me Bella! Nothing! You can’t do anything without me! You won’t get anywhere without me! You think you’ll get famous?! You think you’ll be able to make it big and get out of this damned town?! I don’t think so you’ll be stuck here forever!”

“Well we’ll just have to see now wont we!’ I screeched as I cocked by my fist and popped him right in his left eye.

I was so mad I couldn’t even feel the throbbing pain radiating off of my hand.

“Take your fucking ring back! I don’t want it anymore more,” I screeched as I threw the promise ring he gave me on our two year anniversary. He was doubled over clutching the left side of his face.

“And take your damned guitar!” I threw the guitar on the ground and it cracked in two. “I never liked it anyway!”

After that I hopped into my truck and zoomed off without a second look.


It was 12 o’ clock in the afternoon on the Monday after our fight. I had my truck packed with all the stuff I needed and my tank full.

I turned around to my mom and dad. My mom was balling and my dad was standing still.

I went over and kissed my momma and promised that Jake would keep me safe. Then I turned to my dad and hugged him.

“You don’t have to do this Bells. You can stay here with us, everything will wash over,” said my dad, almost pleading with me.

“No dad. I have to. This will be good for me anyway. I need a change of scenery. I can’t stay here anymore.” I stated with a final tone.

“Okay Bells. We love you. If you wanna come back we’ll be waiting here for you with open arms,” he said sadly.

With that I nodded and climbed into my truck and drove away from my childhood home for most likely the last time. After a few miles I pulled into Jakes driveway. He was waiting patiently with his one suitcase and a somber expression. Once he saw me he walked up and threw his stuff into the back, then he climbed into the passenger seat. All we did was look at each other and then we were off.

I turned into the school parking lot and Jake looked at me in confusion.

“What are you doin’ Bells?” he curiously asked.

“I have a little something to take care of.”

I looked around the tiny gravel student lot and sure enough there was Edwards dumb shiny Volvo. I pulled up next to it, hopped out and grabbed the bat from the trunk. I walked over to one of the windows and took a swing. The glass shattered everywhere. After that I went crazy, swinging at every square inch of that damn car. With each swing I took I wiped away my love for Edward.

Once I felt my job was good enough I dropped the bat, took out the note I wrote to him and tossed it into the front seat, then Jake and I drove off. We didn’t know where we were going. We just knew it was far away from Amarillo.

Edwards POV

Bella wasn’t in school today. Neither was that damn mutt Jake. I knew I had fucked up big time. But Bella loved me. She would forgive me in a heartbeat. She was just overreacting. I think.

Tanya was just a family friend. Her family had come into town, and while the adults were off at lunch we had stayed at my house to talk. I knew she’s always liked me, and I can’t say she isn’t attractive. But I have Bella and she’s all I’ve ever wanted. I didn’t know that she was going to come onto me like that. Once she did it took me a moment to react and of course that’s when Bella showed up. I tried to explain but she’s so stubborn she wouldn’t let me. Then her saying we were over set off my fuse and I said some pretty bad things.

Finally the last bell rang, and I sulked out to my beautiful Volvo. Bella always told me how dumb she thought the thing was, but I loved it. I loved it almost as much as her. When I finally got outside I noticed that there was a crowd forming around my car. I sprinted over and what I saw almost killed me.

My car was destroyed. All the windows were smashed in and there were key marks all over the once flawless silver body. I yelled curses so loud I’d bet everyone in Amarillo could hear it. I pushed through the crowd and looked in. There on the passenger seat was some piece of paper that was folded into eights. I took and out and unfolded it. It was from Bella, I’d know that damned handwriting anywhere. She’s so paying for the repairs.

Edward,I’m real sorry about your car. I’m sure you can get it fixed, but don’t expect me to pay for it. I just wanted to leave a little parting gift for you, so you’ll never forget me. I’ve always wanted to leave this town, I just never had a reason why. But thanks to you, now I do. Jake and I are heading off to make my dreams finally come true. I don’t know exactly where were going. I think Nashville with suit us fine. He has some family up there. I just wanted to thank you one last time. Because of you I’m finally going after my dream. The next time you see me I’ll be singing at the CMAs. I guess it’s till then.Bella

She even signed it with a kiss.