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this starts at the begining of New Moon After Bellas birthday party accident Edward leaves...but Bella is pregnant...what will Edward do now and will he come back!!


1. Before the storm!

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I woke that morning..., my 18th birthday! I should have been happy most people are...but then again how many 'most people' have a vampire as a boyfriend...my point exactly!

I crawled out of bed dreading the day ahead and the attention it would bring. Never good for a klutz like me.I started to get dressed when I doubled over in pain as I felt sickness rising in my stomach. I rushed to the bathroom and collapsed on the floor before emptying myself of last night’s food.

I felt awful but I knew I had to get up and get to school or else Edward would be worried. even thinking his name sent ripples of excitement through my body!

When I reached the school I decided not to tell Edward about that morning, it would only worry him more and lord knows I didn’t need him to do that he'd probably drag me to the hospital to make sure I was ok...but I was sure the hospital had seen enough of me for one month!

After the party! Edward has left and Bella is distraught!

I lay on my bed and stared up at my ceiling. Silent tears rolled down my face and the gaping hole in my chest got bigger and bigger until it finally took over me ands I broke down again.

I could hear Charlie downstairs talking to people as he thanked them for helping in my search but I couldn’t go down and help him. I couldn’t even move it all hurt too much.His name drifted past my eyes and I silently prayed that all this hurt would stop.

But I knew it wouldn’t not until he came back, he never would though. He didn’t love me .he had told me so and I felt it. How could he love someone as plain and simple as me?

I had always known it I just never wanted to admit it. But now the time had finally come and I was breaking down inside and I couldn’t go on. I just couldn’t.

I awoke the next morning with the feeling of sickness yet again and I rushed to the bathroom. As I lay on the cold floor a thought hit me....could it be. Could it really be???

I knew not to get my hopes up because I could feel the hole in my chest increasing in size threatening to engulf me yet again.

I returned to my bed and sunk into another silent state of sorrow.