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this starts at the begining of New Moon After Bellas birthday party accident Edward leaves...but Bella is pregnant...what will Edward do now and will he come back!!


3. Answers

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While I lay on my bed hearing the soft hum of the television downstairs I had no doubt in my mind what was wrong with me.

Not only was I longing for Edward but there was something else, something much worse yet much better. I was pregnant; there was no doubting it, after 2 months of morning sickness and a slightly bulging stomach my dreams and nightmares were confirmed in one simple test!

Of course when I walked into the chemist I was nervous, no more than nervous, terrified. I was not only going to confirm it I was going to open the gauging hole inside of me even bigger than it was and since then it had been growing bit by bit with my stomach.

It was almost as if every time the baby inside me grew as did the hole. I walked up to the counter timidly and asked in a tiny voice for a pregnancy test.

I had made sure I went to Port Angles to shop as I didn’t want anybody in Forks recognizing me that would have been very bad. When I got home and followed the instructions I waited patiently on the edge of my bed until it was done.

When I saw the line turn blue I nearly blacked out but managed to recover quickly enough to dispose of the evidence before Charlie came up and caught me. That would have been bad to say the least. Now that I lay thinking about it the more I felt the child inside me and it scared me.

How was I going to tell Charlie and how would he react? But the most worrying question burned in the back of my mind with a passion.Whos was it????Deep down I knew well it was Edwards but to think that and confirm it would be to think impossible things.

Things like Edward loved me and cared for me, and I knew these things weren’t true. So as I lay there with thoughts running through my head Charlie walked in to check on me with a sad look on his face.

I knew I had to tell him sooner rather then later.

Alice’s POV

As I lay beside Jasper on our bed my head exploded with pain as I got a vision. It was Bella the same as we’d left her but with one exception, she was pregnant!

Jasper leaned over me,” What did you see??”

“It was Bella “I whispered back

He looked over concern on his face"Whats wrong, she alright?”

“Yes she’s fine, I think we need to talk with Edward though” I told him

As I walked down the hallway to Edwards room I thought about his reactions to the news.Worried,Scared,Happy,Upset???

I knew thing for certain though. He’d go back, but as I opened the door to his room that he hadn’t left in days, he was gone.