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this starts at the begining of New Moon After Bellas birthday party accident Edward leaves...but Bella is pregnant...what will Edward do now and will he come back!!


4. News

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As I lay on my sofa wallowing in my misery as I had done for the past 4 months I looked around my room that I hadn’t left since Forks. It was amazing the amount of things that reminded me of Bella, my sweet Bella, my Angel.

I couldn’t look at my CD collection without thinking of the CD I gave her for her birthday, even the garden outside reminded me of her luscious scent that I so craved for anything of Bella would be heaven right now.

I tried to take my mind of everything (everything being Bella) by listening to the others thoughts, I tried Emmet first but stopped when I heard the moans coming from Emmet and Rosalie’s, they were “occupied”.

Next I tried Carlisle he was thinking about the new hospital he was working in and its entire staff while Esme was pondering the best way to try and get myself to get out of my room and into a car headed towards Forks, but nothing would make me do that. Bella was safer without me around and if I had this argument with myself one more time I was sure I would crack and jump in my Volvo straight to Forks, that was NOT going to happen I would make sure of it. I had already tried to dismantle parts of my car so that I wouldn’t be tempted to drive it back, but Rosalie had gotten annoyed at me and redone it, making it faster this time as if to make it worse for me.

Lastly I listened to Jasper and Alice’s minds. Jasper was worried about Alice because she was having a vision so I went straight to Alice’s mind.

What I saw shocked me to my very core, it was my beautiful Bella, radiant and gorgeous as always but she was pregnant. I froze.

There was no way this was happening, NO!!! I screamed at myself it wasn’t possible Bella wasn’t pregnant she just couldn’t be. That was when doubt started to creep into my mind, what if it wasn’t mine????

It would make more sense to be someone like that vile Mike Newton’s!! NO! It wasn’t his; it just wasn’t that much I knew. But what about Black’s kid, that Jacob. Had she really moved on from me that fast?

I lay back down on y couch from where I had jumped up. My mind was full of possibilities that were centred on the father of Bella’s child and my actions in the next 2 minutes.

All thought of rationality flew out the window as I jumped up wit me new decision. I flew out the door as I heard Alice get up to come and talk to me. But I was gone before she could reach her door handle.

I saw Carlisle look up from his newspaper and smile at me before I ran out the front door and into the garage. I jumped into my car and sped off down the road.

I drove onto the highway and went as fast as I could. I was going where I’d swore I never go again , the place that held my one and only Angel my only true home, Forks.