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Eyes Of a Guardian

This has nothing 2 do with Stephanie Meyer Or Twilight just something Ive been workingon for a long time and finally decided to. Isabella lives a life as a Guard a Guard of the human race yet she is not part of them. Infact part of her is the being which they guard the humans from. As her body begins to change more and more towards adulthood and the side of her which she has hidden begins to emerge away from her control she is faced with another problem. Something or someone which can make her a prisoner under their attractive romance. Isabella now must choose whether to fall or fight against her own-self.


1. This Just Isn't My Week

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The sky is dark, not a star in sight. I am so far into the woods that no light seems to shine. My eyes can hardly make out the leafy ground which I am standing on. A shiver runs up my spine, giving me the spooks. I glance around me; no one is around this unfamiliar place. I can feel the sense of fearful panic rising within my body. I try to let out a cry for help, but my brain doesn’t seem to process what I want.

The sudden snap of a twig behind me makes me jump. I wanted to scream, I needed to let out my fear, yet nothing seemed to happen. My feet twist slowly, turning my body in the direction of the now many snapping twigs. Just as my eyes meet the direction of the noise, something dark emerges. My eyes focus around the figure. It is a wolf! I force my eyes to focus more closely. This wolf is enormous, with light brown fur, and the most unusual set of dark blue eyes. Suddenly it begins to move towards me, a smile flashes over his jaw. I shake my head, this can not be happening. Wolves don’t smile and have blue eyes and are this big. No this is not happening. That’s when my voice finally escapes me and I let out a piercing scream.

My eyes flicker open. I glance around me desperately. After I see the familiar picture frames, desk, and computer I realize that it had all just been a dream. Once my breathing elevates a little, I glance at my watch. It reads 11:55. Crap I was going to be late for practice. I jump out of bed, slipping into my regular jeans and a red t-shirt which had been lying on the floor carelessly. I grab my black hooded sweater at the bottom of the staircase, throw my black and white converse over my shoulder and head out the door barefooted.

Practice of all days we had to have practice. What was the point of practicing, we certainly didn’t need any. We were always at the top of our game; not losing once. Well at least not our game, no we were the best players of our game. I let out a long sigh as I finally reached the field where we held practice. The night sky was dark with a hint of rain clouds rolling in. I sniffed the air; yep definitely rain. My eyes scanned the field as I came into the clearing; I was the first one here as usual. You think that since I left a good hour later than usual, at least one of them would be here by now. Nope I wasn’t that lucky. Just wonderful! Now my mind would have time to think; time to become angered with a particularly recent betrayal from a so called friend. As if I hadn’t had enough time to think on the way here.

My legs crossed under my body, allowing my body to fall gently to the grassy ground under me. My lips let out another sigh wanting the feel of relief to overtake me, but instead more despair seemed to creep into my heart. What a stupid, idiotic, selfish…

“Bony, ugly, drama queen, worthless…” I couldn’t go any further it just seemed to make my heart ache more. Some best friend she was. She had lied, cheated, and betrayed the people that she supposedly loved more than anything in the world. Love? Sure she loved us; more like she couldn’t wait for a chance to run away from us. What had we ever done so incredibly wrong to deserve this from her? Had we not saved her as a child, when she was so incredibly ill that all hope had diminished? How could she call us cursed? This was not a curse it was a gift.

A few muffled noises suddenly began to ease their way into my mind. I didn’t bother turning my head in the direction which the noises were coming from; I knew exactly who was making them. Wonderful, now I had to try to compose my angry face for them. I had to make my face seem believable or at least acceptable. I didn’t want anyone’s pity or heartless ‘I know how you feels’. My mind had grown too annoyed to put up with anyone’s pity.

I tucked my legs under me, lifting my body off of the green ground. My hands patted the back of my dark skinny jeans, making sure no evidence of my quick emotional moment was visible. They were close now, only a couple of yards away from where I stood. I forced my mind to listen to the argument which they were having, rather than let any insight of what had previously occupied it, remain.

“Oh you’re so heartless Memoria. Don’t you see how hurtful it was to Iz? I mean Em just took of without a single goodbye.” A very familiar strong-willed voice broke into the field; it was Memoria.

How magnificent! The argument just had to be about me.

“Heartless?! You know I am anything but that, it’s just that she should move on. Sure Em was like a sister to us all, and was Izzy’s best friend, but come on it’s been two years. The girl needs to move on with her life Cady.” They were all in the field now, the sounds of the ground under them turning from crunches, to smooth squishes.

Okay so maybe I should move on, after all it has been two years and all. It’s not like I haven’t tried or anything though. I’ve tried to find a new member for our team to replace Em, but they never seemed to fit in. I tried the whole closer thing by burning anything she had ever given me; it just gave me more fuel for the hatred inside my heart. I mean how could you forgive someone who had turned on her own family, her own saviors just for a stupid, insignificant, demanding, bossy, idiotic, annoying , and most of all bossy guy!

Okay you’re probably thinking that I am either in love with the girl or in love with the guy she took off with. Don’t worry it’s neither. Sorry but I don’t go down the curvy path, I’m fully straight. And I most definitely was anything but in love with her version of Hercules. It’s just that in our culture, in our world, no one, and I mean no one ever turns on their family no matter what. Our world is just so entirely different than that of the humans whom several times betray those that they suppose ably love.

Well I guess I should explain to you exactly what I am talking about. First you probably noticed that we are not exactly human in my recent talks. Sure we look human, but that’s as far as it most likely goes. We most definitely don’t act completely human, unless of course humans are around. We live in groups called packs; they usually consist of four or more members depends on how well one gets along with other’s. We don’t usually live in one place longer than two years, because of the fact that we stop ageing when we turn sixteen. Now this brings me to what exactly we are.

Ever heard of the term hybrid? Meaning a mixture or fusion between two or plus things. Well that is what we are; we are a crossbreed between the legendary pale vampires and the fury werewolves that Hollywood says howl at the moon. Okay the howling probably is true, but the entire changing by moonlight is false. As for the vamp’s, that whole garlic thing doesn’t exactly work.

Anyways I was not explaining about the Vampires or Werewolves, I was explaining about hybrids. The proper term for us is Amalgam, meaning a combination of diverse elements. Well we are not exactly elements, but we do come from a diverse region or ancestry. The first Amalgam’s were created by those half human and half vampire whom mated with werewolves. Eventually all our human genes have virtually disappeared, except for the outer image of course.

There are two types of Amalgam’s that exist; those of the Rebellusum and those of the Aufer Tenebras. The Rebellusum are those that choose to drink the blood from the children of God, thus causing their eyes to become red. The Aufer Tenebras are those who choose to drink from the undead, thus keeping their eyes clear from all corruption. Our society was not always divided, once we all lived as guards to the humans; before the Tsus wars or blood wars.

I winced at the mere memory of the wars. Actually the memories which my grandmother had transferred to me on one of those many story telling nights, when I was a child. The world had seemed so dark in those days; children would disappear and only there dreadful screams would remain in the woods. Women were kidnapped and sold off as bed satisfactors' for the new male Rebullusum’s. Many Aufer Tenebras died in the times of the Tsus wars, thus there are only a few of us which remain alive today.

Why did the Amalgams' split into two different groups you may ask? The truth is still very unclear today; even our elders do not know the exact details to the division. All that is known is the sudden betrayal of one of our rulers to his people. Many speculate that this ruler, which has no name, fell for the blood lust of the vampire in order to achieve more power. It was said that he turned against the very humans, which we once shared our lives with, and drained them and their family’s dry. Ever since then us Aufer Tenebras have removed ourselves from all human alliance in order to protect both their species and ours.

Our society’s division has always made a difficult impact on me. The Rebellusum’s and the Aufer Tenebras never mated after the division; until my mother changed that of course. My mother was the heir to the Aufer Tenebras throne at the time, my father the King of the Rebellusum’s. My father kidnapped her when she was barely of mature age. I guess being around him for so long must have had some type of affect, because nine months later I was born in the safe haven of the Aufer Tenebras maternity ward; after my mother had escaped him. When I was a few months old my mother inherited the throne and married a fellow Aufer Tenebras. My father still does not know that I am his daughter; in fact I didn’t know until I was ten. So the main point for why my pack is also one of the biggest is in order to make certain that my Rebellusm side does not decide to take over some day. Scary? Try living with such negative expectations.

“Isa hello are you paying attention?” My cousin Cady broke into my mind.

“Yes I’m paying attention.” I grumbled in between clenched teeth.

“Sure you are.” Gina, my head guard, mumbled sarcastically.

My head turned to face her; my lips rolling over my teeth so that my sparkling white fangs could be seen as I let out a terrifying growl. My pack immediately backed away from me, knowing that at any moment they could helplessly become the victims of my anger. Gina stood her ground knowing that her punishment was inevitable. I crouched my body readying myself for the attach I was about to bring on her. Gina’s dark brown eyes seemed to bulge out of her sockets from pure fear.

My eyes examined her more closely. I let out a sigh as I straightened out my body from my crouching position. Gina just reminded me way to much of Emilia. They had the same dark brown eyes, same mid-brown skin. I had never punished Em when she was in my pack; she had never challenged my authority over her and always believed what I told her. Why did Gina have to look so much like her? It just made Gina immune to any punishment, and I knew that wasn’t fair for my other pack members.

I growled again, letting my body fall to the grassy ground once more. My eyes stayed to the ground of the leafy forest edge that opened to the green grassy field. My thin fingers twirled a long strand of grass, and then pulled it out of the ground, roots and all. It was foggy around the field, the smell of the approaching rain becoming more and more evident. Within minutes, bright white lightning bolts began piercing the night sky.

“Um, can we go home now since it is a little obvious that we are in no state to practice?” Memoria whimpered as she began to back away into the woods.

“What afraid your hair will get messed up Mem?” Gina teased her; evidently she was over our quick encounter.

“No!” Mem yelled back at her. “Besides I might as well get used to the rain since we’re moving again.” She mumbled under her breath.

“Memoria shut your mouth!” Gina snapped at her from across our now muddy wet practice field.

I lifted my head, ignoring the rising dispute between Mem and Gina to look at my other quieter cousin Georgiana. She stood on the other side of the field carving something on her favorite tree; with the red leather handle pocket knife which I had given her last Christmas. I tilted my head to get a better view of what she was carving. My eyes still couldn’t make out exactly what she was carving so I decided to walk over and see what she was doing.

By the time I had reached her side, she was finished with her handy work. Geo stood back to admire what she had inscribed on the tree. I stared at the tree and soon understood exactly what she had been carving. There in perfect handwriting read:


Last of the ruling line of the Aufer Tenebras

Lived here from

August 2, 2005 to September 9, 2008

How stupid could I be? Geo always carved how long we had lived in each area on some tree. It was a type of record for other Amalgam’s to know if any others had lived there prior to them.

“Wait a minute! Geo we’re leaving on the ninth? But that means that we’re leaving in two days!” I stared at her hoping that by some miracle she was wrong.

“Ya unfortunately I’m correct.” She sighed staring at her work.

“But we don’t even know where we’re going to move to? I mean it takes weeks to fully plan everything out and…”

“Yes it does. Luckily for us the council has been planning our move to some rotten little town in Oregon for weeks now. Oh how much they must love us.” Memoria interrupted sarcastically; mumbling a few cuss words under her breath.

“Memoria!! Watch your mouth!” Gina had apparently heard her. “Besides we all knew they were bound to move us soon anyways. We’ve been here far too long.”

“No we haven’t Gina, it’s only been...” I couldn’t finish because I knew that what she was saying was correct. We had been in Bolton, England way over the two year maximum stay.

I sighed, rubbing my fingers over the carving before I began walking back in the direction of home. I could hear the soft steps of my pack members, as they followed me in the same gloom. Bolton had been the one place we had liked the most, it was the only place we had ever really considered home; besides the Aufer Tenebras city in Spain, of course. This was the one place we had been able to almost ignore our difference from humans. I mean people here had welcomed us even before we had arrived. Sure people were quiet and kept their problems to themselves, but that was exactly what we liked; people that didn’t care where you came from and didn’t bother to ask. We had lived in a Los Angeles suburb before we had moved half way across the world. The stay had only lasted two months because everyone just seemed to be so suspicious of who we were and how come no one knew exactly where we had come from. After that brief stay we had almost lost all hope of finding a place to fit in and now that we did have a place, they were moving us away from it!

I could feel the hot tension rising up my spine. Heat immediately began to cover my body. My eyes began to blur from my increasing anger. My breathing became more and more hazardous; it simply exploded from my mouth in quick giant gasps. I knew it was dangerous to shift so close to the city, but I needed to; needed to let everything go.

Within seconds I was running through the forest, my body sweating from the growing anger. I leaped over a rotting log; the rage overtaking my frame, making me change into what I really was under this skin. When I landed I was no longer the thin, human looking girl, no now I was the wild untamable white wolf of the night. My paws dug into the leafy forest ground, pushing me faster and faster to where I soon became just a haze to anyone looking. I lifted my head to the night sky as I ran, howling thanks for the now pouring rain. I felt nothing when I was a wolf, just the pure instinct to run, to hunt, and to live. As a wolf I felt the true freedom that humans were denied. A freedom to just care about my own survival and no one else’s.


The lights from the radiant sun came peering through the trees, just as I reached the small cement steps leading to the front door. My hands dug deep into my pockets, in an attempt to search for my house keys. I finally found them under some cash and old receipts that I had shoved in earlier that day. I always shoved everything into my pockets; I’m not exactly the purse type you may say. Yep the Aufer Tenebras princess definitely doesn’t use a purse or anything girly for that matter. Well at least not me.

I walked through the dark red front door, dropped my keys on the old wooden table in the foyer, and headed up stairs. I pulled my black sweater over my head as I reached the top of the steps. The tips of my fingers ran gently across the tan walls as I headed to my room. Just as I was about to turn the golden knob of my door, I heard the dreadful sound of a certain someone’s footsteps.

She didn’t have to speak or let alone breathe, for me to know that she was watching me with anger and worry. I had made her worry so much in the last two years. I didn’t mean to keep her up until daybreak; didn’t mean to cause her to worry and fight with her sister. I didn’t mean to give any of them pain in having to watch my happiness completely disappear.

“Shouldn’t you be asleep Georgiana?” I sighed turning my head to look at her.

“Yes, and so should you.” Geo insisted. She was in a long sleeve plain light blue shirt, and a pair of grey sweats, her feet bare.

“I know Geo; I just needed some time to think. I need time to…”

“Too what? To try and escape your sorrows?” Geo interrupted me. “Isa you’re not the only one who was hurt by Emilia. She was just as much a sister and friend to me as she was to you!”

I tried to ignore her as I opened the door to my room. I was about to step in when she put her hand on my shoulder. Geo always knew what was going on whether you told it to her face or not. She could read people’s emotions, a generous gift from her father’s ancestry.

“You dreamed of him again, didn’t you?” She whispered trying to be reassuring.

I didn’t answer her, just escaped into the sanctuary of my room, closing the door behind me and locking it. I leaned against the door of my room; taking a few moments to reel in the sudden sorrow that Geo had made come forth. I kept ordering myself to relax, and after a few minutes it worked. When I was finally relaxed I heard the sound of Geo’s door closing. Her muffled cries soon silenced as she fell to sleep. My legs carried me to my dark wooden bed. I kicked my shoes off, and slumped out of my jeans. My hands grabbed the pajama shorts hanging over the bed post. I pulled them on lazily, and then climbed into bed. The sun was now well in the sky as my eyelids finally begun to close. Part of me didn’t want to sleep, but I had to because as much as I was fighting to hide myself from him, I needed to see him in some way, even if it was in my dreams. My dreams kept me safely away from the real monster that lingered behind his gorgeous blue eyes, the eyes that I knew would be my fall in the end.