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First Impressions

Some of Jasper's first impressions on people in his life--starting, of course, with the incomparable Alice, then (hopefully) flashing back to some of the vampires he mentions in Eclipse, then Bella. Told in free verse (not my forte).

Hey peoples, I would REALLY appreciate reviews for this one. I am not a poetry person, but the way I picture Jasper's thought process, it really wouldn't work any other way. It's kind of stream-of-conscious-ish, but I hope you enjoy.

1. Alice

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She is


On the outside, at least

Bigger in emotion than I can comprehend

On the inside, at least

She is confident

And beautiful

In my opinion, at least

She knows something about me

More than a little something

She smiles and asks,

What’s taken me so long?

I tell her I’m sorry

I call her ma’am

Maybe she’ll appreciate it

And it will give her a good

First impression