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First Impressions

Some of Jasper's first impressions on people in his life--starting, of course, with the incomparable Alice, then (hopefully) flashing back to some of the vampires he mentions in Eclipse, then Bella. Told in free verse (not my forte).

Hey peoples, I would REALLY appreciate reviews for this one. I am not a poetry person, but the way I picture Jasper's thought process, it really wouldn't work any other way. It's kind of stream-of-conscious-ish, but I hope you enjoy.

2. Bella (or, The Human Downstairs)

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As we wait for Carlisle’s signal that we can present ourselves,

(Alice and I)

I breathe steadily

Even from up here

Is it possible that I can smell her?

Alice catches the expression on my face

As I raise my nose


Her scowl makes my heart hurt

So I give her a tiny smile


And try not to smell the human downstairs

When we go down

She and Edward are just inside the door

He’s in front

She’s in back

She looks—feels—smells—is—scared, in a way

But not in the way I would think

Scared that…

I pause, confused

Insecurity radiates from her

But why?

Then she turns her head

To look at us

I catch her scent and feel myself

Begin to lean forward

Remember, remember

She’s not the prey

She is a person

Alice puts an arm back and steadies me

Waits long enough to know that I’m all right

And goes to Bella to greet her

I hope that Edward turns her soon

I don’t want to kill something that he loves