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Morning Light

Six years after Breaking Dawn, the family heads back to school. This is the story of Nessie and Jacob, their blooming relationship, new friendships, and of course, vampire problems! SPOILERS: Breaking Dawn...


2. Chapter 2

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The only good thing about never having gone to school before was that we had left Forks early and still had a few days before classes started here. The only bad thing was we lost most of it training. Well, that’s what Emmett and Jasper called it. I thought of it as more of torture than actual training. Dad hated watching, seeing his brothers beat up on his little girl. He stepped in the first few times before Emmett had to hold him off. Jacob thought it was all pointless, seeing as I would always be surrounded by either himself or one of the vampires.

Personally, it had been my idea, so I’m not sure why I’m complaining about it all.

It all started when we moved. Jasper and I had gone hunting together, seeing as he likes to hunt more often to make it easier to be around humans. Anyways, he was laughing at me, taunting me, but unlike Jacob, he actually swung back. Needless to say, I didn’t last all that long against him.

So when we got back, Jasper brought it up to the rest of the family. Well, he tried. We had barely gotten in the doorway before Dad started yelling.

“NO, NO, NO!” he screamed, meeting us at the back door and slamming Jasper against the wall. “She doesn’t need that!”

“Dad, its ok,” I tried to pry his arm off Jasper, but he shrugged me off. Normally, I’m pretty graceful, that whole vampire thing. But I’m still not as strong as them, so I went down anyways.

By then the rest of the family had arrived, and Jacob helped me up off the floor.

“What the hell is going on?” Mom screamed. She tried pulling him off Jasper, and succeeded.

Jasper continued to stair at Dad, even when Alice came up beside him and put her arm around him. Dad just growled, low but loud.

“We can protect her.” Dad said, not quite as forcefully. I knew Jasper would win this argument. Dad just didn’t want to believe it.

He shook his head, heading to the couch with Mom beside him. She had obviously figured it out and was trying to comfort him. Jacob was still confused, which shouldn’t surprise anyone. Everyone else was crowed around the edges of the room.

“What did I miss?” Jacob asked, leaning down and brushing his lips against my ear as he whispered sending chills down my spine.

Dad growled again, making me jump again, but for a different reason. Jacob backed away, but not out of arms reach.

“I want to train her.” Jasper said evenly, having heard Jacob’s question. The room remained silent, except for Emmett who began screaming.

“Yes! About time.”

Dad grumbled again, cursing almost silently, as he got out and ran from the room. Mom got up after him, but paused before following.

“He’ll agree to it,” she said to Jasper, as she walked by. “He may not like it, but he knows its right.”

Jasper smirked slightly, “I know.” He said, squeezing Alice beside him gently.

Mom just rolled her eyes, everything making sense now. Alice had already seen it.

Since then, Jasper and Emmett have been ‘training’ me. Jacob’s been helping too, but I think he enjoys watching me get my ass kicked more than anything. There was no doubt I was getting better, but that just meant my uncles tried harder. We had been working at this for a few weeks now, and I’m starting to get the hang of everything. The problem is I just don’t have the speed they do.

“Let’s try something.” Jasper suggested, halting for a minute to let me to catch my breath.

That was the other thing I hated. They never got tired, but I did.

“What’s… that…?” I panted, bent over with my hands on my knees. Jacob came up behind me, resting his hand on my back and handed me a water bottle. We were outside in the snow, but I was still sweating like a pig. Gross.

“Let me come to you. Your eye sight is good enough to be able to follow my speed, even if you can’t duplicate it.” Jasper said, backing a few steps away from me to get a running start. I nodded, understanding what he was asking me to do. He wants me to be his freakin’ bowling pin. I thought to myself.

Dad laughed from the porch, where he, Mom, and Jacob were watching. He was finally getting used to watching these ‘training sessions’, and as much as he still winced any time I got hit, he was ok with it now. Jacob had told me that the only reason he hadn’t tried to kill Jasper himself already was because every time I did something right I had a huge smile on my face. He said he couldn’t help but be ok with it when I was that happy.

Well, I’m not so happy now. I really do wonder what I get myself into some times.

“Here,” Emmett said, handing me Dad’s baseball bat. It was heavier than a normal bat, and stronger. But then I guess it would have to be to stand up to vampires using it. “Aim for his head.” He whispered in my ear.

Emmett went and joined the others sitting on the porch. Alice and Carlisle had come out and joined them, so now I had a crowd watching me get humiliated.

“Ready?” Jasper called.

“As ready as I’ll ever be.” I mumbled, knowing everyone would hear it.

Jasper nodded, before he started to move. He was jumping around, instead of taking a straight path towards me, zigzagging across the yard before he launched himself off the ground and at my chest. My eyes could follow him alright, so I knew he wasn’t moving as fast as he could, but he still closed the distance between us in a heartbeat. I barely had a moment to move the bat around, but I got it up and swung as hard as I could.

We all heard the bat connect, but it wasn’t a perfect hit. Jasper had turned his body slightly in the air so it glanced off his shoulder, and he still tackled me to the ground. Thankfully, Jasper’s rotation carried us around so that I landed on top of him, almost thirty feet from where he had hit me.

We laid there on the ground for a moment; I think he was letting me catch my breath again. Dad was the first to reach us, followed closely by Jacob.

“Nessie, honey, are you alright?” He asked, lifting me of Jasper and into his arms. Jacob was right there, moving my hair out of my face so he could see me.

“Ness?” Jacob asked softly.

I couldn’t help it, Jasper and I shared a quick look before we both started laughing. Dad put me down, but the two of us couldn’t help ourselves and kept laughing. Jacob and Emmett joined in a moment later, both realizing we were ok.

“I hit him!” I finally managed, falling to the ground in hysterics.

“Ya,” Emmett said, holding up the bent baseball bat, “that’s for sure.”

“Hey!” Dad yelled, pulling the bat from Emmett’s grasp, “I liked that bat.”

“Sorry Dad” I mumbled, still smiling. Jacob stood behind me and wrapped his arms around me in a hug, smiling brilliantly. Dad stopped laughing when he saw us, but didn’t say anything. He had probably heard my thoughts about now wanting to ever leave Jacob’s arms.

“I think we’re going to need to get you something a little stronger.” Jasper said, examining the bat himself. Of course he was ok, but the bat was pretty totaled.

“Lighter would be nice.” I added. “Took too long to swing it.”

“Yeah, a split second sooner and you would have knocked me out.” He said, smiling.

I knew that wasn’t possible, but it was still nice to hear.

“No!” Dad yelled at Jasper a moment later. “No even if hell freezes over. I won’t allow it.”

We all looked at him, shocked. Obviously he had heard something Jasper was thinking, but I’ve never seen him this mad, even when he had originally come up with this idea.

“Like HELL!” he roared, shoving Jasper back hard enough that he broke the tree he had hit twenty feet behind him.

Jacob immediately put himself between me and my father, not that I really needed the protection. My Dad would never hurt me.

“Edward,” Jasper said softly, trying to calm him down. Mom had her hand on his shoulder, but he just shook it off.

“No Jasper.” Dad said forcefully, turning back to the house, “That’s just asking for something bad to happen. I can keep her safe.”

“Like you did Bella?” Jasper said, almost so softly I didn’t hear it.

Dad stopped, clenching his fists. Jacob backed up slightly, pushing me farther away. Mom even took a step back.

“Edward,” Jasper continued, walking towards Dad and putting his hand on Dad’s shoulder, “We can’t always be there to protect her. You know that, I know that, and she knows that. But more importantly, others know that. She has to be able to defend herself, at least long enough for one of us to get there.”

Dad’s shoulders slumped and he sighed, but didn’t deny it. He took a deep breath, not that he needed to, before speaking.

“Will it even work?” Dad asked quietly.

Jasper didn’t even have to answer out loud. I figured he wouldn’t. All Dad had to do was listen to his thoughts.

“Couldn’t you have picked a ranged weapon?” Dad asked, defeated.

Jasper smiled, “I’ll give it a shot.”

After a moment, Dad nodded, and walked back towards the house. Jacob relaxed slightly when I reached up and placed my hand on his cheek. I replayed what just happened to him, asking what had happened. Jacob shook his head.

“I don’t know kiddo.” He said, wrapping his arm around my waist again. “But that was definitely… strange.”

Mom walked up to us and pulled me into another hug. She smoothed my long hair back out of my face like she always did and kissed my forehead. I showed her the same images I had shown Jacob, wondering if she could answer my questions either. Mom just smiled gently and shrugged.

“He’s just worried about you. Wants to keep you safe, that’s all.” She said.

“But I thought that’s why we were doing all of this.” I replied, rather frantically.

She nodded, “I know. But you know what he can be like.”

Jasper walked over then, Alice by his side. He didn’t look as happy as I thought he would. I guess he felt bad about the low blow he used against Dad.

“We’re taking off for a few days,” He told Mom quickly, “Heading south, but we should be back before school starts next week. Tell Edward I’m sorry.”

Mom nodded, giving him a quick hug. “He’ll be ok with it. He’s just not ready to give up his baby girl.”

I gagged at that name, and Jacob snorted at my response, hugging me closer. He leaned in to my ear and whispered, “You’ll always be my baby.”

I shivered, chills going down my spine as I saw him smile at me. Mom heard him too and smacked him upside the head. He yelped and started rubbing the spot.

“Wait till we’re gone,” Alice said, hugging me and my mom too, “but tell Edward that she’ll need this more than he realized. I can’t see much because of Dog Boy, but what I can see, isn’t pretty. Something’s going to happen, I just don’t know when or what.”

“You will,” Mom said encouragingly. “You always do when we need it.”

Alice smiled, before taking Jaspers hand and heading off towards the garage. Mom turned to us and smiled too, before saying she was going to go check on Dad, and sprinted back towards the house with Emmett and Carlisle.

That left me alone with Jacob. I reached my hand up to touch his face again. He and Mom were almost the only people I did this with anymore, but I think Jacob appreciated that. It made him feel important. I showed him my concerns about what we just saw, as well as all the confusion I was feeling. He only smiled at me as we walked a little deeper into the forest. I knew where we were going; it was a small little glen he had found the first couple days after we had moved here and it was far enough away from the house that we knew Dad couldn’t hear us. Jacob led me to the same spot against one of the trees that we always sat at and pulled me down beside him. I showed him my thoughts again, and he laughed.

“I haven’t forgotten,” he said gently, pulling me a little closer to keep me warm. It was freezing out, but he was still only in a pair of cut offs and no shirt. My body didn’t really need to stay warm, but it was still a nice feeling.

“You know he’s just worried about you,” Jacob continued, playing with my hair like he always did, “And I think it just scares him that you’re growing up so fast.”

“I’m not sure I’d call six years fast.” I mumbled, placing my hand on his bare chest. It was more comfortable than holding it up to his face. I showed him my memories from the past couple of weeks of all the training we had been doing. I actually felt like I had been accomplishing something. I could usually hold my own against Jasper, well, if he wasn’t trying too hard, and I had actually taken him down tonight.

Jacob smiled as he watched the memories. “I love watching you fight.” He said finally. “You’re graceful, and fierce, and beautiful. And even though I always want to step in and protect you…” He paused, looking me in the eyes, “It’s comforting to know you can defend yourself.”

He continued to play with my hair as we sat there in silence. I was just happy to be with him. I think I sent him those images as we sat there, because he chuckled and smiled at me.

“I love you too.” He said, kissing my forehead.

I love you more I thought to myself as I fell asleep in his arms.