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Moving On

Edward is still separated from the rest of his family. He goes back to Bella and finds things to be very different in Forks. So, he returns to his family and finds that that has changed as well. Has Bella really moved on? Should Edward? What happens when they see each other again? I wasn't sure how to rate it yet, since I'm still thinking about how I want the story to go. I own nothing (except for the new characters)


2. Coming Home

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“Why are you yelling Rosalie? Is something the matter?”

Carlisle was instantly by my side, a worried look on his face.

“Do you smell something Carlisle?”

I watched as he closed his eyes and breathed in deeply. “Emmet’s back… with another vampire” He opened his eyes and something I couldn’t quite make out flashed in his eyes.

“Do we know her Carlisle? Why is Emmett with her?”

He put his hand on my shoulder to calm me down as Esme, who had probably heard everything, made her way down the stairs. I waited there in the foyer for Emmett to come through the door. I felt Alice and Jasper come out of their room too. I turned to look at Alice, who did not seem worried at all.

The door opened and Emmett walked in, unsurprised by the fact that we were all waiting for him. He turned around and gestured something to the vampire on the other side of the door. I couldn’t see her for sometime. I could only hear as she walked towards the door, her footsteps sounded cautious. I looked back at Emmett for an explanation, but he offered none. So I waited.

The girl that walked through the door was a vision. She was beautiful, like she had just stepped out of a painting by a Renaissance master. I couldn’t stop the feelings of jealousy that bubbled underneath the surface and immediately felt a wave of calmness push it down slightly. She smiled a soft smile and walked over to where Emmett was standing, obviously waiting for an introduction.

Carlisle, apparently, needed none. He stepped forward, took her hand, and kissed it. She grinned at that, a look that didn’t match the serenity of the rest of her body, and spoke softly.

“You remember me, Mr. Cullen. I did not expect this. May I call you Carlisle? And you should call me Camilla. This is a very different world that we live in now.”

“Of course I remember you, Lady Camilla. How could I possibly forget. I’m quite surprised to see you. I would never have guessed that you would become one of us.”

“Yes, I finally understand why I never saw you or your companions riding in the park. Tricky business nowadays, riding. Your son was kind enough to show me to the house, I have been searching for you. And do call me Camilla.”

“Camilla. You’ve been looking for us?”

“Yes. I had a dream about a month ago. But please, this is very rude. Introduce me to your family.”

When she said this, Esme, who like everyone else has been watching the interaction carefully, suddenly turned to hostess mode and insisted that we move the conversation to the couch. The newcomer took her seat in the one single seat and looked around.

“You have a lovely family Carlisle. I am envious. I could never succeed in making my own.”

‘Thank you. This is my wife Esme. Alice and Jasper to your right, Rosalie next to them, and you know Emmett, it seems.”

“It is a great pleasure to meet all of you. My name is Camilla Spencer. I look forward to getting to know all of you better.”

Alice leaned forward in her seat with obvious interest. “It’s nice to meet you to. I can tell that we’ll get along very well in the future, I have no doubt about it. You were telling us about your dream?”

“Oh yes. I think I should start before that though. I was turned into a vampire in England during the Napoleonic Wars. When I opened my eyes, the first image that I saw was my sire being murdered right in front of me.

I knew him before that night. He was one of my more favorable suitors. I imagined myself in love with him. He was so beautiful. That night, he had asked me to meet him in one of the balconies. I knew I should not have gone, but I did anyway. I couldn’t help myself. That was when he changed me. I woke up in his London house and heard the crashes. I could hear him telling me to run away and save myself. So I did. I was so frightened. I know now that should have stayed and helped him, but I didn’t know that I could do anything. I left him.

I have been alone since then. I couldn’t go back home. I had an idea of what I had become and it repulsed me. I could not even eat meat when I was a human and I was suddenly expected to kill humans and drink their blood? It disgusted me. I could not do it. I ran to the country and came upon a small country estate. I stayed in their stables that night, the thirst driving me nearly insane. Then I heard the heartbeats of the horses. That was when I realized that I could live on animals instead of humans.

That decision is what has kept me alone for this long. In my search for a true family, I would find covens to stay with, but I could not live with them permanently. It was so impersonal and their eating habits were disgusting to me. I wanted a family. For years, I toyed with the idea of turning someone into a vampire so that I might have a companion, but I could never get my head around killing a person.

One month ago, I was in New York for a benefit and I dreamt of all of you. I saw a happy family of vampires and I was a part of it. A true family and not just a coven and, to make things even better, your eyes were like mine. All I could think of was that you were vegetarians like me. I was so excited that I left everything the next day and ran here. I couldn’t risk flying here because I feared that I might miss you somehow. When I saw Emmett in the woods, I was overcome with joy.”

She paused, watching for our reactions. No one said anything. A minute passed before Alice stood up and sat down on the table in front of the newcomer. She took her hands and said softly, “Welcome home.”