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Wait (Darling, my love)

Edward Comes to a horrible realization: Bella is dead.

I Do not own any of the Characters, but I hope you like it.

1. Chapter 1

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The sun is setting, Darling my love.

I am shedding the tears unable to cry.

Your face is hidden behind a mask of dark.

The red puddles around, sufficating, mocking.

Red into white, dripping from the cold.

Darling my love, you are gone, I am here.

You have perished, but surly it feels as though I am the one dead.

The stars sparkle to our wishes, darling my love.

I wait for you, as I listen to the beating of hearts, the drumming in my ear.

Oh my love! What pain you have thrust upon me.

The dark pleads against the light, the light battles the dark.

But I can no longer see it, instead I see your face, unsmiling, cold and withered.

And I know my darling, my love, I know to wait.

I'll wait till the end of time as my mind grows old, and my body stays strong.

I'll shout and I'll plee to end my desperation. Sweet tears mix, my love.

On one single thread my life hangs, a single thread that endlessly ends and begins again, hangs my immortal life.

Darling my love when will forever stop, when will it fade away untill nothing but the shadow of the past haunts my hallow eyes?

My heart grows black, but I wait.

I wait to die. To die for you.