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Diamonds Are Better Than Dogs

The day I laid my eyes on him, I knew I could never forget him. His features were just right… the type that every women would dream of. Then one night, he’s on one side of a prison cell and I'm on the other… AU-HUMAN Huge thank you to MrsC for the awesome banner!Banner

Hey! Well, this is my first story over here...And I hope you like it! Plus, I'll try to update whenever I can. Oh! And, I'm definitely not going to ditch this one! :)

1. Preparation

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Bella's POV

“Ready?” I hissed impatiently as I paced back and forth across our living room.

“We’ll be right out! Hey, Rosalie, you know you could try adding a little more eye shadow…” Alice babbled continuously. I could picture her rummaging through a jumbo-sized bag of cosmetics with a graceful look on her face.

Alice will be Alice, I sighed.

Ever since I had met Alice Brandon and Rosalie Hale, it was like I knew them all my life. They were like sisters to me and I loved them very much. But sometimes it was very easy to get pissed at them. Like this particular habit, for example.

The hinge of the bedroom door creaked and swung open in one swift movement. Heels clicked across the hardwood floor and the two fashion-obsessed women were ready to make their striking entrance. And it only took them, let me see…TWO HOURS AND THIRTY SEVEN MINUTES.

Out came blond-haired Rosalie in a gleaming black dress that fit perfectly on her tall body. Her already flawless hair was in perfect waves, creating a silky curtain that dropped past her shoulders. The dress draped around Rose’s whole frame and dropped to the surface of the solid ground, with a pair of three-inch silver heels contrasting with the outfit. And of course, she'd finished off with just a touch of makeup.

As for Alice…Well, there were a variety of words to describe her. Her short, petite frame was covered with a strapless black number that hugged her entire body. Her incredibly short, spiky hair was straightened to give her a chic look. She finished her look off with a pair of black Gucci boots she’d spent forever hunting for and some faded black eye shadow that brought out her gleaming green eyes.

“Okay, done,” Alice chirped cheerily when she saw me glaring at her.

“Alice Brandon, if you weren’t my best friend right now, I would sue you so thoroughly that they’d take away the last pair of designer shoes you own!” I whispered with venom dripping from my voice as I stomped towards the door.

I noticed my shoelaces hanging loosely from my sneakers, but I really wasn’t in the mood to tie them and I kept walking. However, the moment I was dreading all day arrived right then and the klutz fairy did her thing.

“Ow! Damn it!” I cried out, and I realized one thing: I, Isabella Marie Swan, had officially tripped for the hundredth time this year.

I heard snickers coming from the girls and turned to glare at them with my chocolate brown eyes. Even though they weren’t much help, I ended up receiving one of those innocent ‘oh-don’t-look-at-me-you-clumsy-banana’ looks.

Well? Are you gonna help me up or what? Or are you too worried about ruining your layers of crap-up and your cheap black clothes?

I clamped my mouth shut with both gloved hands to stop that from slipping from my mouth. God, I could go overboard like that any time and lose everything in front of me. My two crazy friends, the apartment, even my seaweed green bed sheets would get thrown in the garbage!

“Bella, Bella…” Rosalie sighed while Alice just shook her head. They came towards me, lifting me up with two easy hands as if I were fifty pounds, and set me upright.

“Thanks,” I muttered dryly, rolling my eyes for emphasis.

“Shall we?” Rosalie smirked and Alice smiled her usual toothy grin.

“Fine.” I crossed my arms tightly and made my way to the front door. They followed right behind me, wait…not exactly following, more like copying my every move. I tilted my head to the side slightly and snuck a short one-second look at them. It was exactly what I thought: their arms were crossed in precisely the same position as mine were, excluding the fact that they had the silliest grins plastered on their faces.

We made our way to the apartment’s glass elevator, which was abandoned. This made sense because it was around one at night…Well, morning. Whatever.

The moonlight shone brightly and I could easily make out my own reflection. The girl in the glass stared back gloomily as she pouted in her black sweats, tight-fitted black shirt, and a pair of raggedy sneakers. She was the most hideous woman I had seen in my entire life. And then it suddenly hit me…It was me. I was that ugly looking person in that reflection in front of me. God, could my face get any uglier? Or maybe I should just put one of those brown paper bags on my head with the two holes for my eyes like-

“Bella…” that familiar voice whined from behind me, snapping me out of my crazy thoughts.

“Alice…” I mimicked her voice while she put her puny hands on her hips and glared at me.

“Someone’s feeling better,” Rosalie commented, playing around with a strand of her perfect hair. Of course, that comment was directed at me…who else could it be? Sometimes I think that my attitude could cause my friends to hate me on the inside and keep a false facade on the outside. But given how long we've known each other, I know they will always love me the way I am.

I sighed heavily.

“Yes, Alice, the most-bouncy-buddy-who-is-sometimes-an-annoying-little-mortal-individual?” I said sarcastically, and looked down to her tiny frame, eyebrows raised.

“Geez, Bella. Do you know what you look like right now?” she asked. Rosalie followed suit, mimicking Alice’s daily 'hands-on-hips' position. A sneaky smile spread across her face.

I shrugged my shoulders, acting as if I didn’t know what she was talking about. Seriously, making Alice so darned angry was the funniest thing I have ever seen in my life. I mean, usually she would stomp her foot and it was impossible not to laugh. First, she would lift her skinny leg up so high and drop it against the ground - hard. And I mean super hard; it would feel as if the earth was shaking beneath my feet. It would remind me of the kids from my high school’s marching band, going “One, Two, One, two!”

“You look like a drunken teenager who’s just come out from some random guy’s bedroom!” she spat with a look of disgust on her face. Rosalie gave her a soft nudge, telling her to stop talking.

I was so used to the fact that Alice always held a new grudge against my clothes every single day. Making me wear the designer clothes from the latest boutiques and using accessories…Ugh! I would rather stay the plain Bella I am instead of getting done up like those Bratz dolls. Sometimes, I would buy the cheapest and ugliest pieces of clothing just to tick her fashion-soaked Type-A personality off.

A smile spread across my face at the several memories that were flickering inside my head. Suddenly, two strong hands shook my shoulders vigorously, easily translating into ‘ARE YOU CRAZY?’

“Bella! Listen to me, okay? I will not tolerate the fact that my best friend runs around wearing the crappiest pieces of material on her totally tempting body. I repeat: I will not tolerate this again. Am I understood?” she questioned, finally releasing the super tight grip on my shoulders.

I winced, rubbing my delicate shoulders in circular motions. “It’s not like Carlisle is going to pay me for doing this in my best clothes…” I mumbled quietly, bringing my eyes down to the elevator’s floor.

“What did you say, young lady?” she snapped at me mockingly, humor dancing in her eyes.

“Yes, sir... I mean, yes, ma’am!” I saluted her and earned a two-sided hug from Alice and Rosalie.

“Aww…” a deep, husky voice said sarcastically and scared the Jesse McCartney out of the three of us. My eyes widened at the sound and quickly scanned the elevator. I caught a white ghostly figure through the glass, swimming in the dark night sky. We broke apart in one fluid movement and noticed that the elevator door had opened and in front of our eyes was the main lobby. And ... it was empty.

What the fudge? Oh, my God, am I being punished for not wearing the most fashionable clothes on earth?

Rosalie was the first one to speak.

“Um…?” Her voice was tense and colored with confusion and a hint of panic. We stepped out of the elevator and stood there staring at the blank spaces around us. Alice was the first to break out of the frozen stance she was in.

"That was just…so freaky,” she finally admitted. The look on her pale face made her seem as if she could just faint any second.

“Guys! Just forget about it, alright? It’s probably a dust bunny or something…” I mumbled carelessly and started walking towards the exit. Alice and Rosalie exchanged glances and walked speedily to catch up with me. They stayed unbelievably quiet as we reached Rosalie’s red BMW convertible.

“I’m driving,” I declared and made my way to the driver’s seat of the car. When I had said that, no one complained, not even Rose even though it was her car, for Pete’s sake! We would always fight over who would drive and complaints were always shot at me because I drove the slowest. Oh, well… it looked like I’d be driving for a while if these overgrown babies weren’t going to act like normal humans.

The two were already in their seats staring out of the windows as I hopped into the vehicle and popped the key into the ignition.


The car drive to the museum was half an hour and we had another twenty minutes left to be precise.

Still no words from either Alice or Rosalie and I decided that there was only one solution for this problem.

Here goes nothing…

“Alice, if you won’t snap out of your silent treatment, I will never let you take me shopping again. No matter what. And you, blondie,” I threatened Rosalie jokingly, “I will never let you drive your car again and I will give it to the happy lovey-dovey couple next door for free…I’ll even take pictures of them making out in the backseat for you…” I blabbered on until Rosalie and Alice ever so slowly turned their heads around and put their famous death glares into effect.

“WHAT?” they screeched so loudly that a normal human being would have gone deaf.

Haha…I just loved playing the 'never' card with these two...

I smiled and focused on driving the car.

“You heard me.”

“Okay, fine. You win,” Alice groaned, “But no one can change my mind about that random thing talkin’ back there at the elevator.”

“Yeah, Alice is right. I still can’t remove that voice from my mind,” Rosalie agreed, pulling out her pocket mirror and adding a new layer of lip gloss.

At least these guys were talking again…

“Does it really matter now? I mean, it was probably just some kid playing a prank on us,” I said quickly, focusing my eyes on the dark road.

“At 1 AM? Man, you're smart!” the little midget whispered the last part softly in her sarcastic tone.

Told you she was clever…Smart ass…

"True,” I said lazily, while Rosalie was still applying that coat of lip stuff.

“Bella… Do you mind driving any slower? Because that would be so appreciated,” Rosalie said cynically, rolling her too-perfect, fathomless clear blue eyes.

“For God’s sake... Hold your hair on already,” I joked, smiling at her poor sarcasm. “At least our bouncy bud back there is quiet for once…” I pretended to wipe the sweat from my forehead and took a deep breath while sneaking a look at her through the mirror.

“You take that back, Isabella Marie Swan,” she whispered murderously, her emerald eyes narrowing as she lunged forward.

“Hmm,” I mockingly put my index finger under my chin and began to pretend as if I was thinking very seriously, while taking the key out of the ignition.

After that, everything happened way too fast. Alice jumped on me, then pretended to strangle me with her iron-like grip, and got carried away and pushed open the door (which was conveniently unlocked). She shoved me out and as a final touch…ended up falling on top of me and knocked the breath out of me. It wasn’t a pretty sight…not pretty at all.

I only managed to croak out three one syllable words:


Like I said before, as smart as Alice was, she realized what a mistake she'd made and got off of me as quickly as she could. She gasped at the mess she had created.

“Bella! I am so sorry. I got carried away and I didn’t mean to do that because you are like a sister to me and please forgive me because I would never mean to hurt you -” Alice chattered on until Rosalie came out from the passenger seat and told her to shut up.

“Thank you.” Rosalie smiled and helped us both up from the ground. I quickly brushed the imaginary dust from my scruffy clothes and went straight to help Alice out.

“Hey, are you okay?” I asked cautiously, putting an arm around her shoulders.

“I could ask the same thing,” she smiled wryly and gave a quick and final apology to me. As the good friend I was, I reassured her that nothing happened, blah, blah…

Alice squealed and skipped to the car to get her make-up box she used for 'traveling,' as she so excitedly put it. This hyper maniac was self-conscious about her looks sometimes, which was pretty weird to me. I mean, she was absolutely stunning the way she is!

Bum bum be-dum bum bum be dum bum...” my cell phone sang Rihanna’s totally addicting song Disturbia while I fumbled through my pockets looking for it.

Found it!


“Hey, Bella, it’s Carlisle. I just wanted to make sure that you’re all set for this mission, and to see if there are any problems or anything. So ... everything’s good?”

“Oh, hi. Yeah, don’t worry, sir. We just got here and we are about to enter the building. And we will achieve what we are aiming for,” I added.

“Great! That’s the spirit. And what did I tell you about calling me Carlisle?”

“Oops. Sorry, sir -- I mean Carlisle.”

He chuckled and wished us good luck before hanging up.

“Was it Carlisle?” Alice asked quickly, rushing towards me from the car. I nodded and motioned Rosalie to come closer as well.

“Okay, guys, I know we can do this. We are going to enter the building in a few seconds and we will do what we've been asked to do. And we’ll be outta there in no time!” I said positively, trying to change the mood a little. The girls listened and nodded in approval as we linked arms, walking towards the ancient museum.

The entry doors were screaming for us to open them. I looked at Rosalie and Alice carefully and saw that they were thinking the same thing.

You can do this, Bella. We can do this…

The three of us took deep breaths and stepped up the concrete stairs and stood in front of the enormous doors.

“Ready?” I asked quietly, looking at the two most important people in my life. Rosalie shared a glance with Alice and both flashed their amazing smiles.

“Hell, yes.”