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Diamonds Are Better Than Dogs

The day I laid my eyes on him, I knew I could never forget him. His features were just right… the type that every women would dream of. Then one night, he’s on one side of a prison cell and I'm on the other… AU-HUMAN Huge thank you to MrsC for the awesome banner!Banner

Hey! Well, this is my first story over here...And I hope you like it! Plus, I'll try to update whenever I can. Oh! And, I'm definitely not going to ditch this one! :)

2. To Tell or Not To Tell

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Bella's POV

As the three of us parted ways, I thought about that figure I’d seen at the apartment’s elevator. What could it possibly be? I definitely knew that it couldn’t have been a person. In all my life I’d never believed in ghosts… But should I tell the girls about what’s on my mind? Or should I just forget about it? I bet that even if I told them, they would never believe me. Could it have been my imagination? I’ll admit, I have been watching a lot of horror movies lately but…could it possibly be true?

I thought of Rosalie and Alice. They were freaking out before, not even uttering one single word. After I pulled a few strings they snapped out of their odd behavior and went back to normal. If I told them they would probably try to send me to a psychologist for therapy sessions.

I went through the pros and cons in my head and approached to the door I was assigned to go through. I rummaged through my pockets for the key and pulled it out. A week ago, at the Seattle Art Museum, Rosalie’s natural beauty had helped her distract the young employee at the front desk so easily that she managed to grab the spare keys and got away. The poor guy was left ogling at the empty space after her.

I snickered at the short story Rose had told me and carefully inserted the key and unlocked the door. I pulled the metal doorknob open carefully and stepped inside to an empty hallway, leading to a single door. My heart was beating a little faster than usual and there was this sickening feeling inside me. I didn’t really feel this anxious about doing something that was silly and reckless, but why did I just want to run away and hide? I took baby steps towards the door, trying not to create any noise. The hallway was big enough to hold at least five footballers. Pretty small, I’ll say, but what’s the use for it if it’s such a small size? I’m definitely going to mention this for the comment box.

The door was within my hand reach and I twisted the doorknob and pulled it open.

Wait a minute…Wasn’t the alarm supposed to go off and the vicious bulldogs were supposed to come chasing after me, plotting murder plans as they came? The thought of cartoon bulldogs chasing me down with big cartoon bubbles above their heads with me + teeth = a dead Bella.

I shook my head furiously at my own absurd imagination.

Wow, Alice was right. I really am smart…

Speaking of Alice…She was the one who disconnected all the alarms in the first place. Technology was her thing; she could do anything tech related if you asked her to. What a smart little thing she was…

I carefully tiptoed my way to the main hall where I was supposed to meet the rest of the girls. And just as I imagined, Alice and Rosalie were there waiting there silently fuming with expressions that read ‘KILL’. Thank god I didn’t see any heels in their hands. Otherwise they would’ve threatened to murder me right there and then. I still didn’t understand why they needed to wear heels in the first place. Sure, heels are great for any special occasion or just for casual wear, but wearing them on a mission? Puh-lease.

“Where were you?” they hissed at the same time, charging right up to me as soon as I was in sight.


“Um… I was doing some intense philosophy… about various possessions,” I gulped and looked at them nervously.

For some reason they both cracked up, covering their mouths while I tried to tell them to quiet down.

“Holy crap. You should… have seen your… face,” Rosalie said between short giggles.

“And what’s with the use of such foreign words, Bella? Just plain old English would be nice!” Alice whispered, trying to stay calm.

I rolled my eyes and stuck my tongue out like a five-year old and walked away, pretending to be mad at them. I had only managed to take about fifteen steps or so when I could see the silhouette of one figure following right behind me.

“Bella, that’s the wrong way,” Alice informed me, giggling ever so slightly. I abruptly spun around and looked down to her tiny frame, cocking my head to the side with one eyebrow raised.

“We need to go back to the main entrance where I and Rose were waiting for you-” I cut her off.

Yeah, yeah. I know I’m an insolent young lady, yada, yada…

“Why?” the question was the first thing that popped out of my mouth.

“I was getting to that part when you interrupted me!” she gritted her teeth and glared at me.

“Jesus. I’m sorry,” I quickly said and gave her a quick one armed hugged and motioned with my hand to continue.

“Now, as I was saying…Rose and I have a map of the museum and a plan of what we’re supposed to do,” I opened my mouth to protest but she put her hand up and continued talking.

“And according to the plan, it says that you should be at the lobby right now,” she smirked and went to where Rosalie was intently studying the plan. I sighed and made my way toward the two.

I noticed the clock above the empty front desk. It was 2:29AM. I had practically wasted at least two hours of my precious sleeping time on this mission. Not that I hate Carlisle or anything, but Alice and Rose thought it would be an easy way to earn money, and to keep up with our studies.

Anyway, Rosalie and Alice had already started bickering back and forth about stuff that wasn’t even related to what we were supposed to be doing. Little miss Alice had to explain the entire plan to us, but it remained flat and untouched on the floor.

I jogged towards them to see what argument was left to be quarreled about in this huge world of ours.

“Kellan Lutz,” Rose shot at Alice.

“Jackson Rathbone,” Alice shot back.

“Robert Pattinson”

“Taylor Lautner”

“Woah, woah…Hold on. What did I miss? The mention of hot men has gotten me all tingly!” I winked at Rose who had an amused look on her face.

“Well, you see…We were discussing about how we needed dates soon –insert groan here- and for some reason the topic wandered towards something like which actor would rather look down our shirts…” Rose said, with a twinkle in her eye. Alice stared at her and blushed a dark shade of red.

“I see,” I pursed my lips, “So, what types of shirts do you think the men would prefer? Tight fitted, loose and baggy…” I listed the all the possibilities, until Rosalie muttered something unintelligible under her breath. Alice cracked a tiny smile.

I gave them my innocent ‘what?’ look and knelt down on the floor next to them.

“Okay, let’s just start this, alright?” Alice mumbled quietly and started explaining the mechanics of the plan.

“Now…We are supposed to go up the staircase,” she pointed towards the one near the front information desk, “And when we reach the second floor, there will be several different art exhibitions with sculptures and paintings…You get the picture.”

“We will have to go up another floor to the Jewelry Exhibition and on the back far left corner should be the famous Golden Jubilee Diamond.” Alice finished off with a look of excitement in her eyes. She jumped up, pulled me and Rose up. Luckily, Carlisle had given us a map of the museum and where the diamond was, so there was no pressure on our heads. He had once told us that this diamond is currently the world’s largest faceted diamond, weighing over five hundred carats and worth over a billion American dollars. It was initially from South Africa, but it was placed in this museum’s Jewelry Exhibition for citizens to look at.

“Alice, weren’t you supposed to fall down?” I asked her honestly. “You’re wearing heels and you didn’t even stumble an inch! How is that possible?”

She laughed her musical laugh and started skipping towards the staircase.

“Who was the one born with the klutziness in the first place, huh?” she called out.

I sighed.

“C’mon Rosie-Posie…We’ve got a diamond to find!” I linked my arm through hers and followed the direction Alice went.

“Sure thing…Bella-Kins,” Rose smirked and increased her pace.

“Be careful, Rose,” I cautioned, as we started climbing the stairs.

“Psh. I should be the one worrying right now,” she whispered.

I let go of Rosalie’s arm and examined the exhibition we were in right now. There were many legendary paintings like ‘Mona Lisa’ and ‘The Scream’…Personal favorites of my own. I noticed a large, seven foot sculpture of a Greek god staring down at me with dull eyes. An empty space lay next to it with rather unusual patterns printed on it. Something drew me towards it and when I looked at it again there was a shadow on the wall, copying the sculpture’s pose. I swear I had seen this figure before, but I didn’t know where…

I gasped and stopped dead in my tracks.

No, no, no. It couldn’t have been. It was…the ghost-thing from the elevator. The figure stayed in its posture while I went closer to examine it. I could see the outline of huge muscles on the arms, as well as a tall, burly frame enough to pass as an athlete. This reminded me of someone who was very close to me, someone who I had a very long relationship with, someone who I’d left behind…

“Bella? Hello? What the hell is wrong with you?” Rosalie whispered softly, waving a hand in front of my face.

I blinked once and noticed that Rosalie was looking at me with concern. Great, now I have an explanation to give.

“Oh! Um, sorry. I sorta zoned out.” I said, not meeting her eyes. She sighed and tapped her foot against the floor.

“Fine! I just saw something!” I said as her eyes widened.

“Wait…You mean…You’re psychic?” she asked with too much astonishment for my liking.

I slapped my self on the forehead and started again.

“No! What I mean is that I saw someone following us.” I stammered.

This time she was the one who slapped her hand on her forehead. I stared at her in confusion, rubbing the back of my sweaty neck.

“Bella… I thought you would forget about that thing in the elevator, but it seems as if you haven’t. Look, you’re probably just imagining things so just forget it. Me and Alice are here with you; there’s nothing to worry about, alright?” I nodded and started walking again. I am not going to look there again, I am not going to look there again, I chanted in my head. It was like some strong magnetic force, trying to make me look there again. Don’t look there Bella… I couldn’t take it anymore and peeked to that area again.

It was...The figure still…

The wall remained shadow-less and stared back at me like a hawk. Rose gently took my arm and led me to the Jewelry Exhibition.


“Alice where are you in this goddamn place?” Rosalie whispered fiercely looking around the empty blackness.

A short figure made its way ever closer to us and flickered on the lights near the entrance. Good thing I was behind Rosalie, I was too much of a scary-cat to handle this kind of stuff. The figure had spiky hair, giving it a wild animal appearance. A pair of sharp daggers pointing out from the heels of its feet…Black paint smeared on its eyes like a crazy Native American…

It was none other than Alice.

She crossed her arms and stared us down with her narrowed eyes, while I slid out of my hiding place and stood next to Rosalie, breathing a sigh of relief.

“Where were you my dear Alice? We were terribly missing your hyper instincts!” I sniffed, clutching a hand to my heart. Rose was shaking so hard that I figured that she was trying not to laugh.

But this was Alice! Knowing what type of person she was like, I knew exactly what she would do. She went back to the normal person she was and had a pout on her face.

“You missed me?” She said in a tiny voice. Rosalie and I grinned and nodded our heads enthusiastically.

Alice jumped up and hugged us, practically killing us with her strong grip. I pulled her off and pointed towards the area of the diamond.

“Let’s just go already! I’m sleepy!” I whined and grabbed Alice’s hands, dragging her to the area of the gemstone.

“So is this where it is, Pixie?” Rose asked, staring at the beautiful yellowish-brown diamond in awe. It was in a fire rose cushion cut and should be able to fit in the palm of my hand. The glass box that it was placed in was outlined with gold edges with three dim lights pointing down at it from the ceiling. All the facets of the diamond reflected from the light, going in all different directions.

“Like duh!” Alice emphasized the ‘d’ and took out her tools and gadgets.

I shook my head and yawned heavily.

I wandered towards other gemstones and noticed that Rosalie was doing the same as well. There was a tiny cut ruby held in a display case near me, shining under the light.


Everything went pitch black and squeaks of panic could be heard. Why of all days, did the power have to go off at this moment?

“They were saying on the news the other day that the power would go out often since it would be helpful for our environment,” I joked casually.

“Like I give a damn about our environment. Fu-” Rosalie cursed, while I could hear Alice breathing in and out.

“Rosalie Hale…” I warned.

“Don’t you Rosalie me, Bella! We’re stuck in the hell-hole now! What else do you expect me to do?” She hissed in frustration. I could imagine the murderous look on her face.

“What should we do now?” Alice repeated, dropping the tools to the ground.

“How ‘bout… we play a game. Sound good?” I asked.

“Count me out.” The two whispered at the exact time.

“Fine then. Be like that,” I mock-sulked and snuffled my nose for prominence.

The three of us stood still in our positions and waited. It could have been minutes, hours, possibly days but the power didn’t come back on.

I rubbed my eyes so hard I thought I might push them to the back of my head and hoped that I would magically be transported to the apartment. As Rosalie would have said: “Not likely.”

But…there was this sound I could hear. It sounded like footsteps coming from the direction of the staircase. A lot of footsteps. Oh, my God. My heart started its P.E. class, thumping loudly in my chest. I could hear my now wretched breathing and closed my eyes.

Just my imagination…Just my imagination…I reminded myself, bringing my fingers to my temples.

The footsteps were getting louder and closer…

A bright beam of light shone on my face and I opened my eyes in horror. I couldn’t see anything but the light. But I knew that it was someone doing this. Someone who had found our secret out. Someone who…

“Beautiful,” the male voice in front of me murmured. It was a man! My heart abruptly stopped and all that could be heard was the person breathing in front of me. Sweat dripped down my face as my pupils widened, about to pop out in any moment. I felt like one of those innocent lambs who would get killed and eaten by a specific dangerous predator, the mountain lion.

The person lowered the light slightly, allowing me to relax my posture. I could make out his tall, toned body which appeared to look down at me. As much as I wanted to run away and scream, I couldn’t. It would only get us into more trouble and I definitely couldn’t risk that. I couldn’t feel anything. My bones had gone numb. The man took a step towards me…

And that was when…

…I screamed…

… With two other shrill screams echoing in the room…