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Melancholy of Saffron Grey

I went to the last concert of a famous pianist, and unknowingly stepped into the territory of a coven of vampires. The pianist who caught my eye was in the middle of it all, and that's where everything began. For the good or for the worst. -Paul


1. Precious

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"There is something I want you to see before your decision has been met."

Bella glared at Edward, knowing that he was just stalling now. Edward seemed to have made it a personal goal to have her experience a list of things before she was turned. He already pushed it with the whole wedding thing, and now there is just one more thing he wanted her to experience. He wanted her to see a piano recital, and not just any piano recital, it was a performance done by someone he admired - musical wise.

"You're pushing it you know." Bella huffed, glaring at her vampire husband.

"I know, I know." Edward chuckled, smoothing her hair back and landed a kiss on her forehead, near her temple. Amongst the many weaknesses that he was able to instill in her, it was doing something so simple as hugging her, and something sweet as to kiss her on the temple. He just enjoyed teasing her, buttering her up to see things his way.

"So what is it you want me to see?" Bella tried to stay angry, but it failed her so quickly after seeing the glint of excitement in her lover's eyes.

"Something that I admired since she came to our town eight years ago." Edward replied simply.

Bella felt a little confused by the reference to a certain she that her husband admired. Though, she wasn't very worried. She was only slightly worried. After all, said she could have taken something away from Edward that was reserved for the person only. Perhaps, Edward admired this person romantically ages before - someone she assumed to be that of a vampire.

Bella shook her head, ridding herself of such thoughts. Edward and her were married now, ever much in love. Even if the ceremony and honeymoon was over, she still cringed at the word marriage.

Almost as if reading her mind, "I've never seen someone play the piano with so much emotion and talent before, at a young age, too. It is sad to say that she announced that this would be her last performance. So, I wanted to bring you to this recital, to experience the feel of being able to tear at something so beautiful. It's remarkable, really. It's as if every key tells a story, the story of Saffron Grey," Edward said, getting out of the silver volvo and held Bella by her hand as he gently closed her door after she got out, then locked up.

"How old is she?" Bella asked, twining her fingers with his.

"She's sixteen, she'll be seventeen on Halloween." Edward said, leading her towards the big theatre where the performance would be. Already, a huge crowd was heading inside, handing their tickets to the person at the door. He had no worries, because the seat both he and Bella would sit at is located at the very front. Right in front of Saffron, to watch her play up close.

"What's her full name?" Bella stopped so Edward could hand the tickets over to the person to check over, and allowed them in.

"Saffron Lily Grey." Edward replied, gliding them both down the aisle to the very front.

"Did she have the chance to go on TV or something?" Bella sat down, wanting to take her coat off but Edward stopped her. "I mean, by what you say, she sounds like a natural prodigy," she glared at Edward, still stubbornly trying to take her coat off.

Edward smiled in amusement, eyes lighting up as he watched the red tint go off in her cheeks.

"Keep your jacket on, it gets chilly in the theatre sometimes. The place is old, so the heater takes awhile to kick in." Edward straightened out Bella's coat, making sure it was on her properly. Bella made a move to push his hands away, but Edward refused, and held onto one of her hands once he was satisfied that she wouldn't catch a cold on his watch.

"You didn't answer my question." Bella huffed, still trying to be angry with him.

Edward sighed. "They had so many film makers come in, but each was denied by her family."

"Why would they do something like that? She could've had a chance to be acknowledged for her talents." Bella forgot about her previous annoyance, and instead focused on Edward's words.

"Her family just doesn't like the thought of having her on TV. It's rather difficult to find out, since she was adopted into a family of vampires." Edward said, quietly enough for only Bella to hear.

"What? How is that possible?!" Bella's eyes widened.

"It's difficult to comprehend myself. Though, they haven't hurt her at all - well, not for her blood." Edward said, digging in his pocket and handed Bella a gold theatre binocular. The kind you see back in the late 1600's. "If anything, it was emotionally related." Edward said, then instructed her on where to aim the binoculars.

"Watching her play, as well as listening to her has the greater effect," Edward explained to ease her confusion.

"You--" Edward hushed her.

"It's about to start, soon," he said simply. Even though he wasn't looking directly at her, this didn't stop him from knowing that she was pouting and put-off by him silencing her. It still amused him greatly by doing this from time to time.

"Don't think this is over." Bella whispered to him, looking up at the stage and watched as the light shined down on Saffron Grey.

"Never." Edward replied, holding onto her hand loose enough so that he wouldn't crush her.

The lights shined down on her, Saffron Grey. She was familiar. Extremely familiar. She couldn't quite see Saffron's face, but she recognized the clothing style, the way she held herself, and those pale hands. Just the glimpse of her hands was gorgeous on its own, as they lay relaxed upon those black and white keys. She wore a black woman's suit, and a deep red, silk shirt - the shirt apparent by the cuffs rolled out and extended from the black blazer. Her midnight black hair blended in with the blazer, but with the way the light glittered off of those silken tresses, Bella was able to distinguish that it went down mid-back and was layered. Beside her, on the bench, was her hat. It was a black felt hat, something Bella was reminded of to be the style they had back in the early nineteen hundreds.

"It's starting." Edward stated softly, relaxing back into his seat.

Sure enough, the show had begun. The lights shone greater on Saffron from different angles, different settings of power, and further maximized her apparel.

Fingers pressed down on the lower notes, and the glint of Saffron's shined, genuine leather shoes had pushed down on the pedal beneath. The flurries of notes started off as something insignificant, but steadily grew stronger. It gave off an effect, the effect of wanting more. A longing, a desperate longing to escape with the music as the theatre echoed greatly for all those in the back to hear. It was almost too soft to hear in some areas, but yet loud enough for people not to have to strain themselves in order for it to be heard. The great effect of the theatre, Bella assumed.

A minute, maybe three minutes, all time was lost. The piece had gotten stronger; more emotion broadcasted and played full-hearted with how Saffron's shoulders were rotated, and how her wrists flickered across the distance of notes. It was a flurry of melodies; an extreme sense of despair and angst was full in the air as the elderly had their heads swaying to the tempo.

It became loud and fast, almost too loud to bear as the pedal beneath strengthened it greatly. But it was calming, as no one seemed to be bothered. She found herself chewing her lip more than ever, and stopped before she could pierce it and draw blood.

"Truly magnificent. The last performance although sadly drawn to an end - was extraordinary. How are you feeling, Bella?" Edward finally tore his eyes off the figure that had left the stage as people closed off the show with a final encore. His eyes landed on his wife, who had yet to make a single peep since the whole show began. It was rare for Bella to be silent, especially when she had questions that she would stubbornly pursue answers upon.

He had a sudden sense of salty liquid fill the air, and it also radiated around Bella. It wasn't that of perspiration, but of tears. Bella was crying.

Edward held back a chuckle, but instead smiled softly. He knew she would be effected, no matter how strongly she opposed going to the show. If he hadn't grown so used to the contagious melodies of emotions, he too, would be stifling sobs and non-existent tears.

"My Bella, are you glad that you came to this show?" Edward asked, softly brushing her tears away while purposefully lingering on the single tear outlining her lips.

"You still continue to have things seen your way despite the fact that I'm crying." Bella managed to mutter out through her soft sobs, as she tried her best to flick and wipe her tears away to save herself from embarrassment. She couldn't find it in herself to deny the fact that she indeed enjoyed the performance, even if it was another source of Edward's procrastination. It was something to cherish dearly, as she continued to live her life as a newborn once Edward finally found it fit to stop stalling and actually see things her way. It would be sad to watch such a magnificent prodigy fall to the knees of time, as she herself would be frozen in time at the sidelines as her love's idol has passed.

"I'm sorry, I can't help but fall in love ever more with this face, even when her tears pain me." Edward said, his lips quirking in her favourite crooked matter that was contagious to a degree to be able to life her spirits up to epic proportions no matter the situation. It was like falling in love with him again, and again, and again to come. Despite the fact that the smile reached his eyes, it didn't hide the euphoric emotion that was being embellished within his topaz gaze.

Bella couldn't help but blush at his words, it was something that made resistance futile when it comes to Edward. Despite the fact that her blushing further more elongates his pride and amusement, her blood seemed to have a mind of its own when it came to such sweet words.

"Your way of avoiding topics with words to swoon me over still doesn't stop the question from lingering in the air, Edward." Bella scolded, bringing out a chuckle from Edward.

"I was hoping that I could stall a little longer." Edward sighed, sounding rather exaggerated. "Though, I suppose that resistance is futile." He quirked a grin, his amusement growing at the look of frustration on the brunette's face.

"Now come on, you owe me an explanation." Bella said, hardly moving even though the crowd of people was slowly diminishing from the theatre. Neither made a move to join the people who idly moved throughout the theatre, but stared in each other's eyes. One seeking questions, the other admiring.

Edward sighed, relaxing in his seat to show his hesitance in showing defeat.

Bella was smug, but didn't say anything as she, too, relaxed back in her seat and watched as the stage crew moved props away, but left the piano.

"Where would you like to begin?" he asked, fiddling with the cuff of his shirt.

"How about if she knows that they're vampires?" Bella asked, listening intently as the thud of her heartbeat increased with anxiety. The thought about Saffron living with vampires all of her life was horrifying, it put her fears of first entering the Cullens' house to shame. She felt tiny, like she was being selfish on feeling fear when she went through the whole situation with James, and then the Volturi.

"She knows, she's been with them for a majority of her life. Though, I can't seem to quite pick up on how no bodies had turned up missing when the clan she lives with, all prey on human lives." Edward furrowed his eyebrows in thought. Seeing Edward like this made an ache occur in Bella's chest. She did not like seeing him so troubled.

"Where was she born?" Bella asked, gulping down the uncomfortable knot forming in her throat.

"She was born in Japan, to a mother unknown to the nation. Nobody knows if she was simply a tourist or not, since no one reported recognition of her. It was like, she suddenly came to existence, or she somehow managed to escape getting an identity, or erased it. It's hard to say," Edward frowned, looking away from Bella to stare up at the piano. "So since then, she's been an orphan. The Japanese government put her into the adoption agency, and left it up to them to give her a name." Edward cleared his throat, even when there was no need for it.

"Saffron Lily Grey?" Bella thought out loud.

"It wasn't the agency who named her this, but the vampires who quickly adopted her a week after submission. They didn't get a chance to figure a name before then, and left the Grey's to deal with it. No questions were asked, even though it was extremely rare to get adopted so quickly. I suppose money was involved for this secrecy." Edward sighed, sending the stage background prop an almost sympathetic look.

Bella brought her attention towards it, and noticed a herd of bright white sheep sleeping in the corner of a wooden-fenced pen. But what caught her attention was the one black sheep up on a small hill, staring up at the great crested moon with a sense of longing.

"The black sheep?" she asked, again, swallowing down the angst piling up in the knot forming in her throat.

"Yes, precisely. Saffron Lily Grey, she's a remarkable child. She had it, the growing fame, the mind of a genius, and the ability to come forth a prodigy. The only price -- her freedom. She's a newborn sparrow placed in the hands of restraint. Everything she does is for them. Her fame became for them, and acknowledgement for her is worth that of a grain of rice. When they think of the name: Saffron Lily Grey - they merely see the child who became it all, when they don't even see her helpless clipped wings." Edward said with such emotion that his fingers created imprints within the metal armrest.

As he smoothed it over, Bella couldn't help but recognize the situation.

"It's like the lion falling in love with the lamb," she pointed out sadly.

"A masochistic lion, but the opposite. The lamb fell in love with the lion, but the lion wants nothing more than her existence under his paws. All identity put aside, as he devoured her fame, and left her for shame." Edward closed his eyes to resist the emotions from taking over.

"I'm sorry Edward, we don't have to talk about this anymore." Bella said, giving the both of them a break from the onslaught of emotions. A tear slipped out of her eye for the both of them.

Edward sighed, catching that tear and balanced it flawlessly on his fingertip.

"No, you have another question, I can feel it. I may not be able to read your mind, but your emotions makes it painfully obvious for the both of us," he said, while studying the teardrop.

Bella gathered her courage to ask the last question. "Who are the Grey's?"

Edward closed his eyes; breathing out the sigh as he brought his finger up, and allowed the teardrop to streak endlessly down his cheek.

"I love how you can cry for the both of us." Edward laughed bitterly.

A silence reigned on them for a minute, maybe several. Bella moisturized her lips with the tip of her tongue, and was about to form the first words of her question again.

Edward beat her to the breaking of silence with his answer.


"The only thing she had ever known were the keys of her piano, the sounds they can make, and how to create melodious rhythms. It was her job; her tedious, cruel job of making music for someone who had killed the precious person whom ever existed. It was for him, the murderous vampire, and no one else."