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In Europe with the Cullens'

Bella hate shopping. What happen when she travels in Europe with the Cullens' and that the only thing they want to do is shop ? Not only that but, their first priority is to keep Bella safe ! And they will use everything to do so...


1. Paris

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"Bella! Please let me buy it! Pretty please!”

“ No Edward, I’ll won’t let you ! I screamed for the hundredth time.

We were travelling with all the Cullen’s all around Europe. We were now at the “Galleries Lafayette” in Paris, the fashion country; you could also say the expensive country. I mean, a bottle of water cost 5 euros, which is about eight dollars!

We were having a huge fight in front of everybody. They were looking weird at us because they didn’t understand a word of what we were saying.

“ Come one Bella ! It’s not THAT expensive!” he screamed to me.

What?! Is he out of his mind! 4 000 euros for a necklace! Well okay, it’s an amazing Chanel necklace with real diamonds … I would look stunning with it….But no! I can’t let him buy that! He’s just a teen! Well, technically no, but…

I turned my back to him and ran out of the store. It wasn’t long before I felt two cold strong arms grab my shoulders. I turned my head to face him .He let his arms fell from my shoulders and I saw that he was VERY frustrated.

“Why can’t you let me spoil you? How many times do I have to tell you that I don’t care about money? For god’s sake!”

I sighed and put my hand on my forehead trying to calm myself.

“Edward, you don’t understand that love is not a buying thing … I would love you even if you lived on the street…”

His face softened and he sighed.

“But Bella, I want to buy you that damn necklace! If I don’t do it now, I will do it later! I saw how your face changed when I showed it to you! You can’t deny it! And, when you tried it on, you were so beautiful…Please Bella…”

I sighed and nodded. Defeated. When he has an idea in his head, there is no way to get it out. He kissed my lips and rushed in the store. I stayed outside, scared that he would find something else to buy for me.

I sighed again and smiled to myself. Wow…When Jessica sees me wearing it…

Edward came back with a cute little Chanel shopping bag; he was also wearing an amazing new Chanel scarf around his neck. He looked…European… I began to laugh and he smiled bigger. He gave the bag to me and I gave him a peck on the cheek. He suddenly looked disappointed.

“ What is it ?” I asked , suddenly worried.

“ Well , I wasn’t expecting a little peck on the cheek, I was expecting something more like a real kiss…you know…” he said looking down at his expensive Italian shoes.

I leaned on my toe, took his marble face between my hands and give him a passionate kiss on his flawless lips.

I felt a flash blinding us and I turned abruptly my face to see Alice taking a picture of us. Edward smiled bigger. He wasn’t laughing because of the picture, he was laughing of Alice.

She was wearing the biggest sunglasses I have ever seen, even if it was grey outside. Not only that but, she wore an expensive beret and had a hundred shopping bags of designer brands in her hands. Jasper, who was standing next to her, had more bags in his hands. He had a cowboy hat on his head and some huge black sunglasses.

Edward exploded in laughter and I joined him.

“Man…have you seen…what you are wearing…” Edward said between the laughter.

Jasper took his hat in his hands and looked at his cowboy shoes.

“ It isn’t that bad…” he whispered, scared of Alice’s reaction.

“Of course not Jazzie!” she said, hugging him.

Then, Alice turned her head, her gaze slowly went to the bag I was holding and her eyes nearly fell out. Deeply embarrassed, I tried to hide it behind my back. No need to say that it didn’t work.

“Oh my gosh…Bella, is it what I think it is ?” she whispered taking off her sunglasses , hypnotized by my Chanel bag.

She slowly went to me, looking at my bag like it was something to eat. I was beginning to be scared. Jasper grabbed her arm and whispered something in her ear, though I heard everything he said.

“Honey, you’re scaring her.”

She continued to slowly move forward and I hid behind Edward, who was wearing a huge grin on his face.

“You better run for your life Bella, Alice has found her prey,” he said, laughing.

I sighed , shook my head, walked to her and handed her my cute little bag. She ripped it from my hands and opened the black velvet box. Her mouth fell open, she gave the bag back to me and turned her face to Jasper.

“Why don’t you buy me the same? You NEVER bought me a Chanel necklace with real diamonds!” she nearly screamed.

His face literally fell.

“C’mon Alice, I just bought you some Jean-Paul Gaultier sunglasses!” he said, moaning.

Her face suddenly changed; her lips went all tight she looked purely evil. She threw her new sunglasses to him.

“ I HATE YOU !” she screamed to him, before running away.

Jasper threw us a desperate look, moaned another time, grabbed the sunglasses from the floor and ran after her.


I felt Edward wrap his arms around my waist, he hadn’t stop laughing yet.

“What’s so funny ?!” I asked him .

He looked at me and laughed harder. “I’m just so happy that you hate shopping.”