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In Europe with the Cullens'

Bella hate shopping. What happen when she travels in Europe with the Cullens' and that the only thing they want to do is shop ? Not only that but, their first priority is to keep Bella safe ! And they will use everything to do so...


2. Paris, part 2

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Usually , when you travel, you expect to have some fun. Usually, when you hate shopping, you don’t go in the capital of fashion. Right ?

Well, right now, I was in my own living hell and the thing I wanted the most was not a diamond necklace,it was a plane ticket back to Forks... You know, when you go to the doctor and you are so scared, that you are almost petrified, well; I was feeling like that now.

All the Cullens’ were arguing in the living room of the suite I was sharing with Edward. Rosalie, Emmett and Jasper wanted to stay in the hotel and go to the interior swimming pool while Alice and Edward wanted to go shopping.

No need to say that they didn’t care what I wanted.


I screamed trying to gain their attention but, they continued to yell at each other. I stood up from the couch, ran to Alice and slap her on the back. She didn’t even flinch. I slapped everyone but, they ignored me. I sighed and lost my patience.

“OKAY EVERYONE ! I’M LEAVING SINCE YOU DON’T CARE ABOUT ME !” I screamed running to the door.

That got their attention. They all turned their eyes to me and looked at me with scrutinizing eyes.

“I beg your pardon ?” Edward asked me with an astonished face.

I lifted my chin and took a deep breath.

“As I said, but you didn’t listen, I am visiting the city alone since nobody care to listen while I talk!” I said , throwing open the door so loud that the people in the hallway all turned their head to me. “Sorry.” I muttered to them.

I wasn’t surprised when I felt a cold hand on my shoulder. I turned and faced an angry Edward. He looked almost frightening with anger.

“Where do you think you are going ?!” he screamed , one inch from my face.

“ Well…I-I was walking out the door.” I said , clearly destabilized by his stunning face in front of mine.

I pulled away from his grasp, walked inside the room and sighed.

“ Look I’m tired of always being babysat by each of you ! Before you appeared in my life I lived like everyone. I could walk by myself for god sake! Do you know how old I am? I’m eighteen and I can live alone in an apartment-“

I was suddenly cut when Emmett started laughing, he was laughing so hard that everyone in the hotel must have heard him. Everyone except Rosalie, who just sighed and rolled her eyes, joined him.

“WHAT IS SO FUNNY?!” I screamed, now furious.

“ The thought…of you…living by yourself…” Emmett said, laughing.

Everyone laughed harder.

“ What the hell is wrong with you guys ?” screamed Rosalie, deeply exasperate. “ Stop acting like five year olds ! She is right ! She’s old enough to go by herself !”

Their laughter stopped simultaneously .

What ?! I wasn’t really expecting THAT ! In fact , I didn’t really want to go alone. But, maybe she’s right after all…I’m old enough…

“That is out of the question, she would kill herself .” Edward simply said.

“ I agree.” Jasper said.

“ I’m sorry, Bells, but I do too.” She said with a sad look on her face. “Just think about the many ways you could hurt yourself. Cars could crash you, you could twist your ankle, you could leave your shoe laces detached and you could fell, a vampire could drink you dry. ” She then said, like she was talking to a three year old.

Jasper started laughing again and took Alice in his arms. He kissed her on the head and whispered something in her ear. She started laughing hysterically. Edward walked to me and tried to wrap his arms around me but, I pushed him away. His eyes filled with pain.

“ I’m not in that mood !”

Emmett started laughing again. “ Eddy, you’re in deep shit ! The little lamb is angry !

Rosalie rolled her eyes again and slapped him behind his head. He screamed in agony and faked he was hurt.

“I’m so out of here !” I said, this time rushing out of the room.