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In Europe with the Cullens'

Bella hate shopping. What happen when she travels in Europe with the Cullens' and that the only thing they want to do is shop ? Not only that but, their first priority is to keep Bella safe ! And they will use everything to do so...


3. Paris, part 3

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Do you think he really let me escape from the suite ? No. I had only made a step that he had scooped me up and with me fighting in his arms, threw me on the bed. And you know what ? He had even close the door in the same time ! Very fickle, if you want my opinion. So, while the Cullen’s were laughing of me, I ran to the bathroom and locked the door behind me. I could still hear them laughing though, I guess Rosalie wasn’t. I groaned and kicked the wall with my fist. Very bad idea, it hurt like hell.

“OUCH !”

I heard some running and then, some pounding on the door. No need to tell you who it was.

“ BELLA ! Are you all right ? BELLA, OPEN THE DOOR !” Edward kicking the door.

Then, a second later a huge hole appeared on the door and Edward’s frantic face appeared.

“ Are you all right , love ?” I threw him an exasperated look and shook my head in spite of him.

“ You went WAY too far, Mr Cullen !” I said, standing up, opening the door like a civilized person and walking, brushing past him. I couldn’t push him since I would be the one to get hurt.

All of the Cullen’s eyes lifted to mine and their mouth fell open. I must have been a pretty scary sight.

“ Hey, Bells ! You need something ?” Alice asked me, with a shy voice.

“Yes, you can tell Edward that I am going back to Forks. Oh, yes, you can also kick his perfect butt for the rest of eternity!” I said, slowly turning my head to her, like the girl in the exorcist.

She looked at me, her eyes bugging and biting her bottom lip to keep from laughing. Emmett however didn’t have her self-control so, he burst out laughing, nearly falling from the chair in which he was seating. Jasper looked at me, his mouth wide open as if he couldn’t realize what he had just seen and Rosalie, as usual, rolled her eyes and walked to the bathroom pushing an astonished Edward from the way and closed the door even though we could see her perfectly though the huge hole.

“ ARGH ! I’m tired of ALL of you guys !”

Then I ran out of the door, so fast that even Edward couldn’t realize what was happening in front of his eyes. In the hallway, old tourist from I don’t know where, were whispering while reading a map. I pushed them away and continued to run.

“ Sorry, sir ! Sorry !” a silky voice screamed from behind me.

Edward. Oh no. I ran faster and faster, bumping into people while he kept apologizing behind me. I guess the sight was pretty funny since a young group of kids in front of the hallway were laughing, pointing me.

I flew out of the hotel, crashing on the front door. Fortunately, it was unlocked. Or, I would have a crooked nose and no front teeth by now. I ran outside , not looking around, to see if there was any chance a car would run into me.

I have to admit it was one of the biggest mistake I made in my life.

I didn't even walked three steps that a black car ran onto me. Someone screamed my name frantically, Edward I guess but I couldn't know.

I flew, literally this time, on the front windshield of the car and only had the time to catch a glimpse of the face behind the wheel, before I passed out.

Oh god , Carlisle !

You know how normal people are scared when they wake up, lying on a hospital bed ? Well, I'm so used to that feeling , that I wasn't scared anymore. Why ? Because I've been there so many times ! Well, not technically...

As soon as I opened my eyes, I saw Edward's frantic face. I almost wished I hadn't woken up . It was pretty scary.

" Bella," he said, his eyes smothering just a tiny bit.

" Edward, " I said, using the same tone than him.

He didn't answer, sat next to me and looked at me, definitely very angry.

" What ? Why are you looking at me that way ? What have I done ?"

That got him angrier.

" You ask me why ?! But, Bella, you could have died ! Don't you realize !? You never do ! You're a real danger magnet ! No, not danger, Death ! Exactly, you're a Death Magnet ! You're really mean , Isabella Swan ! You hurt me and Carlisle and everyone and you act like nothing happened ! I'm getting tired of having to save your life 24/7 ! You have to learn how to save yourself too !"

I looked at him blankly and sighed. "Are you finished now ? Do you feel better ?"

He nodded and straightened his back.I had never seen Edward that angry and it felt pretty weird to see my strong and powerful vampire boyfriend losing control like that . If he had been human, I guess I would have thought it was his hormones playing with his mood.

" Edward, can I ask you a question ?"

He sighed and nodded.

" Don't laugh okay ?"

"Sure, Bella, " he said, rolling his eyes of exasperation.

" Can vampires have hormonal problems ?"

Astonishment filled his face then, it was amusement and finally , concern.

"Er, Bella ? Are you okay ? I mean, tou hit your head pretty hard, love.., " he said, standing up and walking to me.

"I'm FINE ! Don't play the concerned boyfriend with me AGAIN ! You stupid overprotective fool ! I was asking a simple question !"

He ran a hand though his messy hair and shook his head in defeat.

" I don't know what to say... That's a pretty weird question to ask when you just regain consciousness.. You could, I don't know, ask how is everybody ... Or , ask how hurt you are !"

"Where is everybody and why did Carlisle came to France ?"

He sat again and looked down at his shoes. " Well... I called Carlisle because you were difficult and I didn't know how to deal with you. And don't look at me that way ! You know how exhausting you can be sometimes ! No, not sometimes, every single minute ! Ever since we came to Europe, you are being a mean and egocentric person !"

I felt myself nlushing and had to take a deep breath to prevent myself from strangling him.

" So, let me get this straight... You called Carlisle to babysit me and he came to the rescue, leaving his job behing and spending a thousand bucks ! Are you OUT OF YOUR MIND !?"

He stood up and ran a hand though his hair again, not looking at me.

"But, Bella ..."

"No ! Stop it ! I knew I shouldn't have fallen in love with a vampire !" I said screaming at the top of my lungs.

I guess I spoke much too loud since the door flew open and two nurses ran in , one with a syringe in her hand.

" Is she hallucinating ?," she asked to Edward.

He smiled to me and nodded to her. She walked to me slowly and without I even had the time to realize, injected a tranquiliser into my blood system.