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WWII: A Twilight Story

The title just sums it up. Its a fic about the Cullens and the Rez kids/adults during WWII. They all live in Germany and still are vampires and werewolves. Carlisle works for Hitler and his army.


1. Chapter 1: The Wealthy Family

Rating 5/5   Word Count 441   Review this Chapter

The red-haired boy walked down a path of a small town in the great country of Germany. Or so it was, until Adolf took his rein for their leader. The boy whistled a knowledgeable tune as he entered the house that he and his mother, father and four brothers and two sisters. They were a quite wealthy family. The youth smiled slightly as he entered the den. His father was more and likely in his study, he was a doctor for the German army. His mother was reading a book by the fire. “Hello Esme, is Carlisle in his study?” the youth asked as he sat down on the couch. She nodded to her son. Well her adopted son. “Yes Edward, he is. Hitler has him working full-time now that there is a rumor going around.” Esme answered him. “What rumor?” Edward asked. “The rumor where America has created an uranium bomb. They have also joined in the fight against us.” Esme replied. “Oh brilliant. More fighting, goodie.” Edward retorted. He has been acting really wired lately. Only his younger sister, Alice knew what was wrong with him. “Your eyes are different Ed. You need to go hunting? We were just about to go.” A southern boy grinned at his brother. “That would do me some good I guess.” Edward walked toward the door and then stopped. “Hey Jasper, have you heard any news about the war?” Jasper shook his head at him. “No, I haven’t. Except for that Hitler has started to move the Jews and all of the ones who are not of the ‘Perfect Race’ into ghettos.” Jasper started to open the door. The third brother walked into the room. “Ready to go Jasper?” Emmett asked. “Yeah, let’s go.” Emmett, Jasper and Edward went outside and shut the door. When her boys left Esme sighed and closed her book. She walked into Carlisle’s study and sat on a chair that was facing his desk. Carlisle stopped what he was doing and smiled at his wife. “Are the boys gone?” Carlisle asked Esme. Esme nodded, “The left not to long ago.” She suddenly looked really worried. “Carlisle, what’s the real reason why we’re not moving into the nearby ghettos like the rest of the population in Germany?” Esme asked. Carlisle suddenly got up and walked over to his worried wife. “The – only reason why Hitler hasn’t moved us to a ghetto is because we work for the government and – we’re somewhat wealthy.” Carlisle answered her. Esme hugged him for comfort. “Don’t worry Esme, everything will be fine.” Carlisle whispered to her.