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An Alternate Fate

A/U: This is an alternate reality that takes place during twilight. Bella never found out that Edward is a vampire. She is thrust into their world by James and his coven. This story mainly follows Bella's POV but will contain some of Edwards POV also. Although this story starts in twilight it will slowly encompass all four books in material, except new moon.


1. An Unfortunate Event

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Ch.1: An Unfortunate Event

Hi my name is Isabella Swan and this is the story of my life.

To be honest, my life was rather normal in most aspects. That was until I came to Forks, Washington. The rainiest and possibly the dreariest place in the continental US. I can still remember that period of my life; with perfect clarity, even though it was seven months ago. Seven months really doesn't sound right though; it feels more like it should be eons ago. For me right now, It's a little hazy.

I was going to Forks to allow my Mom, Renee, a chance to be with her husband, Phil, who is a minor league base ball player. He hadn't found a team to play with so he was taking on the road. Well, he had been, but my mom missed him so much; I ended up feeling guilty most of the time.

Since Phil had to travel around a lot, it made it difficult for my mom to be away from him. So I made the ultimate sacrifice for her, I condemned myself to Forks. My Dad Charlie had lived in Forks for a large portion of his life, my mother even had me in Forks; she lived in the small two bedroom house with Charlie until it all became too much; she couldn't stand it anymore, so she left. She left Forks, she left Charlie, and she took me with her.

He never left and ended up being elected by the small town of Forks into a prominent position, one he's held for almost as many years as I can remember. My Dad, Charlie, is the Chief of Police in Forks...ugh right?

I knew I was going to suffer for my sacrifice; because what little time I had spent in Forks, I hated it. It was entirely too green and wet. The exact opposite of where I lived previously with my mom; in Phoenix Arizona. My mother had taken us there after a brief trip in California.

I can remember that Charlie was waiting to pick me up at the airport in Seattle. He looked extremely happy to see me; an oddity for one reason, Charlie didn't show emotion. I put it down to the fact that the two weeks a summer for however many years the arrangement had been in effect, hadn't been enough for him. I have to admit, we barely knew one another.

His enthusiasm did brighten my day just a tiny bit; that was until I remembered where I was going. I smiled anyways so that he could stay happy; it was pointless both of us suffering; I was suffering enough for two anyway.

We walked to his police cruiser and he placed my bags in the trunk, I groaned looking at the official vehicle, it was the bane of my existence, and it sure wouldn't help me settle in. I could see t he drive to school and the glances the light bar would get. Mortifying, I sucked it up and climbed in ready for the drive to Forks.

Once I started school, I relaxed a little. For some unknown reason everyone wanted to talk to me, I found myself cornered in by some of the small populace. They were always full of questions and always eager for answers. Everyone seemed to want to decipher the code of the mysterious Bella Swan; except for Edward Cullen.

Edward Cullen, with his brooding good looks and pale skin; was possibly the most angelic man I had ever laid my eyes on. He had bronze hair, a body that looked like it was sculpted by a master artist, and the sight of him just sent shivers down my spine (good ones).

Edward . . . just his name gave me butterflies; even thinking about him right now.

Sadly though, we didn't get off on the right foot; because evidently he was having a bad day, or at least that's what he'd said. I couldn't really say I believed him though. The darkness in his eyes and murderous looks he'd thrown at me were terrifying. It had made my skin crawl, if a black hole could have opened up and swallowed me; I would have welcomed it. Something about me had bothered him, and his face told the story.

After that day, I didn't see him for an entire week. I seriously thought I had done something wrong. There was nothing, not even a glance in the halls. It was the next Monday he finally showed up again, I had walked into him, my heart pounding in my chest with fear. I was surprised though that he managed to be cordial, polite to a point. He even saved my life!

Unfortunately, after that he ignored me for, like an entire month, again. Everything he did confused me. I seemed to be stuck in a whirlwind that was Edward Cullen, and everything he did sent my heart into a frenzy and mind into oblivion. He confused me.

Out of nowhere he started talking to me again! Complete insanity right? After an attempt at being sarcastic and feeding him some of his own poison; we started to get along. He was interesting, and smart. I found that when I spoke, he listened. When he spoke I found myself drowning in his words; he was intoxicating.

Things were going so well; in fact, I hadn't noticed people had stopped staring at us. I loved the time I spent with him; our conversation would go on for hours. He would question me about every aspect of my life; in return he would give me cryptic answers and a headache. I knew though, beyond a reasonable doubt, that I was falling in love with him. I hated the time apart and craved for our time together. I couldn't get enough.

I can remember the day I had decided I loved him. It was essentially the day I died, after all.

I must admit it was all down to my own stupidity. I was bored and wanted to do something, I was pining for Edward; I wouldn't see him for four more days; until school started.

I didn't feel like seeing the only other true friend I had made in Forks, it would mean a fifteen minute drive to La push and I wasn't in the mood to freeze down by the coast. Jacob' was Charlie's best friend, Billy Black's son. The two of us had become fast friends and I enjoyed spending time with him, but that particular day, I wanted to be alone.

I decided to go take a small hike on the trail at the back of the house. It led from the house into the forest. The path was clear and easy to follow. There was absolutely no way, in my mind, I could get lost; as long as I stayed on that path. I only walked for around fifteen minutes when I got this horrible feeling that something was watching me. The hair on the back of my neck stood on end, I could feel my hands shaking as the balled up in my pockets. I had been so stupid to come in here alone.

I was a little unsettled. I looked all around me trying to detect what it was causing what I was all of a sudden feeling. I was in the middle of convincing myself it was a deer or some kind of wildlife when I heard some kind of movement that didn't belong to an animal.

Out of the corner of my eye I could swear I saw a shadow move, I spun quickly trying to catch it with my eyes; but there was nothing there. I was officially starting to get spooked; I could feel the spurt of adrenaline coursing through my body as I tried to find my bearings. I was still on the path, but which way did I come from? I was turned around.

I looked for the direction that was declining; I knew I had traveled up for a little ways, so home would be down. I looked up and saw a slight incline into the trees. Through my own method of deduction I figured the other way was down.

I took a deep breath, the silence was everywhere now; and it just made me feel even worse. Then there was a snap of a twig. My blood ran cold through my veins, and I knew I had to get out of there. I spun around quickly; I was gonna run to my house as fast as I could.

It never happened; upon turning around he was standing there in all of his pale white glory. My body shuddered violently; I took a startled gasp as he spoke.

"Well... what do we have here, a little girl? Are you lost?" his voice was like satin, smooth and inviting, but I was too scared to even note anything other than my heart beat pounding in my ears.

Although I was scared I spoke as defiantly as I could, "What makes you think I'm lost? I was just on my way back down to my house."

"Oh, well you want to be careful out here in the wilderness wild animals aren't the only dangers out here." He spoke with a grin as though I amused him.

"James! Quit playing with your damn food so we can get out of here, this place gives me the creeps . . . something just doesn't smell right." The voice came from behind me out of nowhere; I jumped a little at the sound.

I turned slowly; still trying to keep an eye on the one they called James; only to find myself staring at two more pale skinned people that had strange eyes.

Their eyes actually seemed like a deep shade of red to me . . . then I remembered something; something about food.

I suddenly became absolutely terrified, my body locked up around me and my heart took off in my chest. The way it pounded against my ribs was actually painful. I tried keeping my eyes on the couple behind me and the man in front. Trying with every inch of my brain to figure out my odds, they didn't look too good.

The female had long red hair that was wild and had leaves in it, and the other man had black hair and stood like he was slightly on guard. He would be the first to follow me; I didn't need to stare at him for long to figure that out. His body was similar to that of an athlete. Then there was me; when I ran I fell. There were no odds, I was already dead.

As I turned back to face James, he stood there with that same grin. "You know you are entirely unlucky, we've all already hunted and to tell you the truth I'm not even thirsty, but you. . . You smell just so good."

I honestly must of looked like I was gonna freak out because my eyes were huge and my heart was beating a mile a minute. In one large step he was in front of me; he grabbed my arms and pulled me to him, before I could even yell he sunk his teeth into my neck.

I was so taken aback that I couldn't even scream. I felt my life force being drained out of me, my mind was racing, I couldn't even fathom of what was going on. It was more of an intimate motion; but the stinging of the air made it obvious he was cutting me. But how was that possible? Could this be it? Was this my fate? Then he stopped.

Through the pain of having my life literally sucked out of me, I heard Laurent's voice. It was no longer high and musical, but more like a growl; a thick coarse sound that filled the silent air around us.

"James, do you smell that? We need to get out of here now!"

At that moment I felt his teeth leave me and his grip around me loosen as he inhaled the air. His face held a shocked expression for just a split second

"It can't be...."

The next thing I knew, the air was flying past me, I tried keeping my eyes open; but I was only able to look through the curtain of lashes that covered my eyes.

I was being carried away and the trees were just a blur; it felt like I was flying. Although I was on the verge of passing out I saw something knock Laurent to the ground. The growls filled the air as Victoria screamed somewhere in the distance; I gave opening my eyes one more attempt, and wished I hadn't.

It was an enormous Black Wolf! He was ripping at Laurent like he was made of butter. I felt another thud hit my limp body and the rush of air leave my lungs, the next thing I knew I was flying through the air and hitting the ground with thud that knocked the breath out me.