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Breaking Point

Everyone has a breaking point, and it's best to find it before it finds you. When a new lethal threat is unleashed on the vampire community, it will spark a war they haven't seen since the south. Lives will be lost, blood will be shed and ties will be severed. Can the war be survived? Or will it drive them all over the edge.

So this kind of like a Twilight/Underworld crossover. Although the Underworld part doesn't really follow the characters in the movie.

2. The Devil's Advocates

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It had been raining all weekend and then some as Bella sat on the couch, staring out he window, her eyes tracing patterns on the water spattered windows. The rain swirling in an intricate watery dance upon the panes.

“Bella?” Asked a male voice behind her. She turned her attention from the crying sky, and to Carlisle, who stood behind her.

“They’re going to be fine Bella.” He said, referring to Edward, Alice and Jasper who had gone to Italy on summons from the Volturi.

“I know…I just can’t help buy worry though. I mean, this is the Volturi we’re talking about. You know how they feel about Alice and Edward. Aro wants them, and I’m afraid that if he wants them bad enough, he’s going to take them.”

Carlisle was silent for a moment.

“Yes, it’s true that Aro desires their services and gifts, but the Voturi cannot force anything upon them, and you know that they would never consent to join the Volturi on their own.”

Bella stared out the window again, silent.

“They didn’t have to go.” She muttered quietly.

“No, they didn’t have to, but if they hadn’t, the Volturi would have come snooping around here, and they don’t them around Renesmee any more than you or I, or any of us.” Carlisle told her.

Bella sighed and continued to watch the rain.

“I suppose you’re right. Thank you Carlisle.” She said, smiling.

Carlisle returned her smile. “You’re very welcome. They’ll be back soon, I promise.”

And with that, he turned and disappeared down the hall to his office.

The rain continued to fall.


The fight hadn’t lasted long.

Rigel and Nathan lay on their backs on the ground; nearly all of their exposed skin was ripped and shredded. Their long leather trench coats lying in the dirt beside them. Their shirts hanging on only by a few threads, exposing their pale, toned chests, the skin slashed and cut.

They lay silent, but I knew they were alive because their skin was coming together like the sewed ends of a newly finished dress. Light steam rose from their many wounds, it was painful, but a signal that they were healing, slowly, but healing.

I leaned against a tree, my arms at my sides, and my legs out in front of me. I was in no better condition then they. My skin was in the same state, and my body was trembling.

I could hear Rigel grunt as the dirt irritated the back of his arm, burning the exposed, not-yet-healed skin, and his grunt was later followed by a laugh from Nathan.

“You look as though someone pulled you inside-out.” He said between laughs.

Rigel turned his head to look at his teammate.

“So do you, so shut up.”

Nathan only laughed again.

Rigel reached into his pocked and pulled out his sunglasses, one of lenses was cracked.

“Damn filty wenches broke my glasses." He muttered, examining the lens.

Nathan laughed again.

“You shouldn’t have let them so close to your face. That was an idiot move if there ever was one. And not to mention you've got a nasty scar on your face..haha." He chuckled, trying his hardest trying to hold back his laughter. "Good Lord, right through your forehead, nose, lips and chin! I daresay it looks as though she cut your face in two! Hahahaha good look getting the ladies with that!"

Rigel scowled at him, and stuck his hand inside Nathans pocked and pulling out his sunglasses and put them over his eyes, throwing his own broken ones in Nathan’s lap.

Rigel lifted his forearm in front of his face, tracing a line of new skin with his index finger, wincing all the while.

I narrowed my eyes.

“If you had kept your coats on, it would have provided better protection and less pain.” I said matter-of-factly.

Rigel turned his head over to me.

“Jackets restrict movement.” He said. “They would have just slowed us down. And besides, we wouldn’t have wanted to have made it too easy. There’s no fun in prey who doesn’t go down without a fight. What’s a little pain?”

I glowered at him again.

“When are you ever going to grow up?” I asked.

Rigel gave me a confused look.

“Never.” He said. “I’ve been twenty seven for the last nearly ninety years. Things aren’t likely to change Cosmina love.” He said.

The last glare I shot him was warm compared to the look I gave him now.

"Just shut up and finish healing. We need to get to the Cullens before the Mirages do."