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Breaking Point

Everyone has a breaking point, and it's best to find it before it finds you. When a new lethal threat is unleashed on the vampire community, it will spark a war they haven't seen since the south. Lives will be lost, blood will be shed and ties will be severed. Can the war be survived? Or will it drive them all over the edge.

So this kind of like a Twilight/Underworld crossover. Although the Underworld part doesn't really follow the characters in the movie.

3. Back Home...

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So this is where we get a little more into the Underworld part of the story. This follows a different Coven then in the movies, but I'll be bringing in Selene and Victor and all the rest soon enough.

'Dragos' gazed at the large portrait of his favorite Dealer, his head rested in his hand and his fingers on his temple.

He knew she and her squadron were the best at what they did, but still, he worried.

“Master, are you alright?” Said a female voice behind him. He turned to see Vera, his ‘secretary’ although he quite was positive she didn’t view herself as such when it came to him.

“You know better then to call me that Vera. Nor do you call me Dragos, you know that’s only an alias. It‘s still beyond me why they insist on calling me that.” He told her in a quiet tone, still gazing at the portrait.

"Because you're the spitting image of him Alisander." Vera replied. "Of Master Dracula."

Alisander snorted and glanced away from the portrait. "The man was a menace." He muttered before turning back to the painting.

Cosmina had only been a child in that photo, but he still found himself staring at it every now and then. Then, and now she was very beautiful, even for a vampire.

“I really don’t understand your fascination with that one” Vera said, a look of distaste on her beautiful face.

“There is no such thing.” He replied, turning back to the papers on his large deep mahogany desk.

Vera laughed, and propped herself up on his desk, long pale legs crossed.

“Well that’s certainly a lie. You treat her far better than you do the rest of them. Ever since she was little. You treated her as a daughter then, but now I think I’m seeing something more….well more then a family type bond. Well, don’t get me wrong Alisander, she’s had quite the turn out. She has the same wondrous blue eyes as you, the result of your being her Sire of course…that mass of black hair, the perfectly sculpted face, the slender strong body of a dealer…Its no wonder you’re beginning to have second thoughts…” Vera told him, a smirk playing on her red lips.

Alisander shot her a warning glance, which she ignored.

“She’s got the fire of fight in her soul, she more than handy with any type of weapon and she’s your very best Dealer. Although she does have quite the mouth on her. But even though she has all of that, she’s far too cold for you.”

Alisander raised a perfectly arched eyebrow. “Far too cold?” He asked, but shook his head, shaking all of the curiosity away. “Cosmina is nothing but a Dealer. The fact that I sired her myself means nothing.”

He looked down, even he heard the uncertainty in his own voice. As of present, he wasn’t sure what to make of Cosmina anymore. She was loyal to him, she never disobeyed, she never failed and her loyalty never swayed, but she had never shown any other view of him and herself besides master and student.

Vera rolled her neck, feeling it pop and then ran a hand through her thick deep red hair.

“You sired me yourself…yet you cannot say the same for me…” She muttered.

A slight glare came across Alisander’s face. “You were never dealer material Vera. You didn’t, nor do you harbor the strength for it. It’s strenuous, enduring and dangerous. You’ve got to know what you’re doing lest you’d get yourself killed.” He said.

Vera slowly cocked her pretty head to the side.

“So you didn’t make me a dealer because you were worried for my safety?” She asked in a low, rich voice.

Alisander glanced at her.

“No.” He replied. “I couldn’t have you getting in the way and slowing down the others. You’d be a liability, not an asset. My mission succession rate would go down, and I’d lose more dealers then it’d be worth.”

Vera was hurt by his reply, but she didn’t show it. For years she had been trying to get herself into his life, into his heart and into his bed. She had succeeded in getting into his bed only twice, but his life and heart remained closed to her. As much was to be expected, although, he had never expected such services from her, never offered and never asked.

Alisander, Dragos or however many names he had was a very shuttered man. He kept all of his secrets, all of his memories, everything, to himself. He never shared anything with anyone. And she longed to have his affection, his trust and his love, but he, obviously, didn’t want her to have it.

As these thoughts ran through her head, it encouraged her. She wasn’t sure if this was the best time, but she didn’t know when the courage would rise again…and when Cosmina returned with Carlisle Cullen and his strange family Alisander would be far too busy for her.

She had always questioned herself as to why he had put up with her for so long. Compared to him, her measly four hundred years was like infancy. Alisander Acephelos, or ‘Dragos Dracula’ was probably one of the oldest vampires alive. His exact age was unknown, but she knew he was born in ancient Sparta.

In fact, before he was turned, he had been a Spartan prince. Or so Edmund, the Dealer with the thing for vampire history had told her, and he had been quite sure, though Alisander never mentioned anything like that. Actually, he never mentioned anything about his human life, if he even remebered it at all. She remembered her own, and was quite ashamed of it. She had been a whore, and drug addict living on the streets before Alisander found her in an alley way back in 1609.

He was so old, but only in name. Age and time had not ravaged his body at all. He didn’t look a day over 22. He was perhaps the most beautiful man she had ever seen, with his flawless alabaster skin, dark black hair and electric blue eyes. He was slender, but had a strong build under that black button-up shirt and subtly-tight black pants, a black belt though the loops, silver buckle glinting in the firelight. (Alisander hated artificial light.) He wore knee high boots, and his black leather trench coat was draped over his chair. His black hair reached the base of his neck and was layered. Today it was combed back, but a lone lock of hair rebelled and hung just over his nose. So distinguished, so proper…

Alisander set his pen down, and turned from the desk, resting his left leg on his right knee and pulling a cigarette from his pocket and lighting it, inhaling deeply and blowing the smoke out slowly. Since the night was almost over, and the sun would rise in no less then an hour, he ran his hands through his thick hair, shaking it out and shaking his head, throwing his hair out of its distinguished state, leaving it hanging over his right eye, and practically all over the place. He gripped his shirt and pulled it out where it had been tucked in and unbuttoned it. “Lord knows I needed that.” He said taking another drag on the cigarette.

Alright, so Alisander wasn’t totally without imperfection, modern times were starting to get to him. He still did have his moments of not being so proper all the time, and it comforted her to know that he wasn’t afraid to let down some of his defenses around her. She also found it extremely cute the way he had done that with his hair. It was almost child-like.

She figured, now was as good time as any, and clenched her jaw before speaking and breaking the silence.

“Why is it that you do not love me?” She asked, trying to sound bold, but her voice still shook.

Alisander looked up from where he was gazing out the window across from her, put his hand down on his desk, and turned in his chair to face her, he didn’t seem to be surprised with her question.

“Why is that I do not love you?” He asked. “Is that really what you just asked me Vera?” He took the cigarette and laid it on the rim of the granite ashtray.

She looked away from him and nodded, “It is.”

Alisander sighed, turned back to his desk and propped his elbows up and laced his fingers in front of his face.

“Vera…You’ve got to understand that we are not free to love whomever we choose. For every one of us there is only one significant other and you, I’m sorry, are not that other. You are aware of my previous wife Evangeline. She was my other half and I‘m not sure that I will ever find another.. Even though….Never mind. It happens very rarely. Because we are immortal we only need one other immortal to spent an eternity with. That other person is literally made for you and only they can satisfy that void in your heart.

“Vera, I know you want me to, but I cannot fill that void. Even though you may think so, you do not love me. You make yourself think that you love me because you have gone so long without finding your significant other.” He finished.

Vera’s face was twisted in sadness and anger, and she could feel the tears threatening to fall, but she refused to let them, refused to cry in front of him.

“How can you tell me what I do or do not feel?” She asked she was so hurt by what little he had just said. “What if you are my significant other, but you just haven’t realized it yet?” She finished, trying to control the desperation in her voice.

Alisander shook his and closed his eyes for a moment before opening them again and locking his gaze with hers, his piercing blue eyes boring into her own silver ones.

“Such things do not happen. If you and I were meant for each other I would’ve felt it. The love of two immortals that are two parts of a whole is not lust, which is sometimes all I feel you have for me. I see no compassion, no true trust, no unconditional adoration in your eyes. All I see is want, desire. You have fallen in lust not love. Love is not lust…its not want…its….something so much more….. something so much incredible. Having that one person around fills every fiber of your being with happiness and pure adoration. The fire never dies, never dims, and I‘m not describing it very well at all. But I do not feel any of this with you. I’m sorry.” He finished.

Vera stared at him, no longer in shock, but in sadness and understanding.

“You feel that with Cosmina…Don’t you?” She asked quietly, wiping the tears away.

A troubled expression came over Alisander’s face. “Vera, I may not love you like you wish me to, but I do love you as a dear, dear friend. And you have my complete trust, I hope knowing that, it will calm you.”

This did help her, but he had avoided her question.

“You didn’t answer my question Alisander.” She replied, running her hands through her hair, composing herself.

Alisander put his head in his hands and shook it. “I just don’t know. I’d like not to, for it would make things so much easier. But this I cannot control. Even though I may feel only glimpses of this, I’m afraid she does not.”

“How do you know?” Vera asked. Suddenly putting her own troubles aside and becoming concerned with her master’s happiness.

“She never shows it. Never shows any other kind of interest. To her, we are nothing but Master and student.”

Something finally dawned on Vera as the memory came back….”Well, I may have something to do with that…..” she said her gaze on the glossy wood of the desk.

Through her peripheral vision she saw Alisander raise his head from his hands, and his eyebrow raised. Oh how she loved that expression, coupled with his the state his hair was in, he was just adorable and she resisted the urge to laugh and hug him as tightly as she could.

“And why is that?” He asked.

“Well…when I first met her, when you brought her over from Bucharest, and I saw how close she was to you…I told her that you were mine, and to throw any thoughts about you out of her head. Oh man, you should’ve seen the dirty look she gave me..”

Alisander was silent for a few moments…”You told her that?” He asked, and began to laugh.

He was such a good man, such a good master, compared to some of the other head of houses she had heard about. She was so grateful to have him as her in-command. For a vampire, and all that he’d been through, he had such a kind heart.

“Well that might explain it. But Cosmina is such a fierce soul, I doubt she fears you at all. And lets be honest here Vera, she has no reason to, you’d be completely helpless before her. If she wanted something, she’d take it. And frankly, she’d do just to piss you off. So I’m not entirely sure.”

Vera considered it, and he was right. If anything, she was afraid of Cosmina. But the woman confused the hell out of her. She had such dramatic mood swings. One moment she was laughing and goofing around with the other dealers, and next she was all work and no play. She could go from warm to cold and heartless in an instant.

After voicing these thoughts to Alisander, he leaned back in his chair, relaxed.

“Yes, but I suppose that’s what makes her so appealing. I never know what she’s feeling, or what she’s going to do next. She’s completely un readable.”

Vera smiled, even though he had not accepted love for her, he was at least accepting love, or the possibility of love for someone.. Even though he may not have realized it.

“You know, the night we trained before they left, she actually knocked me on my back, rather hard as I remember, slammed a boot down on my chest to prevent me from getting up and put that wicked looking sword to my throat. I was astounded. No other dealer has ever been able to beat me in combat.”

Vera wished she could’ve seen that. Now that she thought about it, she was rather fond of Cosmina nowadays. She could always give Vera a good argument and she didn’t let anyone give her any crap. She was a Death Dealer to the core.

“Even as much as I’ve wanted to be a dealer, I can’t imagine wearing all of that leather and gear. It would be uncomfortable as hell. And those boots must be heavy to run with.”

“Oh you get accustomed to it. It’s necessary for combat. You don’t want to wear anything that will hinder you, or give the enemy anything to grab a hold of. Besides maybe the trench coats, but those are worn just to make them less conspicuous and are usually discarded in combat anyways.”

Vera nodded and remembered that Alisander accompanied them on the more high-risk missions.

“Do you think there’d ever be chance of me ever becoming a dealer? I get so very bored all the time and it all looks so exciting.” Vera told him, a faraway look in her silver pools.

Alisander laughed. “I honestly don’t believe you could withstand the training. And at the first sight of a Lycan you’d probably run for your life and if your teammates would probably be very mad at you.”

Vera looked at him, and then scooted off the desk, adjusting her form fitting black dress shook her hair out. “Well, I have a party to get ready for, Edmund says it’ll be to die for.” She said.

Alisander laughed and stood, taking one last hit on his cigarette before extinguishing it.

“Well have fun. Don’t drink too much.”

Vera laughed at that, and turned to walk out, but was stopped when Alisander grabbed her hand and she turned to face him.

The light humor and twinkle in his eyes was gone, and his expression was somber. “I truly am sorry Vera.” He said, and she could see that he was sincere.

She gave him a smile and squeezed his hand. “It’s alright Alisander, I needed the realization. A slap would’ve worked just as well. I feel so much better now that I’ve come to my senses.”

His brilliant smile returned and he nodded, letting her hand go and watching her walk out, closing the door behind her.

He turned to the large window over looking the city and ran a hand through his hair.

Now what to do about Cosmina...