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A year or so after The Cullens' run in with the Volturi, Alice has a vision that will bring the terrible Italian vampires back to their doorstep, only this time, there are 3 new commers. The Cullens must fight for their right to survive yet again, and battle against a new danger that appears as a beautiful face.

Just about everything in this story happened in a week long dream I had a few weeks ago. I just never got around to writing it out until now.

1. Others

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I was fully aware that I was awake, as I never slept anymore, but I still couldn't help feeling like I was dreaming. I looked down at my darling daughter, Renesmee, nestled in my lap, her breathing coming and going heavily with her sleep.

A warm smile stretched across my face and I sighed happily.

Edward tightened his grip around my waist in response and pressed his lips to my neck. "Something on your mind love?" He breathed against my skin.

I turned my head towards him and kissed him lightly. "Just wondering how I could have gotten so lucky."

He smiled and then looked down at Renesmee. "I think," he began slowly; "it is I who is the lucky one."

I scowled at him playfully. Of course he would argue.

"Okay!" He surrendered, holding up his hands quickly in defeat before wrapping them back around me. "You win. We are both equally lucky."

I smiled triumphantly and then looked at Renesmee again.

"We should probably put her to bed," I mused.

Edward nodded and stood up, pulling me up with him. I readjusted my grip on Renesmee and walked with Edward to the back door.

As soon as she was safely in her bed, Edward and I ran back to the house, not quite ready to call it a night.

Alice smiled at us from around one of her many computer screens. I smiled back at her and looked around the giant room. Emmett and Jasper were in a heated game of chess on the dining room table. Rosalie was watching a documentary on different kinds of cars and sighing longingly as each new car sped across the screen. Carlisle and Esme were seated on one of the white sofas near Rosalie, talking quietly to each other. Everyone was at complete ease, it made my smile widen even more.

It was hard to believe that just a few short months ago, the atmosphere in this house was much more stressful. Since the Volturi had left us in peace, everything had gone back to normal, at least as normal as a house full of vampires and the occasional werewolf could be.

My eyes finally cooled to a soft, almost buttery, golden yellow the month after the Volturi had left. I was relieved to no longer be the terrifying looking one in the house, and I also hated those contacts.

Edward picked up on my good mood and squeezed my hand.

"What's got you in such a good mood?" He asked, holding back a chuckle.

I shrugged, "Good to be alive, I suppose."

He started laughing, and I couldn't help but join him. He continued laughing as he pulled me along to his piano and seated me next to him on the stool. Esme's favorite song filled the room and I sighed at the beauty of it.

"You know, you should really teach me how to play piano some day, I'd really like to learn," I nudged his side playfully and leaned my head against his shoulder.

He looked down at me skeptically, the music never faltering one bit.

"You want to learn how to play piano? Who are you and what have you done with my Bella?" He teased lightly.

The months went on in about the same way. Renesmee grew more and more each month, but it no longer frightened me as it had before. Edward and I attended night classes at Dartmouth for a couple semesters, and I found that I really did enjoy it. College wasn't so hard when you had a tutor like Edward. It wasn't until a year later, back at the Cullen's house for the summer break, that Edward and I talked of that night we all almost died again.

Edward and I sat on the couch, holding hands. Everyone had left for a hunting trip except for Alice, Edward, Renesmee, and I. The television was turned on to some pointless sitcom that no one was watching, but it provided good background noise. Renesmee sat on the floor with Jacob, playing with a new toy wolf he had made for her. As I watched them, an odd question formed in my head. I turned to Edward, and he looked at me curiously.

"Is something troubling you Bella?" His eyes were wide with curiosity and he tilted his head to the side.

I shook my head. "Not troubling me... I just wanted to talk to you about... that night with the Volturi..." My voice gradually tapered off into a barely audible whisper.

He stiffened slightly and squeezed my hand reassuringly.

"What did you want to talk about?" He looked a bit wary, like he didn't want to have to remember it.

"Oh it's nothing bad, really. I was just curious about the other vampires who came to help us."

Edward relaxed and smiled at me. "What did you want to know about them?"

I frowned. "Well... actually I was curious about if you know of any other vampires out there with special gifts that would have been helpful who didn't come to our aid. Like maybe Carlisle never thought to go find them, or didn't know them, but you did."

I saw Jacob look up at my words out of the corner of my eye, but I ignored him, focusing on Edward's face.

His reaction wasn't really what I was expecting. His expression went from mildly curious to angry then to hurt and finally settling into a mask that I easily recognized. He didn't want to answer me, obviously. Well I wasn't going to have that.

I looked at him patiently, waiting for him to answer.

He sighed loudly and looked away. "Well..." he paused and then continued again quickly. "I know of two particular individuals who would have been of great help... if we could have found them." He growled softly and I couldn't imagine why.

"Why couldn't you find them?" I couldn't imagine anyone Edward or Alice couldn't find.

"Their gifts are... very strong. As I said, there are two of them; one female and one male. From what I have heard from other vampires, who have encountered them, their names are Stephanie and Connor Reid; they're married." He stared at the television, not really seeming to watch the people moving on the screen.

I glared at him, angry at his reluctance to tell me things.

"So what are their powers?" I pressed.

He looked back at me and smiled. "You are so impatient. I was going to get to that in a second." He ruffled my hair playfully. "Anyway, Connor's gift is that he is an incredible good tracker. He's ten times as good as Demetri. In a way, he does what Demetri does, he can track anyone anywhere after hearing the tenor of their minds, but as Demetri needs close proximity, Connor can hear it from anywhere. His tracking gift is also different, because once he has heard the tenor of the mind, he knows everything about that person from their name down to their favorite food to eat. He is able to keep himself and Stephanie away from any impending danger because of this gift as well.

"Stephanie's gift, however, is a lot like your own, I suppose. Only, I'm sorry to say, but she is much stronger than you." He grinned at me and then went on quickly. "She is probably the strongest shield I have ever heard of. Not only can she shield herself and others mentally, but also physically. She can also stretch her shield to immeasurable lengths. I suppose she could shield the entire earth if she so chose. However, there is another part to her shield that is not so protecting. She can push her shield out to surround someone, but instead of protecting them from danger, it violently kills them. I'm not quite sure how it kills people, but from what I've heard, it's strong enough to kill another vampire, so I guess it should speak for itself. She can kill people while also protecting people at the same time without breaking a sweat, so to speak."

I shuddered. This Stephanie sounded like a force to be reckoned with. I hoped silently to myself that I never had to come across her on a bad day. I couldn't help the next question that bubbled to my lips, however.

"So why haven't the Volturi tried to get them to join them if they are so much better than everyone they already have?" This didn't seem like Aro at all. I shuddered again as his thin skinned face showed behind my eyes. I shook my head to be clear of it.

"I told you, Bella, they are very hard to get to. They can usually only be found if they want to be found and if Stephanie happens to have her shield down at any given time." He looked at me without smiling. "Are you afraid? Don't be scared. They have no reason to harm us." He took my face in his hands and stared into my eyes.

I stared back helplessly and nodded slowly. "I know that, but it's still frightening to know that maybe the Volturi are keeping a lookout for them. For the day she does let her shield down so they can find them and convince them to join Aro's little collection." I said his name bitterly and my eyes narrowed a bit.

"I understand why you feel that way. It would be very bad if the Volturi got to them. It's a good thing Stephanie seems to be very cautious." He laughed lightly to try and calm me down.

I did feel a bit calmer and I leaned my head against Edward's chest, feeling silly about my worries.

I started to push away all thoughts of Stephanie and Connor, when Alice gasped. I jumped, forgetting that she was still here and then I tensed as Edward froze at my side.

"Edward?" I looked up at him and was shocked to see a mixture of shock and rage on his face.

I looked quickly over to Alice and saw her staring off blankly. She was obviously having a vision, but what could be so terrible as to make Edward react in such a way?

Edward ground his teeth together loudly. "It seems the day that Stephanie lets her shield down is sooner than I would have thought."