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A year or so after The Cullens' run in with the Volturi, Alice has a vision that will bring the terrible Italian vampires back to their doorstep, only this time, there are 3 new commers. The Cullens must fight for their right to survive yet again, and battle against a new danger that appears as a beautiful face.

Just about everything in this story happened in a week long dream I had a few weeks ago. I just never got around to writing it out until now.

11. Inevitable

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I was frozen, too shocked to move with the others to try and wake Alice up. I didn't even know that vampires could faint. Alice's words rang through my head, louder than her own screams. They're going to the Volturi. She couldn't have meant the Reids. We were family; newly established family, but family nonetheless. Could the wolves have such a dramatic impact on them that they would hurt us in the process? It didn't make any sense, either, if Emmanuel had taken away Alice's gift, how was she able to see this vision? Could Emmanuel give back the gift for a bit, then take it right back? I tried to focus my eyes on Edward and Jasper who were both shaking Alice. She still hadn't opened her eyes. I had to help. I could freak out later when Alice was back to normal.

I slowly unfroze myself and assessed the scene just like I learned way back in grade ten safety class. Carlisle was torn between fixing Jacob's broken jaw and helping Alice while everyone else was surrounding Alice.

"Can vampires faint?" I asked. Seemed like a silly question, but given the current situation, who knew.

"I've never heard of it happen! But I've never heard of someone with Emmanuel's gift either." Edward hissed through his teeth.

"EMMANUEL DID THIS!?" Jasper roared.

I flinched. I had never heard Jasper raise his voice like that.

"It's a theory." Edward stated flatly. "Let's put her on the couch, maybe she'll come around soon on her own."

Jasper lifted Alice carefully into his arms and placed her gingerly on one of the couches.

And so we waited.

It was completely silent except for the occasional soft swear from Jacob in the kitchen where Carlisle was working on him. The hours seemed to drag on, and still no response from Alice.

"What is Emmanuel's gift?" Jasper asked in a dead tone, never taking his eyes off his one true love.

"He takes gifts away. They never went into detail how one would respond to having the gift ripped out of them, but that seems to be more literal than anything. When Alice was freaking out before, her gift was being ripped from her very body. At least, that's what my speculation is. Then, just now, I'm guessing that Emmanuel can give gifts back for a bit, and then take it back again; must take a lot out of the body to do it, though." Edward was thoughtful for a moment as he watched Alice's motionless body.

"What would cause them to act this way? He's your nephew, Edward." Rosalie whispered from the other couch.

"I can think of a good reason." Edward growled darkly.

Rosalie nodded. "The dog did cause quite a stir with Stephanie. She even wanted to make a truce."

"Hardly. You should have heard her thoughts. She would have tried to accept the wolves, but her hatred would stay as strong as ever."

I sighed and leaned against Edward. "Do you think Alice's vision was about them?"

Edward wrapped his arms protectively around me. "I don't know, but I'm really hoping it's not."

It was nearly midnight when Alice finally started moving. We all stood up, anxious. Alice suddenly threw herself upright and looked around, confused.

"ALICE!" Jasper threw himself at her and wrapped his arms tight around her waist.

"Hello Jasper. Can someone please tell me why I am a child's plaything all of a sudden?" She stroked Jasper's head and looked around at each of us.

"Well, first, what did you see and what happened to you? You've been unconscious for several hours now." Jasper smiled at her and refused to release his grip.

Alice's expression turned dark. "They don't mean us any harm, but if we get in the way of their target, they will kill us. They had every intention of going to the Volturi the day they saw Jacob, but chose to stick around. I'm guessing that's why Emmanuel took my gift?" Edward nodded and she frowned. "When Jacob insulted Laurent, the decision, I'm guessing, was final. Emmanuel gave me a vision showing them going to the Volturi. I saw Stephanie, Connor, and Emmanuel in black cloaks with red eyes. Jane will take a particular liking to Emmanuel. The whole guard will come again. They will kill us all."

"So your first vision will come true regardless of us finding Stephanie and Connor." I murmured. Thanks a lot Jacob.

"No problem!" Jacob called from the kitchen. "We can take on those bloodsuckers! OW!"

"Try not to talk, Jacob, you'll mess up your jaw even more." Carlisle's voice was a lot sterner than usual.

"Should we call on all the others who offered to help us last time?" Esme asked.

Alice nodded. "It would be helpful to have more gifts on our side. They would have the upper hand there if we went alone."

I could feel the panic creeping up on me again. My family was in danger again. Jacob had to go with Renesmee. I could only hope that they could keep running from Connor's tracking ability. Maybe he wouldn't be able to see them. Stephanie would never give up her search for him.

"Why can't things ever be normal around here?" Emmett asked in a serious tone.

"What? You're not having fun?" Edward asked sarcastically. "Let's start rounding up help. Any idea when the Volturi plan to pay us a visit, Alice?"

"Not yet. I will know for sure once they get to Italy and talk to the Volturi. Caius will be so thrilled." Alice sighed.

"Is there no hope of stopping them then?" I murmured.

"No," Alice whispered, "the fight is inevitable. We either come out victorious or die trying."