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A year or so after The Cullens' run in with the Volturi, Alice has a vision that will bring the terrible Italian vampires back to their doorstep, only this time, there are 3 new commers. The Cullens must fight for their right to survive yet again, and battle against a new danger that appears as a beautiful face.

Just about everything in this story happened in a week long dream I had a few weeks ago. I just never got around to writing it out until now.

16. Fight

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Caius snarled, blood stained his lips from the medical pouches. He touched Aro's waiting hand. A smile touched Aro's lips and he nodded.

"I suppose..." He murmured. He looked up at us again, reluctance in his bright red eyes.

"What a waste."

Edward flinched slightly at my side and slowly bent into a crouch. "Get ready."

I stared out at the Volturi, who had not moved. Stephanie still stood near the back, almost shaking, her eyes locked on Jacob. The other vampires around me mimicked Edward's pose, preparing for the battle ahead.

We all stood motionless as statues, staring each other down, hoping the other would surrender. I tested my shield, feeling it mold to each of my allies' forms.

"Enough of this!" Stephanie screamed. She took an unfamiliar stance, her arms out in front of her, the palms of her hands facing us. I half expected lighting to come out of her hands. Connor ushered Aro and the others to move. Stephanie smirked and she placed her hands firmly on the ground.

Nothing happened.

I looked at Edward, puzzled. Then I felt it. It was like lightning, coursing through my body. I screamed in pain and was thrown to the ground. The pain was a thousand times worse than the burning of becoming a vampire. I twisted and contorted into what must have been gruesome forms. A small part of my mind was able to remember Edward crippled like this by Jane, thought it was fuzzy. Edward yelled in anger and tried to stop my squirming. I heard Stephanie chuckle.

I felt my shield snap back in towards me like a rubber band, leaving my family unprotected.

The wolves howled, the other vampires around me snarled. The Volturi snarled back. I continued to squirm. I had to get up. They were unprotected. I had to shield them. The wolves ran at full speed towards the Volturi, my family, aside from Edward, and the others who came to fight for us, followed behind them. The wolves collided with the Volturi in a crash like thunder.

The fight had begun.

Stephanie moved with lightning speed, keeping a good distance between her and the wolves, but her eyes always stayed on me. The pain still came in droves, and I was trying to fight it. Edward continued to whisper words of encouragement in my ear. All I could do was watch as my family fought.

Alice and Jane were running circles around other smaller battles, Alice predicting Jane's every move and dodging her deadly gaze at the last moment. Jasper took on Felix. It was an unfair match in my opinion. Emmett fought alongside Esme against Marcus. Rosalie was up against Demetri. Carlisle, of course, had Aro. The rest of the vampires on our side, along with the wolves, took on various other members of the guard. Connor ghosted next to Stephanie, tossing back each vampire or wolf that got near her. He completely engulfed Eleazar as he transformed into some kind of mist, thoroughly confusing Eleazar, before returning to his normal form and planting a hard kick on my friend's chest.

I watched with horror as my family and friends risked their lives. I screamed out in anger and sadness when the first hunk of flesh was ripped from Carmen.

Vladimir and Stefan flew together, helping Alice and Jasper to try and defeat the "witch twins". They both had wide Cheshire cat smiles on their faces, as they swept over the meadow, taking down two guard members.

Stephanie and Connor continued to dance through the fighting, getting closer to me.

I couldn't understand why Stephanie didn't just kill me. She could have so easily.

"Because" A faint voice whispered in my head that sounded like Stephanie's, "You need to watch this." The pain intensified and I convulsed harder on the ground as a ghostly laughter played in my head like a broken record. Edward snarled next to me.

As I writhed, I had a sudden thought. Stephanie was only affecting me, using all her concentration on me. Could she only attack one person at a time? And if she had such a powerful shield, why would she need Connor to protect her? It all pieced together rather quickly, and I yelled out to Edward, as Stephanie approached.


Edward's head snapped up just as Stephanie lunged for where we were on the ground. He leapt at her in the same moment, and they collided in the air, landing right next to where I lay. Stephanie's concentration was broken, and the pain suddenly ebbed. I jumped to my feet, at the same time Edward and Stephanie did. They paused for an eight of a second before Edward went for Stephanie's throat. Stephanie snarled ferociously and threw Edward down. Before he could get up, she sped across the field, heading straight for where the wolves were fighting. Connor followed after her, keeping his protective stance. Maybe it took her shield time to reappear once it had been down.

"NO!" I screamed. Edward looked puzzled and followed my gaze to the wolves. He gasped and stood up quickly.

It was too late. Even if Edward or I had reacted, we wouldn't have been able to save the wolves.

Despite the effect the wolves had on the Reids, they still charged head on at them. Stephanie collided with Jacob first, wrapping her slender arms around his thick neck and throwing him to the ground. Connor leapt nimbly onto Sam's back, simultaneously sinking his teeth into the wolf's neck and bringing him to the ground as well.

I stood there in shock. Jacob and Sam were invisible to me as other wolves and vampires blocked them. I had no idea of their fate. Moments later, Stephanie emerged from the crowd, her shirt blood stained and ripped with a huge smeared bloody paw print plastered on her leg. My eyes widened and I looked back to where Jacob had been. Jacob lay on the ground, naked and in human form. He wasn't moving.

My eyes burned from dry tears and the strongest anger I had ever felt bubbled up inside my chest. My anger felt like a physical thing, getting ready to erupt from my body. A white sphere surrounded me, creating an unnatural wind to make my hair rise up and whip around wildly. The new power surged upward from my feet, making its way up to my head.

All the fighting ceased, as what vampires were still standing watched me. Stephanie's eyes went wide for a moment as she watched me, and then smirked.

My vision went completely red then, and I had a feeling I knew what was happening, so I shoved my hands out in front of me as Stephanie had done, palms out towards her. I felt a surge of energy push out of my hands into something that become an extension of my arms. I grabbed hold of Stephanie with this new found energy and she fell to the ground screaming just as I had.

"WHAT HAVE YOU DONE?!" I screamed. The power in my body increased and I knew her pain was accelerated as well.

I walked closer to where Stephanie cringed on the ground. Everyone was still watching me. I kneeled in front of Stephanie until we were face to face.

"Enough of this." I hissed, repeating her own words.

"Go on, kill me." She managed to say through gasps.

I grabbed her neck with one hand and squeezed gently. She grasped at my hand and began to look nervous.

"I'm not like you." I growled and threw her back, releasing her from the strange new power I seemed to have acquired.

"Leave now. All of you go!" I glared at each of the Volturi guard.

Aro smiled solemnly and nodded, holding his arms out in truce as he backed away slowly, followed by the rest of the Volturi. Stephanie got up quickly, glaring at me, and only followed after the Volturi because Connor forced her.

Emmanuel, who had been out of the fight completely, stood on the outskirts of the field where the trees met the opening, looking back and forth from where Jacob still lay motionless and Alice. He sighed and bowed his head. I heard Alice gasp.

"I can see!" She cried.

I nodded at Emmanuel, who was watching me now. He smiled softly and turned to follow his parents.