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A year or so after The Cullens' run in with the Volturi, Alice has a vision that will bring the terrible Italian vampires back to their doorstep, only this time, there are 3 new commers. The Cullens must fight for their right to survive yet again, and battle against a new danger that appears as a beautiful face.

Just about everything in this story happened in a week long dream I had a few weeks ago. I just never got around to writing it out until now.

4. Information

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I kept pace with Edward who was following at a safe distance from Connor. I didn't think Connor was any danger to us, but I didn't argue when I saw Edward's expression. The run was short, and I was sure we were almost there when the thick trees began to thin. The pathway up to the house reminded me a lot of how Edward's house was. The yard could have easily been mistaken for a meadow as it stretched out for a couple acres. The house itself was spectacular. The two story mansion had a stone lower level gradually turning into a beautiful terra-cotta colored siding up to the roof. The curve of the roof gave off an air of a cottage that grew ten times its original size. All the windows were thrown open despite the cold breeze.

Stephanie stood in front of the house with Connor at her side. Connor smiled welcomingly at us and his smile widened at my expression. Stephanie still glared at Edward, but her temper was better than before. We came to a stop ten feet away from Stephanie and Connor and I smiled sheepishly.

"Your home is... well it is breath taking." I tried to ease the tension, but it didn't do much.

"Thank you." Stephanie said curtly, still eyeing Edward.

I took a deep breath, about to start explaining why we were here, when I caught a strange smell. It was the same scent as Stephanie and Connor, but with a slightly sweeter scent attached to it. The smell was mouth watering and I felt the twinge of the burning in my throat begin. Was there a human here?

"What is that smell?" I couldn't help myself, it just slipped out.

Stephanie and Connor stiffened and Stephanie locked her eyes on me. She looked shocked for a moment and then her lips pulled up over her teeth and she growled.

Edward stepped in front of me and bent into a crouch, growling in response.

"Edward... don't... I was just curious."

"I will not tolerate this behavior! We're here to make friends, not enemies." Edward snarled.

Connor walked over to the now crouched Stephanie and whispered in her ear. She sighed and straightened up.

"You're right. You deal with them." She shot us a hard look and then darted into the house. I could hear her talking to someone and another voice responding.

I took a step out from behind Edward and he straightened up as well. "I'm sorry. I didn't mean to offend. But what is that smell? It can't be human, but..." I couldn't deny the lust I felt for the blood I could so plainly smell. The blood didn't seem right, but it was still blood that would sedate the fire in my throat.

Connor eyed me cautiously. "It is probably something best seen. Won't you come inside? We can discuss your reasons for being here better in the comfort of my home."

"That is very generous of you, thank you." Edward stated formally. We walked after Connor through the double oak front doors into a wide and well lit foyer.

"Please make yourselves at home. I will be right back." He then sprinted up the massive staircase that dominated the right back corner. I could hear him bickering with Stephanie.

"Edward... is this safe? I don't think Stephanie likes you very much and I don't know how she'll handle seeing you in her house." She'd probably be even more upset if her anger caused her to start breaking things.

"No, this really isn't the safest idea, but what else could we have possibly done?" Edward pulled me around a corner like he knew where he was going and there were several black leather couches positioned around a floor to ceiling fireplace. A large wide screen television was placed above the mantle turned on to a random news station.

We sat down on one of the couches as Connor came around the corner. "Ah, you found the living room I see. Good. Well, my wife has agreed to come speak to you and she will show you what the smell was that Bella so pointedly brought up." He frowned like he was reluctant to continue. He then walked towards us and sat on the couch next to the one we were on.

Stephanie walked around the corner hand in hand with a boy who was about an inch taller than her. I stared at them quietly and gasped. The boy had a heart beat. I focused on him and my eyes widened. His hair was an even mixture of both Stephanie and Connor's; red-brown with darker streaks with the same wind-blown look that Connor had. His face was angelic and perfect in every way even for someone as young as him; I guessed he was about 15. His eyes were a brilliant green with brown flecks near the pupil. He walked with such grace that he could not possibly be human. I listened to his heart beat again and noticed that it beat too rapidly for a normal heart.

"He is..." I gasped. I felt Edward's shock at my side. This was not something we were expecting.

"Yes. He is part vampire. I conceived him one hundred years ago when I was still human and Connor a vampire. He stopped aging after 15 years of life." Stephanie said coldly. I could see that she expected us to be upset.

The boy waved shyly. "Hello. I'm Emmanuel." His voice was soft with a hint of a husky undertone that did not fit with how he looked.

Stephanie and Connor both looked at us expectantly.

I shook my head and laughed. Everyone looked at me as if I was crazy. "Hello Emmanuel. I'm Bella, and this is my husband Edward." I laughed again as he smiled a toothy grin.

Edward seemed to relax, but Stephanie and Connor still looked tense. "Stephanie, Connor, there is no need to worry yourselves. Bella and I have a daughter conceived and born in the same way. She has not yet reached full growth, but she is healthy and getting bigger by the day. I never would have imagined that there was another hybrid so close to home!"

Stephanie blinked. "You're telling the truth... she is beautiful." She struggled to compliment Edward, even if it wasn't about him.

"What? How could you know what she looks like?" Edward's expression had gone cold.

Stephanie pushed Emmanuel behind her and hissed. "I read your mind and saw her in there. Renesmee is it? Very original."

Edward was taken aback, so was I. She had two gifts?

"How could you read my mind? Bella is still shielding us. At least I think she is. Are you Bella?"

I nodded, too shocked to speak.

Stephanie shrugged and let Emmanuel out from behind her. "She must not be very strong. I can read her mind too."

My mouth fell open. I decided to do a test to see if she was telling the truth. Can you hear me right now?

"Yes, Bella, I can." The corners of her lips twitched as she fought a smile.

"Amazing." Edward mused. "You have two gifts?"

She shrugged. "Connor and I both do. Emmanuel only has one."

"What are your powers?" The question burst out before I could think if it was rude or not.

Connor smiled. "Well I'm assuming you know of my tracking ability?" He smiled at my nod. "My other gift is... unique. I've never heard of anyone else being able to do this. I shape shift. The shape shifting itself is different. I can become living creatures like plants, animals, even humans with a fake heart beat and everything, but I can also become inanimate objects like a tree or tables, I only know this because I was curious. I'm also only starting to figure out that I can become other things such as water and wind. It's pretty cool." He laughed and flashed a wide smile at us.

I was staring open mouthed at him again. This was something I had to see one day. "What does Emmanuel do?" I managed to ask.

Emmanuel took a step forward and looked into my eyes. "I can take powers away. Either completely away, or make a copy of it and then use it myself. However, I can't take mom's or yours because of your shields." He tilted his head to the side, still looking at me and sighed. "Nope, you may not be as strong as mom, but I still can't get past your shield." He seemed upset by this as every vampire I encountered whose gift didn't work on me was when they tried.

"Don't be discouraged, Emmanuel, you're not the only one who is unable to use their gift on me. Your mom is just special." I smiled as my words seemed to make him feel better.

Edward stared tensely at Emmanuel. "You all are more valuable than I could have imagined." He whispered thoughtfully.

"Excuse me? Valuable?" Stephanie's easy temper flared again. She'd probably get along well with Leah.

"I'm sorry, maybe that was not the best word to use." Edward smiled apologetically and Stephanie continued to glare, seeming to remember that she was supposed to hate Edward for whatever reason. "It's just the whole reason we came here was to speak to you. I had no idea you had a child; at least that would explain why you kept disappearing from her sight. My sister, Alice, her gift is seeing the future. And she saw a very disturbing future indeed which included both our families. Are you aware of the Volturi?"

Stephanie nodded. "I heard of them from the Romanians. Charming group, are they not?"

Out of the corner of my eye I saw Connor stiffen and his eyes narrowed. He must not have liked the Volturi.

"Well, in my sister's vision, for one reason or another, you let down your shield. The Volturi are keeping tabs on you because as you may or may not know, Aro is a collector of rare and powerfully gifted vampires. He would die to have your family join them. So as I said, you let down your shield and the Voltrui's tracker, Demetri, was able to find you. They came to you and asked you to join them and you said yes. Then they took you to our family and destroyed us. The Volturi holds a kind of grudge against my family." Edward glared at a corner of the room, his jaw clenched.

Stephanie was quiet for a moment and looked at Connor. "Well if this is the future, is there anything that can be done to stop it? I do not wish your family any harm." The look she shot at Edward said differently.

Edward ignored her stare. "Yes, there is something that can be done. The future my sister saw is not set in stone. She only saw what would happen if you let down your shield, which you were going to do. The only thing we could think of to do is to bring you back to our home with us to keep you protected. Will you come with us?" Edward looked hopeful. He looked from Stephanie's angry face to Connor's blank one.

"You want us to leave our home and go with you?" Connor asked, with a slightly sarcastic tone.

"Yes. Not that we don't trust that you would not join them and harm us, but just as a precaution." His eyes flashed to Stephanie's face then back to Connor.

Connor sighed. "Darling, I think we should help them out."

Stephanie looked appalled. "And risk our lives for them? Connor, we don't even know them! This could all be a trick to get us to just help them get the Volturi off their backs. Maybe they deserve punishment. The Volturi do not punish without cause!"

"If they were meaning to trick us, couldn't you read that in their minds?"

"You obviously don't know anything about how people think, Connor." She snapped. "They could be hiding it from me, thinking of something else to distract me from their real thoughts. It's not that hard."

Edward looked at Stephanie thoughtfully. "You would rather us die? Think of our daughter, she would be orphaned. Would you wish that upon your own child?"

Stephanie glared at Edward then sneered. "Your daughter won't be orphaned because she would be dead along with you." She spat the last words so ferociously that I couldn't believe she would say such a thing.

My own rage flared uncontrollably inside me and I was suddenly seeing red. A deafening snarl ripped from my throat and I launched myself at Stephanie, wanting to rip her throat out. How dare she say such a thing about my daughter! Was she that cold and cruel? I flew across the small space toward her for about half a second until I was flung across the room into a table, shattering it and creating a large dent in the floor. I lay there for a moment trying to figure out what had just happened. Oh, right, physical shield.

"Bella!" Edward ran over to me. "Are you alright?"

I sat up slowly and looked over at Stephanie's smug face. "Of course I'm fine." I got up slowly and paced back over to the couch where I had been sitting a moment before.

Stephanie grinned in a menacing way. "You know, I liked that table."

"Mother! That was uncalled for! You should apologize!" Emmanuel looked sternly at his mother.

Stephanie laughed and looked back at me. "Alright, my son is right, that was uncalled for. I apologize." Her mood swings were really starting to confuse me.

Edward cleared his throat to get everyone's attention again. He fumed at Stephanie for a moment. "So will you help us or not? We are not tricking you."

Stephanie paused and looked at Emmanuel. "Do you want to go and help these strangers?" She frowned just a bit.

Emmanuel nodded. "I like them, mom. They're good. We should help them because we're good too." I smiled, but Stephanie's frown deepened like that was not what she wanted to hear.

"Fine." She surrendered, closing her eyes and standing up from the couch. "We will go with you."