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A year or so after The Cullens' run in with the Volturi, Alice has a vision that will bring the terrible Italian vampires back to their doorstep, only this time, there are 3 new commers. The Cullens must fight for their right to survive yet again, and battle against a new danger that appears as a beautiful face.

Just about everything in this story happened in a week long dream I had a few weeks ago. I just never got around to writing it out until now.

6. Story

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Everyone stood completely still, shock written on all our faces. I was almost positive Edward was an only child. Stephanie couldn't be his sister, despite how much they looked alike. It was a couple minutes before Stephanie moved. She shook her head slowly, staring at Carlisle.

"That... is not possible... my brother is dead. I saw you wheeling him away into the morgue!" She looked distressed and anguish touched her eyes.

Everyone else began to unfreeze and Carlisle took a hesitant step toward Stephanie.

"Please, come inside and we can try to sort this out."

Stephanie's eyes darted from face to face, gauging our expressions. "Alright." She sighed and looked over at Connor and Emmanuel.

Carlisle nodded once and lead the way to the house. Stephanie, Connor, and Emmanuel followed slowly. Edward took my hand and towed me along after them stiffly. Everyone else filed in quietly behind us. Stephanie and Connor were already seated on one of the white couches. Emmanuel perched silently on the couch's arm next to them.

"Maybe, Stephanie, you should explain your story first." Carlisle suggested politely, standing near the wall with Esme.

Edward was frozen at my side. Everyone fixed their eyes on Stephanie. She closed her eyes and, after taking a deep breath, exhaled sharply.

"My human name was Stephanie Nicole Mason." She spoke slowly and opened her dark eyes. "My mother was Elizabeth Mason, same as Edward's, if he is indeed my sibling. My father, however, was Charles Mason, Edward Sr.'s younger brother. Before Edward Sr. and my mother were wed, my father had his eye on her. He was desperately in love with her." She paused and looked down. I was trying to imagine the world she lived in. "He would send her flowers everyday with a note attached; always signed ‘Mason' and nothing more. My mother was flattered, of course. She was not well off, and the Masons were known for their wealth. She was unsure which of the Mason boys were her admirer, though. In one of her many love notes, she was invited to a party being thrown at the Mason manor. She graciously accepted, and her parents were ecstatic, hoping that their daughter would marry into the Mason family and have a better life than they." She looked up at Edward and she frowned, making her perfect face look slightly older. "She arrived in the most beautiful dress, took almost all the money her parents had for them to buy it for her. She mingled with the well-to-do crowd of the city, feeling out of place. That was when Edward Sr. saw her. He danced with her, and my mother immediately believed he was the one who had been sending the flowers. They fell in love instantly, and soon were arranged to be married. When my father found out..." She dropped her head into her hands and her shoulders dropped. "He was beside himself with anger. She was meant for him, not his brother. In a state of depression and chagrin, he became intensely drunk. He found my mother walking home one night from the market, un-chaperoned. In his mind, my mother had betrayed him and used him for gifts. If she would not take him, he would take her in the only way he could think of." Stephanie's voice dropped to little more than a whisper. "No one heard my mother's screams for help. Charles left her for dead in the middle of the street." I gasped and looked to Rosalie quickly, a look of pain plastered on her exquisite face. Stephanie lifted her head from her hands and looked around. "Luckily, Edward Sr. had been out looking for his brother, who has disappeared from the house. He came across my mother lying broken and bleeding. He ran her to the hospital here she miraculously survived. Unfortunately, nine months later came me. My mother loved me, but Edward Sr. refused to care for the child of my mother's rapist. She agreed to deliver me to the orphanage when I was a year old. My mother and Edward Sr. were married. A year passed and true to her word, my mother took me out to be delivered to the orphanage. However, she couldn't do it. She loved me too much. Instead, she took me to Charles' home far outside the city. She begged him to keep me. He agreed, feeling horrible about what he had done to the woman he loved. She visited me often. When I was three, I learned that my mother had given birth to a son named Edward. I met him a few times, but father rarely let me leave the house. When I turned 18, I went to meet my brother." She smiled slightly and stared at a spot on the wall absentmindedly, lost in her story. "He was beautiful. He and I bonded almost instantly. Mother never told him I was his sister, Edward Sr. refused it. On my way back to my father's home, I met Connor. We fell in love, got married, and I became pregnant with Emmanuel by the time I turned 20. Connor changed me on my 20th birthday. I went to my mother's home to tell Edward and my mother of my new son, but they were nowhere to be seen, the house boarded up with ‘quarantine' written on the door. I had been out of the human world for so long; I hadn't even realized that the influenza epidemic was going on around me. I went to the hospital, hoping to see Edward, but at the same time also hoping that he had gotten out before the disease had reached him. When I got to the hospital, I saw the infamous Dr. Carlisle Cullen wheeling my lifeless brother towards the morgue. I've gone on thinking he was dead for so long now." She sighed and Connor took her hand in his reassuringly.

The room was silent. I turned slightly to look at Edward. His eyes were tight and he continued to stare at Stephanie.

"Stephanie..." Carlisle began gently. "Edward didn't die. He was going to, yes, but I changed him. I had to get him from the hospital, so I staged it to look as though I was wheeling a dead body to the morgue. I'm sorry to have distressed you so. I remember seeing you run out of the hospital. Your father took you to me many times for check-ups and I knew you were Edward's sister, but I was sure you had passed when I saw your name in the obituaries. I knew you were a vampire, but I had to change Edward quickly, and I could not get to you in time to explain."

Stephanie nodded, looking as if she were going to cry.

"Carlisle?" Edward finally unfroze enough to whisper. He looked in pain.

"Yes, Edward. She really is your sister." Carlisle seemed to read Edward's mind instead of the other way around for once.

Edward shook his head then ran from the house. I stood there, wondering if I should follow him or not. Stephanie looked shocked and then sighed.

"He doesn't want to believe, but he knows it is the truth. He's mostly aggravated that his father never told him about me. He can remember me, but only vaguely." Stephanie quietly narrated the thoughts that were in Edward's head for us. "He wants to be left alone for a bit, don't worry, Bella, he'll be back soon once he's settled down."

"Stephanie... would you take a walk with me?" Rosalie spoke up softly, looking shy now instead of aggravated as she had been earlier. Stephanie rose fluidly from the couch looking confused and she followed Rosalie out the back doors.

I looked at Alice. "How didn't you know this?"

Alice shook her head. "I didn't know Stephanie existed, so I was not looking for her and I supposed Emmanuel would have caused my sight to be unclear of her anyway. When you and Edward were talking about her a few days ago was the first time I saw her, and even than I didn't know she was related to Edward." She shrugged her delicate shoulders.

I nodded and then started to walk slowly towards the still opened front door.

"Where are you going?" Connor asked.

"To go calm Edward down. He may think he wants to be alone, but I know better than that." I broke into a sprint then, following Edward's scent towards the woods.