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A year or so after The Cullens' run in with the Volturi, Alice has a vision that will bring the terrible Italian vampires back to their doorstep, only this time, there are 3 new commers. The Cullens must fight for their right to survive yet again, and battle against a new danger that appears as a beautiful face.

Just about everything in this story happened in a week long dream I had a few weeks ago. I just never got around to writing it out until now.

9. Blind

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The hunt was not as enjoyable as I would have liked it to be. We came across a family of bears at the river side and I sat back with Edward and Emmanuel to let Connor and Stephanie release some of their anger on the unsuspecting animals. They never spoke a word to us the entire time.

I sighed and lifted my head up from the now drained buck. "Edward, I have a really bad feeling about how they reacted to the wolves. At least none of the other vampires who have met them acted that way, so it couldn't just be "instinct"."

Edward leaned casually against a large tree and looked down at me. "Yes, it was very strange. When I read their minds for those brief moments, I couldn't make sense of what they were thinking. It was mostly just a string of profanities being screamed." He closed his eyes and frowned. "But I am worried about Jacob. Stephanie seemed to feel particular hatred for him. Maybe it was a very good thing we didn't let him come with us before." He opened his eyes and smiled.

I nodded and stood up. "Maybe we should head back, I'm full." He shrugged away from the tree and took my hand in his.

Connor jumped down from the tree overhead and landed gracefully next to us, Stephanie followed quickly after him. Their expressions were hard, but there was something else there, like something had been resolved and they were a bit calmer. I shuttered.

"Where's Emmanuel?" I asked quietly as we started to run back for home.

"He went back to the house." Connor responded flatly.


We got back to the house not too long after. Unfortunately Jacob and the others were still there. Jacob, Leah, and Seth were all covered in bandages and both Jacob and Leah had slings for their arms.

"Oh Jacob!" I dropped onto the couch next to him and tried to find a way to hug him without causing more damage.

"Hey Bells." He smiled widely at him as if he wasn't all broken.

"What's the damage?"

"Well Leah and I both have broken arms in a couple places and bruised ribs. Seth had a couple broken ribs and a broken leg. His mom is on her way to pick him up."

I looked over at Seth and he smiled and waved at me. His leg was propped up on

the couch in a cast and a large bandage was wrapped around his middle.

"Seth! I'm so sorry!"

"It's alright Bella! I'll heal soon enough."

Leah glared at the still opened front door. Stephanie and Connor hadn't come in yet. I looked around and everyone was downstairs. Jasper, Emmett, Rosalie, Esme, and Carlisle were all sitting and talking, Alice was sitting at her computer. Emmanuel was in a corner with Renesmee, playing a hand game. Edward was still outside with Connor and Stephanie, I guessed.

"I'll be right back." I told Jacob as I rose from the couch.

"Sure sure." He turned his attention back to the television.

I turned to leave the room and see if Edward needed any help, when Stephanie came in through the doors with Connor close behind. She looked at Jacob and hissed as frustration touched her eyes. She must not be able to read anyone's mind anymore.

Jacob stood up and winced slightly. "What is your problem bloodsucker!?" Leah stood up slowly as well, trying not to show her pain from the motion.

Stephanie's eyes turned into slits as she stared Jacob down. Edward leapt into the room then and came to my side.

"I see why they hate the wolves so much now."

"Oh, so you get to have your gift work, but we don't?" Stephanie was looking at us now while Connor continued to glare at Jacob. "Why is that do you suppose? They can take gifts away, but only certain ones. They're dangerous. They shouldn't be allowed to survive." She whipped her head back to stare at Jacob and Leah. "You know why I despise this filth so much, Edward, why don't you explain it."

Everyone had stopped what they were doing and were watching Stephanie now. I saw Jasper from the corner of my eye rise from the chair he was in and come slowly closer to where we were.

"It's not my story to tell." Edward murmured, wrapping his arm around my waist.

"Fine. Connor and I befriended plenty of our kind over the years. And nearly every single one these filthy mongrels destroyed. Connor and I vowed that the day we found them, we would kill every last one just as they did to our friends." She took a step forward and Jacob tensed.

"But Stephanie, these are not werewolves, they're shape shifters." Edward began.

"Werewolf is but a word! Shape shifters indeed. No... Connor is a shape shifter. These mutts are just mutated dogs!" She spat a small bit of venom at Jacob's feet and he recoiled in disgust.

"But this group couldn't have possibly done any harm to you... you're way out of their hunting range." Edward was sounding desperate to calm Stephanie down. I guessed it was for my sake, he probably would have helped her kill the wolves if he had it his way.

"They are the very same group. That one, the brown dog, acted alone for some time, killed a couple of our friends when they were alone. And then as a group they killed a good friend named Laurent."

I froze. They were friends with Laurent?

"They had good reason for killing Laurent, Stephanie, he tried to kill Bella while she was still human." Edward nearly spat Laurent's name.

"Regardless, he was a friend. I will see to it that they pay dearly for it." She gave Jacob one last hard glare and then stormed up the stairs with Connor.

"Damn, she has a temper." Jacob sat back down with a groan and looked at me warily.

"That she does." Alice chimed from her computer.

"So we make their gifts go away? Cool. What can they do?"

"Stephanie is a shield like me but for physical and mental attacks and she can kill someone with her shield and she can also read minds. Connor is a tracker and can shape shift." I said quietly. I was worried that Stephanie meant what she said. Jacob and his pack would never be able to fight her off if she was angry.

"Wait, they both have two gifts? Life just gets stranger and stranger doesn't it?" He laughed and leaned his head back on the couch. Leah was still standing, looking awkward.

"Well, I guess the best thing to do would be to try and calm them down." I sighed.

"I suppose - Alice!" Edward ran over to where Alice was sitting. She was twitching slightly in one of the computer chairs, her eyes far off and as wide as they would go. Jasper threw himself at her and started shaking her. She let out a soft gasp and then she went limp, her eyes closing.

"Alice! ALICE!" Jasper cried, shaking her violently. Everyone stood up and ran over to where Alice was.

"What's wrong with her!?" I yelled.

"Carlisle! What's going on!" Jasper kept shaking Alice's lifeless body.

Suddenly, Alice's eyes opened and she looked around at all of us with shock written all over her face.

"ALICE!" We all yelled together in relief.

"What happened!?" Edward cried. "I couldn't keep up with your vision."

Alice was shaking her head. "I don't know what it was... I was starting to get a vision of something involving Stephanie, and then it was like an explosion went off in my head and I saw so many things! They were going too fast for me to keep up also. They were so loud too, I couldn't handle it. Then... I guess my body broke down and I couldn't see anymore, I couldn't even physically see. I was blind for that minute. Now... I can physically see, but now I can't see any visions. I couldn't even tell you what tonight's weather will be." She looked around at each of us.

"What could have caused this to happen?" Esme asked softly.

"I don't know... I've never heard of a gift just being gone like that except for what the wolves do, but she could still see the weather and minor things like that with the wolves around. And they never caused that kind of reaction." Carlisle pondered.

"What do we do now? What if this was the doings of the Volturi and now they're coming for us!" I gasped.

We all looked around at each other with similar expressions. We were in trouble now.