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This is a story about when the Specials meets Post Breaking dawn. Luna, psychotic 17-year-old Special from New Pretty Town is sent into a time warp to the 21st century to kill all the vampires, but finds it is harder to carry out the mission than it was told. SPOILERISH MATERIAL INSIDE!!!!: spoilers from the Ugly series and Breaking Dawn, read at ur own risk!!!!!!! Specials Banner


1. Chapter 1: Specials

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"Luna, there's a box in the airlock and I don't have my hoverboard, can you drop down there?" Fausto called while I shoved the hoverchair under the desk.

"Why is the box in the airlock in the first place?" I called back, fixing the touch screen table for the board meeting. I toyed around with it, dragging my picture to the center and doodling on Dr. Cable's.

Ugh, I don't know can you please? It's for Cable!" came his begging reply. I rolled my eyes, deleted my artwork, and stomped over to the airshaft.

"Ok, were is it?" I asked, the hoverlight shining so I could see. I twirled my fingers by my side, and the hoverlight went in circles above me.

"The second one down." He pointed to the sealed airlock.I pulled out my number 337 magna-key, sending it down to unlovk it, and directed my hoverball rig to get the box. It reappeared and carried the box to the top, and I gathered it in my arms, and handed it to Fausto. I sent my hoverball back to my desk, includng a touch screen table, and dusted off my hands.

"Thanks, hey, I owe you one," he said and gave me a light kiss before going to his desk. He pulled out a few of Dr. Cable's floater files and hoverlights, and I turned around with a grin. The shaft was long, over 3o airlocks in it. I sealed it and went back to setting up for the board. Dr. Cable came in a few minutes later, as I was directing the every-purpose hovercleaner to the dusty hoverfan (yes, mostly every appliance was hover-something now), and gazed around the confrense room. I told the hovercleaner to spray the scent of orchids, then turned to the cruel pretty woman.

"Well done, all of those papers I asked you to get me Fausto, where are they?" she asked.

"Uh, right here, Dr. Cable," he said, handing the shiny filo-fax to her. She peered inside, and looked up with a satisfied smile.

"Well, it all seems to be here. Both of you, follow me." she said and left the room. We trudged along behind her, glancing at each other until we reached the front of Special Circumstances. A sleek black ground car was parked in front of the building. I looked at Dr. Cable in confusion.

"Yes, these are ground cars from Rusty days," she said. "You two will be taking a time warp back to the 21st century to kill every vampire that there was, They are out here somewhere, and I want the future to be changed, with them not in it." I'd heard about these vile monsters called vsmpires in Littlie school. Fausto's mouth hung open, and I placed my hand on the smooth surface, trailing my French manicured cutter nails across the glass softly.

"No smart matter?" I asked.

"None, we have the right products to make a ground car, and I am going to teach you two how to drive one. But the first step is to know what kind of car you will be driving. Can either of you take a guess?" she asked, lookin at us patiently.

"Uh...a black one?" Fausto said. I busted out laughing, but Dr. Cable was down to buisness.

"No, what about you Luna?" she asked. I had done research and knew it right off the bat.

"It is a Porsche 911 Turbo in nightfall black. It is 40 miles per gallon, or mpg, and can go 300 miles per hour, or mph. I did research on cars in Littlie school, so I know how to fix a flat tire or change the oil, and you pump gas into this nozzle at a place called a gas station, paying with either a gas card or a credit car, not Pretty Town money." I stared at the shiny black paint and pictured myself driving it. My petite frame reflected off the shine.

"Huh?" Fausto asked.

"You are exactly right Luna, I can tell you will be a fast learner, so lets get started," Dr. Cable said, stepping inside the passenger seat after opening the door. I stepped inside the seat called "the driver's sat" and put it in gear. For the next two hours, I learned how to drive.