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This is a story about when the Specials meets Post Breaking dawn. Luna, psychotic 17-year-old Special from New Pretty Town is sent into a time warp to the 21st century to kill all the vampires, but finds it is harder to carry out the mission than it was told. SPOILERISH MATERIAL INSIDE!!!!: spoilers from the Ugly series and Breaking Dawn, read at ur own risk!!!!!!! Specials Banner


2. Chapter 2: Terminator

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"Luna, we installed the warp into your car so that you have it when you get to Alaska," Dr. Cable informed me as I put three dozen duffle bags into the car.

"Wait, Alaska?" I asked, stopping in the middle of placing a bag inside.

"There has been a change of plans, there are more vampires than we thought. There are many, spread out all over. You and Fausto will be going to Denali, Alaska to terminate a coven of vampires that lived there," she informed me. I took a deep, angry breath.

"Why are you bringing this up now?" I asked in a controlled voice, so I didn't lash out on her. She sighed and pinched the bridge of her nose.

"Luna, do you have to ask so many questions?"

"Why are you avoiding the question?" I snapped. She sighed once more.

"I'm not, you need to get going, and you're sitting here wasting your time by asking questions that don't matter!" she snapped, louder than my previous outburst. I gave her the death glare before climbing into the passenger's seat.

"Now, press the small green button on the steering wheel when I say to," she told Fausto, crouching to the rolled-down window.

"Goodbye Luna, Fausto. Tally and Shay said best of luck and goodbye as well." She gave us a timid smile before continuing. "I have much faith in you two, which is exactly why I chose you. Go."

Fausto pressed the button, and before I knew it, the world I knew was being left behind. I sighed and layed my head on the seat. We were barley in for two minutes when we suddenly came to a halt.

"Do you think it broke down?" I asked, my eyes flashing open. Fausto shook his head.

"Look out the window." he sighed, and I turned my head to see a mansion and cloudy grey skies.

"From the looks of, there are quite a few people here," he said, squinting at the yard. The high heel boots Tally had given me clicked on the pavement as I stepped out of the car. I tucked my hair behind one ear. I was officially on a mission. No turning back now.

"Lets go," I whispered and started to the house. I banged on the door. A beautiful, but older looking woman opened the door.

"Hello, who might you be," she asked in a musical voice. I kept mine as hard as ice.

"I am Luna Nightingale," I replied in a hard voice. She looked startled at my cruel beauty and voice. A locked of curled black hair fell over my pale, flash tattoo decorated shoulder.

"Well, come inside, it's awfully cold out here," she said, obviously pretending to shiver.

"I don't really think you could feel the cold, being a vampire in all," I said, stepping in the hallway.

"How do you know that?" she asked nervously, pulling her blue sweater on tighter, as if I could see right through her if she didn't.

"What is your name?" I asked, ignoring her question.

"Carmen. Why are you here, and how do you know what I am?" she asked, flinching at my razor sharp, black nails and indestructable arms.

"Who else is here, get whoever is, or I will kill you on the spot. I am stronger than any vampire, and I have killed dozens already," I lied. She widened her eys and went to the stairs.

"Tanya, come down here please!" she called. A pretty girl with caramel hair glided down the stairs in silence.

"Who is this?" she asked in the same, melodic voice.

"This is Luna Nightingale and her friend," Carmen said. Glancing at us in worry.

"Please, tell me how you know what we are," she begged. I looked at Fausto and pointed at them.

"Get the caramel one!" I shouted and grabbed the Carmen girl's arm, stopping her from throwing a punch. Fausto ran and threw Tanya to the ground before she could move and inch. Carmen slammed her fist into my face, and I didn't flinch, just twisted her arm and slammed her to the ground, snapping her neck easily. Fausto had done the same, and had a fire going out side. I threw the reminants of the girl's body into the fire.

"Nice. Where did Cable say to go next?" Fausto asked.

"You have to go kill the Romanian coven. I'll take care of the coven that lives in Forks, and I'll meet you there when I've finished. Just get a hotel or something," I told him, climbing into the car. He nodded, gave me a kiss, and began down the street. I felt horrid to leave my fiance like that, but I knew it was the right thing to do. I drove down the guiet street, pushing the gas to 200.

I got to Forks in two days, a peaceful drive. I went shopping in Port Angeles to kill some time, knowing I should wait before going to kill the vile monsters that lived in the quaint town.