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Harvest Moon

It seems that danger is as constant as the clouds of Forks, hanging over the Cullens, just waiting to rain. It always seems to come when times seem the happiest. With it now pouring down upon them with full force, driving a wedge in the tight-knit family, will the Cullens be able to maintain their bonds and triumph once again? Renesmee's P.o.V. REVIEWS are greatly appreciated!! =]


4. Survivor

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I had still been trying to regain composure when, if I had been standing, he would have kicked my knees out from under me again.

"You belong to the coven that protected my sister," he stated matter-of-factly. "You are the ones I’ve been waiting for."

"Unh..." I struggled.

As if in response to the confusion mixed with shock that I could feel hanging on my face, he continued, "My sister’s name was Bree. We were created by Victoria."

Jacob had told me many stories of the times before and leading up to alliance-turned-kinship between my family and his pack. I knew very well who Victoria was. I knew all about the newborn army that had been sent to kill my mother.

I wasn’t sure why I didn’t just drive away. I was utterly transfixed. All I’d desired was a normal first day as a normal girl driving her normal truck to her normal high school. Of course, normalcy was never in the cards for me as a Cullen.

"But I thought all the newborns were killed? And Jane...the Volturi...they came..." I whispered. It was good that I didn’t have to try very hard to remain discreet—my voice still hadn’t returned from the shock of Gavin’s revelation.

"Bree and I were the last ones. We split up in the forest. I went east to try and keep these two mangy wolves off of her trail. They chased me until I got to the lake where I swam fast and far away. I had no idea Bree had been captured until I followed her sent and found her in the midst of the Volturi leeches. It took every fiber of my strength to maintain my hiding place behind a burning pile of newborns and hold myself back. I heard your family try to spare her."

I closed my eyes and rested my forehead against the steering wheel. Gavin leaned against my car window, watching me cautiously.

"I’ve wanted to wait to find your family until I could show them that I was worth sparing, like my sister. I wanted to grow out of some of my newborn tendencies. I was surprised at my own discipline within just over a year of my transformation, but by the time I had convinced myself that I was ready, your family disappeared from the area. I tried to track your scents, but I was terrible at it. It took me two years to finally follow a fading trail to New Hampshire. But of course, your family had long left the east coast by the time I arrived there. I had never been a very keen vampire. It was only because of Bree’s own ferocity that Victoria was convinced to keep me."

He paused to analyze my face. I was breathing steadily now. My knuckles were no longer white from my tightly strained fists around the steering wheel.

"Holy crow, you are terrible. It took you that long to track us? I’m only half vampire and I can do better than that."

A real, happy smile crossed his face for the first time, creating a dimple in each of his cheeks.

"Well, I ultimately decided that since the Cullen coven was part of local legend, you’d likely return eventually. So I waited. And here you are."

I exhaled loudly.

"Look, I’m sorry to dump this all on you when we’ve only just met, but do you think, maybe, I could meet your family?"

I felt my eyebrows creep high atop my forehead. "Um...I’m not so sure." I imagined the look on my father’s face, or worse, on Jacob’s face, when I came home from my first day at school with a newborn originally commissioned to eliminate my mother in tow.

"You know, I’m just trying to be polite by asking. Either I can ride home with you and meet them properly, or I’ll follow you home like a stray puppy," he crossed his arms across his chest.

"You know, for someone I just met, you’re pretty obnoxious," I narrowed my eyes at him. Before my better judgement could kick in, I stacked my backpack, books, and notebook in the middle of the bench seat so as to make an appropriate barrier, then thumbed at the narrow space left on the passenger’s side. He occupied the space and the door was shutting with a tinny click before my hand found the key in the ignition.