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The Silver Bullet

Retelling of Twilight. "Fear. Unparalleled, indefinable fear...God help me! It was here again...It could feel that I was close. It was inbreed in it to feel it's marked prey..." Bella was "marked". How will she survive? This is a Bella/Edward fic, but it is Jacob friendly.


1. Blend

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Chapter 1: Blend


That was what I was feeling. Unparalleled, indefinable fear. The kind of fear that was so acute, it almost numbed you to all else but the feeling itself. It was almost a blessing-this numbing fear. It made it easy for me to ignore what was coming. Forget what had already happened. It made it possible for me to survive. While it made it impossible to breath, so constricting the emotion could be, it made it possible for me to live. It was so ironic. Perhaps that is why fear is the emotion that emerges in dangerous circumstances. It makes it possible to survive. Survival is a natural instinct in humans...

A light, shining from above me casted it's rays down on me, blinding me momentarily. Was it morning? I looked up at the light. No, it wasn't morning. It was still nighttime. The moon was so bright. It's beams lay gently on my hair and skin now, like a soft blanket, and enveloped me in false comfort.

God help me, there it was again...getting closer and closer to my temporary haven. I stiffened instinctively, knowing that movement was something that made no difference to my current adversary. It could sense me everywhere I was. It could feel me. It was inbreed in it to feel it's marked prey. It knew that I was there, it was just waiting. I gripped the object in my hand once more, assuring myself it was there. My only protection.

And then I ran.

Forks, Washington.

Even the name itself was boring, dry and declared that nothing in existence or in reference to this name required anything exciting or bright. It was a name that would blend with the thousands of other titles, one that could easily be overlooked or never noticed or recognized.

Kind of like me…

So, I had convinced myself that this little town and I were a perfect match. I tried to ignore the obvious idiosyncrasies of the town; the unrelenting rainfall, the insufferable cold, the absent exclusivity…

The success of my convincing was yet to be decided…

But nevertheless, I was on my way to Forks. Whether I had convinced myself or not was no longer an issue. It was simply the way things were. And, as I had formerly observed, this town and I had a lot in common. We both blended in, and we neither needed exotic exteriors or approval of others to be who we were. We just…were.

The pilot’s voice sounded throughout the plane, signaling our arrival in Port Angeles. I obeyed the voice coming from the speakers asked us to “place-our-tray-tables-in-their-up-right-and-locked-positions” and buckle our seatbelts. I settled back in the seat and prepared for the landing.

Charlie would be there. I hadn’t seen him in a while. Not for a year at least. Maybe even two. That made me feel a little guilty. I was, after all, his daughter. The least I could do is trying to keep better contact. But the things of the past couldn’t be changed and, as it was, I was going to have plenty of time to make it up to him. Charlie and I had never been very close, in relation or in proximity. We just…were.

That’s the way things went with me…

So I used this fact, as well, to convince myself-yet again- that me and Charlie would be fine. I would be fine in Forks and Charlie and I would be fine.

I think…

The plane was now taking its descent. We were getting so close that cars and buildings were no longer undistinguishable. Once the plane softly hit the stretch, I pulled my cell phone from my purse to text Renee: Mom, wanted 2 let u no, just got to PA. Will let u no when dad gets me. Luv u

I tossed my phone back in my purse and stood to get up from my seat. I dunked to keep from hitting my head on the low ceil but lifted it to soon once I reached the aisle. Ouch! I had only been on land for two minutes and already I had efficiently bruised my skull. What other adventures awaited me beyond the walls of this plane, I wondered. Time would only tell. And with me, it usually got tongue-tied in the process…

I quickly retrieved my carry-on and started to head off the plane. The airport was very small, as was the plane that I had been a passenger of for the past few hours. I could tell that it had seen better days when I had first boarded, which did little to assuage my fears of the trip. Now, as I unloaded, I saw that I had been correct. Though I had load from a terminal in Phoenix, now we were being unloaded into the cold, wet of Port Angeles. The flight attendant at the bottom of the very narrow and deep steps that led to the ground held out a hand to all of the passengers without actually assisting them. Some might question why the lady stood there as the passengers got off the plane, but others knew the reason was to keep disasters on legs-like me- from killing themselves as they got off the plane. I slowly approached the steps, conscience of every move that I made. I managed to stubble my way to the bottom without a hitch and too soon I was assaulted by chilled, sodden air. I made my way to the entrance of the building that the attendant had directed me to, still concentrating on not falling, slipping, tripping, gliding and/or sliding across the stretch. Once again, I made it to my destination without an injury. Two miracles in one day. Surely it was a record!

I followed the arrows above my head as I headed to the terminal where I knew that Charlie would be waiting for me. Of course when I got there, he was waiting patiently. And he wasn’t alone. There was a young man with him, maybe a year of two younger than me. His black, silky, long hair hung behind his back and around a dark face that was vaguely familiar. The young man seemed to recognize me instantly and his full lips stretched over a set of perfect white teeth. Charlie turned to look at me then and smiled as well.

Well, it was a smile for Charlie, anyway…

“Good flight?” Charlie asked. I shrugged my shoulders and smiled at him.

Well, it was a smile for me…

Charlie pulled me under one of his arms in an awkward hug. I tried to put my arm around him to but couldn’t because of my carry-on which made it even more awkward. Charlie quickly pulled away and turned to the dark boy with him.

“You ‘member Jacob? Billy’s boy?” He asked.

Jacob instantly jumped to shake my hand. “She probably doesn’t Charlie. I’m Jacob Black. We used to hang out when you came to visit your dad. Well…kind of…” He smiled, slightly embarrassed by his ill-attempt at conjuring up memories. “We didn’t really hang out, but you know…” He continued to smile at me. His smile was infectious and I couldn’t help but smile back.

“I don’t really remember, but I did recognize you…kind of…” We laughed nervously at our shared choice of words.

“Jacob rode with me up here. Needed to pick up a part for a car he’s building.” Charlie interrupted.

“You build cars?” I looked at Jacob with interest. He didn’t seem to be that much older than me. I was only seventeen.

He looked at me with pride in his eyes. “Yep, sure do.”

“Aren’t you a little young for—“ He cut me off.

“That’s what everyone’s reaction is. And I am only fifteen…and a half. But I learned all of what I know from the best…” For the rest of the time in the airport and most of the way back to Forks Jacob talked to me about the different cars that he had rebuilt and the current car that he was working on. And I found that, even though I had no interest in cars, everything he said was something that I found intriguing. The way he said things and talked about things made it easy to listen, made you want to listen. And in approximately an hour and a half I learned more about cars than I had in the whole of my life put together.

I was so glad that Charlie had brought along Jacob. Without him, the drive could have been extremely awkward. I didn’t know Charlie well, but I knew him well enough to know that I didn’t know him very well…if that makes sense. The drive was about an hour long and I knew that drive all that way with just me and Charlie, I would have been begging for a third rider in the car.

And anyway, all of Jacob’s chatter had help me not to think of what the upcoming days held, and what the days behind me had dealt. It was easy not to think about how desperately I missed my mother and my home with Jacob talking about break-lines and carburetors.

I knew when we had reached Forks because the wide expanse of nothing turned into the tiniest twinge of something. It was already twilight out and a few lights were already visible in windows and store fronts.

We pulled into the small driveway that was in front of Charlie’s house—my house. Jacob jumped out of the back and quickly got my luggage before I was even out of the car. I told him that it was unnecessary but the line might as well have sounded on deaf ears. Charlie picked up the rest of my luggage, leaving me with only my carry-on and my purse. I walked into the house behind Charlie and followed him up the stairs to my room where Jacob had already taken my other belongings. I thanked them both before heading back downstairs with Jacob on my heels. He walked over to where the phone was and quickly dialing a number. It was his dad and he was letting him know that we were back.

“Yeah dad. It was great….Yeah, I got the part. They had been holding for me. It didn’t take long in there…yeah, she is here.” He looked at me and smiled. There was a pause while his dad continued to talk to him on the other line. “I don’t know if she will remember you or not. She didn’t really remember me…” His smile got bigger as I smiled back at him, remembering our first exchange.

Charlie yelled down the stairs to Jacob. “Tell Billy to come on over! You two can have dinner with us!”

Jacob smiled widened again as he let his father know. After a few more brief words, Jacob hung up the phone and turned to look at me with a smile. “Looks like you aren’t going to get rid of me yet.”

I smiled back. “That’s okay.” I didn’t tell him that I was glad that he wasn’t leaving. I liked having him around. He was like a breath of fresh air in a stifling, hot room. Like that first feel of a warm fire once you’ve come inside from a snow storm.

Charlie marched down the stairs behind us. I was already heading for the kitchen, shedding my jacket and dropping my purse on the counter in the process. I started looking for something that I could whip up, since we were having company and I knew that Charlie couldn’t cook. He knew instantly what I was about to do and stopped me.

“It’s alright, Bells. I’ll order out tonight.” He turned to Jacob. “Pizza gonna be alright with Billy?” Jacob nodded his head in affirmation.

Charlie turned to me and I nodded in acknowledgment of his question before he asked.

“Pizza it is.” He reached for the phone and dialed the number for delivery from memory.

I walked out of the kitchen to Jacob and smiled slightly at him again as I put my hands in my back pockets. We walked to the sofa in the living room that was adjoined to the kitchen and sat down. I turned to him and he smiled again.

“So…” I said, drawing out the “o”, “do you go to school in Forks?” I really hoped he did. At least I would have one person there that I already knew.

“Nah, I go to school on the reservation.” I tried not to let my disappointment show. I obviously didn’t do a good job of it because he seemed to stumble over himself to say, “But I know a lot of people from the high school here. I could, you know, tell you about some people…” He instantly started naming off some of his friends.

A lot of the names, I instantly forgot, but some of the attributes of different people I remembered very clearly. There were people that he mentioned that were “really great” and people that were “just really messed up”. I knew I wouldn’t remember any of them tomorrow, but I listened with interest anyway.

“But there is one family that you are sure to notice. The Cullen’s. And let me fill you in before you get to school. So many different things go around about that family that you would probably have ten different back stories of all of them before first period is over and by the end your first day, the gossips will have them married to Will Smith and Catherine Zeta-Jones.” He smiled and leaned in as he spoke. “Their father is a doctor at the local hospital here in Forks. There are five of them. I can’t remember their names, and I have never met them personally but I hear that they are very…noticeable. And there is scandal spread about them all the time. Like, there parents will start the week early with them all the time to go camping and stuff. I mean, who does that?! But especially lately, I have been hearing about them missing weeks of school at a time. Yeah, weeks!!! Weird too. A lot of people think that they are together. Like the girls and the guys…dating? I don’t know. But…yeah. They are a legend in itself at the school. So, be a on the look out. I am pretty sure they are on one of their “excursions” right now because I have heard tell that they all have been gone for the past few days. But, you know…” He smiled, and once again I couldn’t help smiling back.

Someone knocked on the door then, and Charlie went to get it. He opened it and someone came wheeling into the foyer yelling something at Charlie as they laughed together. I knew that it must be Jacob’s father, Billy Black. Once I got a good look at him, I knew that it was true. Jacob was like a younger version of his dad. Same long black hair. Same dark complexion. Same infectious smile.

“Isabella Swan! It is so good to see you! Last time I saw you, you were only this tall!” He motioned next to his wheelchair, waving his hand at waist height, and continued. “Now look at you! You are practically a grown woman! You’re dad talks about you all the time, and has told me about how beautiful you have become but just look at you!” I blushed at his over-appraisal and shot a glance at Charlie. He was looking down at the floor, and if I didn’t know any better, I would say that he was embarrassed.

Billy wheeled over closer to me, arms out stretched. “Welcome home kiddo!” I leaned over and hugged him awkwardly. I wasn’t a very touchy person but I wasn’t going to tell him that and I didn’t want to hurt his feelings. I already liked him a lot more than some people that I had known all my life. There was just something about him and Jacob that drew me in. They were so warm and kind. Just genuine and I really liked it.

Everyone walked (and wheeled) their way into the living room. I sat down next to Jacob again as my dad and Billy continued to converse. The conversation soon became one of those “man” conversations that women can only collect small chunks of. You know, the kind that make no sense to a girl because they have no relevance to a girl. It would be like a guy sitting in a room full of girls talking about their favorite type of tampon. They wouldn’t be able to relate…

I let my mind wander as “the boys”, as I had dobbed them, continued to chat. I thought about the events of the day. I thought about my new friend, Jacob. I looked at him as he talked to mine and his father and couldn’t help but smile. He was a really great guy. I already felt a kinship with him. I thought about all of the people that he had talked about just a few minutes before and my mind automatically settled on the family that he had called the Cullen’s.

Cullen? What kind of name was that? It sounded like a name from another century. And apparently they were just as strange and unique as their name. I wondered what Jacob could have possibly meant when he said that they were “noticeable”. Did they all have some sort of disability or disfigurement or something? Did they all dress like gangsters? Like hobos? Were they all Gay? Who knows! And who goes on trips for weeks at a time? And goes on these trips often enough for people to notice?

Jacob had told me about them so that I wouldn’t listen to the gossipy stories about them and yet, in the time that we sat in the living room to when the pizza finally arrived I had already conjured up a story of my own. I had concluded that they were really mobsters who stole prescription drugs from the hospital that their adoptive father worked at and sold them on the black market...

The pizza arrived before I could decide whether or not the Father had anything to do with the crimes or whether he was just an innocent bystander.

All too soon, the pizza was gone and Jacob and Billy were leaving. Jacob wished me luck for tomorrow as he walked out and I thanked him for it.

“I am going to really need it,” he smiled in response as I stood there awkwardly, trying to say the words but having a hard time with them.

“You should come over again. I really…enjoyed it.”

Jacob positively beamed at this and eagerly promised to return soon-very soon. I smiled too. Pleased that I had made a friend and that he was coming back.

After Billy and Jacob left, Charlie and I stood in the foyer alone for a moment. The silence was deafening and uncomfortable. We both started to say something at the same time, only stubbling over each others words than reaching silence again.

I was able to recover quicker than he because I was able to say, “I think I am going to go to bed now. Got a big day tomorrow.” Charlie nodded and said that he thought that was a good idea.

I thought about hugging him good night, but decided against it and headed up the stairs to my room. I hadn’t really gotten a chance to look at it when I first got to the house, but I noticed that Charlie had replaced a few things. Like the Beauty and the Beast comforter that used to adorn the bed was now a very nice, flowery bedspread.

I didn’t even look at my suitcases as I headed for the bed. I feel down on it and as soon as my head hit the pillow, I was asleep.