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No Way Out

Edward left Bella and never came back, Victoria never came after her, but a monster of the mortal kind did. Now Bella is an NCIS agent trying to solve the most difficult case of her career.


1. Chapter 1

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Edward left me. It was a fact that I had resigned myself to years ago. I was not angry with him, I’d always known that I was not enough to hold him, and so it was not a surprise to me when he was gone. After Edward left I threw myself into my school work, refusing to let myself dwell on my loneliness at all. After graduation I went to Georgetown to major in English Literature, it was there that I met Leroy Jethro Gibbs.

My relationship with Gibbs started out strangely to say the least, I met him when he was investigating the murder of my roommate’s sister, a petty officer who’d been staying with us for the weekend. Chelsea had been on a three day leave and she’d needed a place to crash because she didn’t want to leave the city only to have to come back the instant she got home. Apparently she’d also been trying to outwit an ex-boyfriend who just didn’t understand what over meant. The boyfriend had come back to our room a couple of days after killing Chelsea and he’d thought I was my roommate. He was holding me at knife point, spouting all kinds of craziness about how if he couldn’t have my sister he’d have to take me instead, when Gibbs burst in. He tackled the sociopath and saved my life. After that I changed the course my life was on and applied at NCIS where I was assigned to Gibbs’s team along with Timothy McGee, Anthony DiNozzo, and Ziva David. They were the best team anyone could ask for.

McGee was a tech wizard who was fully capable of illegally hacking into the Pentagon, and had upon occasion. Tony was the king of movies and a sharp shooting smart alec, but I wouldn’t want to go into an abandoned warehouse with anyone else as my back up. Ziva was something entirely different, as an ex-assassin she was perhaps the most deadly of the team, yet at the same time I felt the best connection with her, maybe it was the danger magnet in me. Along with our team we had the forensic scientist Abby Soto, at first I found it hard to be around her, with all of her gothic garb reminding of the life I’d wanted for myself, but in time I found that Abby was perhaps the most compassionate person around. When I first came into NCIS I was jealous of the relationship Gibbs had with Abby, but I soon realized much of his fatherly affection had to do with the fact that Abby was the scientist, safe in her lab, while I was his agent, that I had to be taught or I’d find myself on the wrong end of a knife or gun again. Finally there was the lovable Dr. Mallard, or Ducky as I’d come to call him, he was our medical examiner, Ducky had a tendency to talk to his patients, despite the fact that they couldn’t talk back, although given the length of many of his anecdotes, perhaps the reason he spoke with the dead so often and with such conviction was because they were the only ones who would listen. Ducky had helped me get over my fear of blood with some help from Abby, though the smell of it still makes my stomach turn I could now handle it which was essential in the field.

I liked my new life, but I sometimes on rainy nights I would be overcome by a wave of grief and loss. Just because I had some to terms with Edward’s decision didn’t mean I had to like it. These nights were rare, but the feelings they invoked in me tore through my system violently. It was after one of these rainy nights that were dark in more ways than one that I got the call to go to my most difficult case ever.

We were all sitting around the office discussing the best horror movie of all time when Gibbs walked in. In true Gibbs fashion he walked to his desk, grabbed his gun and said, “Dead marine just outside of Arlington, one suspect already in custody, grab your gear and go.” We all grabbed our guns and badges and trooped out to the truck and sedan.

When we arrived at the crime scene it was not a pretty sight. The dead marine had obviously been raped before she’d been killed, and she had definitely fought back. Her finger nails were all broken and there was blood on her clothes that I didn’t think had been completely a product of the knife protruding from her side.

“Well that was nice of the bastard,” said Tony, “They don’t usually leave us a murder weapon, saves me some digging.”

I walked over to the girl with the camera taking pictures of everything and anything that could be useful. “Time of death Ducky?” I heard Gibbs ask behind me.

“Jethro you know I can’t tell you that with any degree of certainty until I get him back to autopsy.”

“Gimme your best guess Duck.”

“No more than nine hours or so,” Ducky replied, “Mr. Palmer bring out the stretcher for our newest patient if you please.”

I walked up to Gibbs, “You said they had a suspect in custody,” I began, “ do you want me to go…” I trailed off. Everyone had their place in Gibbs’s team, McGee was the geek, Tony was the tough guy, Ziva was the best shot, and I was the best interrogator. Everyone had different styles of interrogation, but mine was usually the most effective, the thing was, most criminals thought that they could trust me to just listen, and I always knew what questions to ask.

“What do you think Swan?” Gibbs responded to my question, “No, I want you to stand there and hold my coffee.”

“Right boss, I’ll just go see about him then.” I walked over to a police car, flashed my badge to the officers and opened the door to see the handcuffed suspect. You can imagine my surprise when it was none other than Edward Cullen.