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No Way Out

Edward left Bella and never came back, Victoria never came after her, but a monster of the mortal kind did. Now Bella is an NCIS agent trying to solve the most difficult case of her career.


10. Chapter 10

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Until that moment if you had asked me if it was possible to be both shocked and unsurprised I would have said you were crazy for coming up with the question. However the second I saw Victoria’s face on the screen I realized how very possible it was for those two emotions to coexist in a single moment. It seemed that somewhere in the recesses of my mind I always knew that I could not escape the bad part of the supernatural forever.

I was currently on my way up the stairs to interrogate Jasper, who was now considered an authority on forensic science, in other words someone who would have no problems planting evidence from over 100 years ago. It was now necessary to get Gibbs off the case, something that the FBI had been attempting to do for years and had yet to succeed at. In addition to this I had to attempt to let Jasper know what was going on while interrogating him. On film. With Gibbs watching. I was beyond screwed.

I opened the door to Interrogation 1 and nodded to Jasper. “So Mr. Hale,” I began, “It seems that you are quite the forensic specialist. It says here that you graduated fourth in your class from Princeton.” This was a trick I’d seen Gibbs use a few times. You fed the suspect information, just enough to make them feel comfortable, and then they admitted to things or gave you a piece of the puzzle that you didn’t tell them. Of course my motive in this case was to give Jasper the information he would need in order to answer everyone else’s questions later, but the principle was the same.

“Yes, that is correct.” Jasper answered keeping a perfectly level expression.

“Tell me Mr. Hale, do you enjoy your work?”

“I don’t actually work as a forensic scientist Agent Swan; I merely have a degree in the field.”

“Ah, well then have you ever worked in the field of forensic science?”

“No ma’am, I like to consider myself a full time student. I continually return to school to pursue various areas that interest me, I also have a degree in United States history with a focus on the Civil War. I’m not exactly sure what I want to do with my life so I will continue to be a student for a long as I possibly can.

“And your adoptive father is supportive of this?”

Jasper offered a small smile, “Carlisle insists that I pursue my interests, he feels that my continued education is important. He practically insists that I attend school.”

“So Mr. Hale would it be fair to say that the original body was a red herring that was designed to get us off your case?”

“I have no idea what you’re talking about Agent Swan,” but there was a glimmer of recognition in his eyes that let me know he realized I was trying to tell him something.

“I’m sure you don’t Mr. Hale. Tell me, are you a baseball fan?” This was a =another popular interrogation technique we used. The idea was to get the suspect talking about something unrelated to the case in hopes that they would be taken unaware when we asked them a serious question.

“As much as the next American male I suppose.”

“I figured as much. Unfortunately it looks like it may storm tonight, so I guess that means no baseball – at least not in a formal game.” I finally saw clarity in Jasper’s face. That was one good thing about vampires; they were quick on the uptake.

“That’s too bad; do you think they’ll still play in Phoenix?”

I had to refrain from smiling, he was telling me he understood, “I believe they will yes. However I don’t believe you’ll have the pleasure of watching the game. Tell me, what do you make of our two dead petty officers?”

“Well, I suppose I can understand why you’re holding me here. I mean, it looks awfully suspicious to me and I know I’m innocent as well as my brother.”

I looked down at the file in front of me, “Where were you at approximately 10Pm two nights ago?”

Jasper actually looked embarrassed, “At home.”

“Is there anyone who can verify that?”

“Errr, yes, my wife Alice.” I now understood the embarrassment. Of course I realized that Jasper was giving me the opportunity I need in order get the info to the rest of the Cullens.

“Alright Mr. Hale I’ll be following up on your story.” As soon as possible I added to myself.