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No Way Out

Edward left Bella and never came back, Victoria never came after her, but a monster of the mortal kind did. Now Bella is an NCIS agent trying to solve the most difficult case of her career.


18. Chapter 18

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After Gibbs had led me away me from the squad room he fixed me with one of patented Gibbs looks and said, “Well Swan, I’m waiting.”

I took a deep breath, “Well sir I don’t think the Cullens are the killers. I think someone is setting them up, and I think the killer may try and frame one of the remaining Cullens soon.”

“Why would someone want to frame them Swan?”

“The Cullens are well known in certain circles sir. They’re all extremely gorgeous and rich, it could be sheer jealousy. But even if that isn’t it you know how crazy some of these people are! Our craziest cases come from the psychos who think killing someone and getting away with it is a game or something. This is just a new strategy.”

Gibbs looked at me for a moment, and I would be lying if I said it didn’t make me uncomfortable, but I didn’t back down. I need the Cullens involved in this investigation, and I would do anything I could to get them involved.

“What if you’re wrong Swan?”

“Then you have access to at least two of them at all times, and you’ll know if something happens.”

Gibbs just walked back to the squad room and I followed him. When he reached his desk he sat down at his computer and said, “Special Agent Swan would you please escort our guests down to autopsy to view the bodies of our dead petty officers.” I had to refrain from smiling as I nodded and motioned for Edward and Carlisle to follow me to the elevator.

Once we got into the elevator I let out a breath I wasn’t even sure I’d been holding. Edward gave me a puzzled look. “What?” I asked.

“As I recall you couldn’t handle Mike Newton getting a finger prick ten feet away from you.”

“Yes,” I said not getting his point.

He continued, “And now you have no problems looking at corpses that have been cut open and possibly brutally murdered?”

“Oh I have problems with it, but they have to do more with the fact that they ended up on Ducky’s table at all,” I paused debating whether or not I wanted to get further into it. I did. “When I first started they wouldn’t let me go to crime scenes because of my reactions, but one day Gibbs said if I was going to be a member of his team I would need to learn how to deal with it, and he sent me down to Ducky who fixed me. So now I only have issues when it’s me who’s bleeding.”

Edward just shook his head and I could tell Carlisle was holding back a laugh.

As we entered autopsy we found Ducky having a chat with a new arrival from another team. He was talking about the lovely weather and how he wished the “dear boy” could have been around to see it.

“Hey Ducky,” I said announcing our presence.

“Ah, Bella! How lovely to see you my dear. And who are these guests?”

“This is Edward Cullen and Dr. Carlisle Cullen, they’re giving us a hand with the case and Gibbs wants them to see the bodies.”

“Alright then. Dr. Cullen, may ask what your specialty is?”

“Of course Dr. Mallard, and please call me Carlisle, my specialty is in pediatrics, but I float around the hospital at the moment helping out wherever I’m needed.”

“So we’re at the opposite ends of the spectrum then aren’t we? And please call me Ducky, everyone else does. You know, you remind me of a boy I knew back in Scotland. His name was Christopher James, and he was quite a hit with the ladies. He was a bit of a jock you know, and--”

“Ducky,” I cut him off, “I don’t mean to be rude, but Gibbs is already sort of mad at me for bringing in outside resources, and if I don’t get back up there sooner rather than later, I’m going to get slapped in the head like DiNozzo so…”

“Quite right Bella,” he motioned for Carlisle and Edward to follow him to the other end of the room rattling off all sorts of things about the body that I either knew or didn’t understand. Carlisle and Edward looked at the bodies for about ten minutes asking intelligent sounding questions before thanking Ducky and exiting autopsy with me.

“So that was the famous Ducky,” Edward said once we were safely aboard the elevator.

“Yep, that was him,” I said.

The experience was reminding me of elementary school a bit. Back in Phoenix my school had had a day that all the parents were welcome to come in and watch class with their students. I remember being so proud that Renee got to meet my friends and see my macaroni art. It was sort of the same now, except my fiancé and future father-in-law were meeting all the crazy people I work with and seeing the places I saw every day.

We were all sitting around the squad room waiting for Gibbs to walk in and start barking out orders. The rest of the team had loosened up quite a bit after Gibbs’s apparent sanctioning of the Cullens being around, but they still seemed a bit cautious in their presence. Ziva was questioning Carlisle about his work at the hospital when McGee jumped up.

“Expect Gibbs in like ten seconds guys.” He said.

Edward gave me a look that obviously questioned McGee’s sanity. I said, “McGee found something. Gibbs always turns up about ten seconds after we get something useful.”

“The question is,” said Tony, “What exactly is it that the good Probie found?”

McGee’s jaw clenched, “You know Tony technically Bella is the probie now. She’s the newest member of the team, and I’ve been a senior agent for years now.”

“Ah yes,” Ziva started, “The old, ‘I don’t want to be Probie anymore’ speach. McGee you’re forgetting something very important.”

“What’s that?” asked McGee.

“Special Agent Swan knew more on her first day than you picked up in your first year,” Gibbs intoned entering the squad room, “Also she never screwed up my coffee. What do we have?”

We all turned towards McGee who said, “I found a living relative of our missing jewel thief.” A couple of clicks brought a French driver’s license up onto the screen, “This is Charlotte LeFevre. She is Deveraux’s great great niece. She lives in Nice, is 27, has no other relatives, and to the best of my knowledge she is the only remaining relative alive. She actually just flew into Virginia a week ago for vacation.”

“Yeah, or murder, that’s nice work McGee,” McGee handed him a piece of paper with a hotel’s name on it, and Gibbs told Ziva, Tony, and McGee to get their gear. I was apparently either still in the dog house or he didn’t trust Edward and Carlisle, either way I was staying behind.

We waited about five minutes after they left before I got antsy and decided now would be as good a time as ever to stop by and introduce them to Abby. On the elevator I felt the need to warn them, “Abby is a bit eccentric. You are probably walking into the lab of your biggest fan. Just thought you should know.”

They both laughed, but I was still a bit nervous about them meeting Abby, who was one of my closest friends. We entered to the familiar sounds of blasting music, and Abby clicking away on one of her computers.

“Hey Abbs,” I called out, “I brought some people down for you to meet.”

“Hey Bella, what’s up?”

“McGee thinks he found a relative of our dead jewel thief, everybody else went to go pick her up now, but I’m still in the dog house because I brought these two in today. Abby, meet Dr. Carlisle and Edward Cullen.” They exchanged pleasantries until I noticed what Abby had been working on, “Abby, are you making celebrity babies again?”

She smiled, “Guilty as charged your honor. I’m getting bored down here, and you know how my machines get if they feel neglected. Check out how bad TomCat’s kid could have been.” She pulled up a picture of a boy baby who had the unfortunate luck to get mostly recessive traits from his good looking parents. I laughed as did Carlisle and Edward. “That’s not all I’ve got up my sleeve, check out Tony and Ziva’s kid at age thirteen.”

Up came a picture of a girl with Ziva’s curls and Tony’s eye’s came up. I had to say, Tony and Ziva made a pretty baby. “That’s awesome Abby.”

“Do you and your wife have any children Dr. Cullen?” Abby asked.

“Please call me Carlisle, and no we don’t, at least not in the sense I expect you mean. Unfortunately Esme and I cannot have our own children, but we’ve adopted six teens over the last few years, and we’re thrilled with how life has turned out for us.”

Abby nodded thoughtfully, “I think that’s very admirable. I was adopted too, both of my parents are deaf.” She said matter of factly. Then Gibbs walked in.

“We need you in interrogation Swan, we’ve got her, and apparently she only speaks French.”

We followed Gibbs up to Interrogation 1 and he pointed the Cullens in the direction of the observation room and then entered the room which held Collette LeFevre with me.

If I were to pass Colette on the street I wouldn’t think she looked a thing like Victoria, she too had red hair, but where the vampire of my nightmares had a wild untamed mane Colette’s was a deep, straight red. She also seemed quite timid, but that could just be because she was frightened. I hated having to do this knowing that she had nothing to do with the murders, but I had to do it to keep the status quo.

“Bonjour, Je m’appelle Agent Swan.” I said, “Il s’appelle Agent Gibbs.”

“Pourquoi suis-je ici? Je n'ai rien fait de mal. Existe-t-il un problème avec ma passeport?” Collette asked frantically. The poor thing was probably scared stiff that she was going to be deported or something.

“Non Collette il n'ya rien de mal avec votre passeport. Nous sommes au milieu d'une enquête qui implique une certaine famille de la vôtre et nous avons besoin de vous poser quelques questions.” I tried to calm her down by making it seem like we wanted to make sure she had nothing to do with what her family is up to.

“Famille? Qu'est-ce que la famille? Il n'y a pas de sauf-moi en vie aujourd'hui. J'ai cherché de nombreuses fois, et je suis tout à fait seul. Qu'est-ce que vous voulez vraiment?” She had obviously done some research if she was so certain that she was alone.

“Nous sommes peut-être à tort, que cette personne de votre famille est là. Juste pour satisfaire mon patron, s'il vous plaît pourriez-vous le détail ce que vous avez fait jusqu'à présent sur votre voyage aux États-Unis? "

Collette did as I asked, detailing everything she had done since arriving in the country. Strangely everything was checkable, and Gibbs gave me the go ahead to let her leave with the standard warning not to skip town.

The rest of the workday passed in mundane paper work and useless phone calls. It felt like years before I was allowed to leave with Edward and Carlisle in tow, amazingly with Gibbs’s blessing to bring them back the following day.