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You're Not the Only One

Bella is a junior at Fork's High School. Renee sent Bella to Forks to live with Charlie after Bella got into trouble with the police. In this story, Bella isn't the good girl Stephenie Meyer made her out to be. Very OCC and AH.

I also posted this Fanfiction on Fanfiction.net.

1. Chapter 1

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August 2nd


2:15 P.M

"Come on Bella!" My mother, Renee, yelled from downstairs with a hint of anger in her voice.

"Mom, don't yell so loud!" I had a major hangover from the night before. I went to Lindsay's birthday party and went a bit wild. Although I can recall most of last night's events, there are a few that are blurry.

"Bella!" She yelled again with more anger.

Shit. I remember now. After I left Lindsay's party, a few friends and I broke into a local grocery store. I don't remember why we did. We were all drunk. We were only in there for a few minutes before the cops showed up. After we were put into the back of the cop cars, they called our parents to come pick us up at the station.

"Bella, if you don't come downstairs right this instant..."

"I'm coming!" I shot out of bed and wave of nausea washed over me. I gulped it back down before it could come up. I noticed I was still wearing my outfit from last night. I looked a mess. My make-up was all over the place. I groaned and walked downstairs slowly, trying not to fall. I am rather clumsy.

When I walked into the kitchen where Renee was. I saw how angry she actually was. Her face was red, and her hands were balled up into tight fist. You could fell the anger radiating off her twenty feet away.

"Yes mom?" I decided I would play stupid although I knew it would make the situation worse.

"Bella! This isn't healthy. All the drugs, and the alcohol, and the sleeping around is going to get you into a lot of trouble one day. This is the last time! You've gotten into trouble with the cops three times this month!"

"What do you mean the last time?" I wasn't acting stupid now. I really had no idea what she meant.

"You're going to live with your father." Then she walked away before I could say anything.

I felt my face pale at mention of living with my father. He lived in the middle of nowhere in a tiny town called Forks in Washington. I lived there with both my parents until I was ten, then my mother cheated on Charlie with some random guy from her work place. They got divorced, and I've lived in Pheonix, Arizona with my mother ever since. Charlie stayed at our old home in Forks. I rarely visit Charlie, but we talk on the phone about once a month.

I ran after Renee into the living room.

"I'm not going to Forks!"

"Like hell you aren‘t! I called him last night after your little stunt. I‘m bringing you to the airport at 4."

I automatically looked at the clock. It was already 2:30.

"Why?" I felt tears coming. I can't believe Renee would just send me off like this.

"Oh honey!" Renee took me in her arms while I cried. "I'm just trying to do what's best for you. You have to understand that. I think this will be a good thing. You need a change."

I pulled away from her and looked into her eyes and saw she really was trying to do what is best for me and not just trying to get rid of me. I wiped my tears away.

"How long will I have to stay there?"

"Well if you're good and your act straightens up, only for a semester."

I've been out of school for summer, and school starts in only a few days. It was almost three and I wanted to say bye to all my friends.

"Okay Mom. I'm going to go call my friends and pack."

"Don't be mad, Bella. Please."

"I'm not mad Mom. I know you're just trying to do what's best for me."

I hugged Renee before going to my room.

When I got into my room, I threw myself on my bed. I can't believe this is happening. I know I'm bad, but I love the adrenaline rush I get when I'm doing something stupid.

I got up and pulled my phone out of my purse that was on my dresser. Although I still had the worse headache, I needed to call everyone. After sixteen calls and a lot of tears, I was finally done. I'm a very popular person here, and I know I will be missed. Now all I had to do was pack.

As I finished packing my last bag, Renee called me down so we could go. I went downstairs and threw my bags into the trunk of her car and got in the passenger seat. Renee started up her car and started driving away. I looked behind me to get one last look at my home.

When we arrived at the airport, I hugged Renee one last time.

"Call me as soon as you get off the plane." Renee said about cry.

"Of course."

We pulled apart and I walked onto my plane. As the plane took off, I pulled my iPod out of my carry-on and stuck my ear phones in. I leaned back and closed my eyes drifting off into a peaceful sleep

Four hours later, I awoke by a flight attendant shaking me awake. I opened my eyes and took out my ear phones.

"Miss, we're going to be landing soon. Please straighten your seat and put your seatbelt on."

"Ok. Thank you."

The flight attendant nodded her head and walked back to the front of the plane. I could feel the plane landing.

I heard the pilot say, "Thank you for flying with Arizona Airlines. Have a nice day, and I hope you enjoyed your flight." over the intercom above me as I walked off the plane.

I walked to the baggage claim and grabbed the few bags I had packed. I didn't pack as much as I had wanted to due to the tiny trunk in Renee's car.

"Hey Bella."

I turned around and saw Charlie behind me with open arms. I walked up to him and gave him a quick hug. We didn't have the best father-daughter relationship.

"Hey Char... Dad." I wasn't allowed to call my father Charlie to his face.

Charlie didn't catch my little mess-up and continued to smile at me. He reached to grab my bags, but I pulled away from him

"I can carry my own bags." I am very independent and don't like people doing favors for me.

We walked out of the airport and to his car.

"I thought I told you not to bring the cruiser?" Charlie is Fork's Chief of police. It is very embarrassing to be driven around in a police car by your father. I think I've spent enough time in police cars.

Charlie laughed and got in the drivers seat. I stood beside the car for a few moments. I was really hoping he would jump out of his car, and tell me he was just kidding about the cruiser. He never did. I sighed and got into his car.

The ride into Forks was silent. Charlie and I both are very quiet. It's probably one of the few traits I inherited from him.

I never have like Forks. It's too green. Everywhere you look, there's more green. The ground to the top of the trees were covered in green. And not only that, you can't even see the sun. I'm not very tan for someone who has lived in Pheonix for eight years, but I absolutely love the sun.

We pulled into the driveway of Charlie's house. Well our house now. I‘ve always liked Charlie's house. I usually like flashier, showy things, but this house has always been so homely. It's a small, white wooden house with a red roof. It was Renee's idea to paint the roof red. Inside, the floor boards squeak as you walk over them.

When we pulled into the driveway of the house, I noticed there was an old Chevrolet pickup truck parked next to us. It was a rusty red color. I had a feeling it was mine.

"Whose truck is that?" Please don't say its mine. Please don't say it's mine.

"It's yours. I bought it for you." He said smiling. He looked proud of himself.

"Oh. Well, Renee's sending my car here in a day or two. So..." I really didn't want to hurt his feelings, but what did he expect?

His face instantly fell. "That's ok. It's always good to have a backup car incase yours breaks down or something."

"Thanks anyway Dad." I said as I got out of the cruiser.

Charlie walked me to my room. The first thing I noticed was he hasn't changed that many things about it. The twin size bed that lies across the back wall was replaced with blue sheets instead of the old, pink sheets I used to have lain over it. There was also a small computer desk against the wall with what looked to be a very ancient computer on top of it. I'm glad I decided to bring my laptop.

"Need any help unpacking?" Charlie said as he looked around the room.

"Nope. I've got it from here."

"Ok. I'll just leave you to it then."

Charlie walked out of my room and shut my door on his way out. The best thing about Charlie is he doesn't hover.