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A Diffence makes a Lifetime

At Bella's graduation party in Eclipse, something vital becomes completly different. Is that why Jasper made a mistake? And why is Jacob following her around? Poor Angela.

I don't own the characters or previous storyline. Just my new storyline.

5. Victoria

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We hadn’t forgotten the threat of Victoria, and we planned to “camp out” this Saturday to wait for her. Angela would be joining us, and of course Bella absolutely begged Edward to change her so she could fight, too. And of course, like always, Edward refused. The werewolves had decided to help us, although some weren’t too happy about it. Bella and Edward had stayed at home, but not before Bella left a trail to the clearing. Jacob stood next to me, rather that him. I was afraid for his safety, but I knew he would be okay. He was a werewolf, after all.

Finally, we heard newborns nearby. Everyone got ready for the attack. Suddenly, newborns spilled into the clearing. I just went into fight mode- I don’t know how many I killed, but it was a lot. Jacob and I tag-teamed a lot, so the newborns didn’t know what to expect. Finally, the battle was over- all of the vampires were-

Victoria, running up to our house. Edward, running to meet her. In two seconds, Edward had ripped off her head, but more were coming at him- and he couldn’t handle that many.

“Crap!” I said.

“What, Alice?” Jake asked, urgency in his voice.

I told him about my vision, and we ran towards my home. I ran faster than I’d ever ran to save my brother and best friend. Finally, we made it, only to see newborns getting ready to swarm Edward. I ran up behind them, Jake by my side, and attacked. Soon enough, all of them were gone. I started the fire. It smelled awful, but we couldn’t risk them coming back. Edward went inside to Bella, and Jake and I shared a victory hug. Finally, the rest of the family was there, and we all grinned at one another- none of the wolves or Cullens had been lost to the newborn army.

Life returned to normal- or as normal as it can be with a houseful of vampires with a werewolf (and human) mixed in. Esme offered Jacob a room at our house, which he accepted. I began to plan Bella and Edward’s wedding, and when the day finally arrived, everything was ready.

I pulled Bella into my bathroom, and began doing her hair and makeup. Rose came in to help, and soon enough we had her all ready, save for her dress. I ran to my room, put my dress on, and grabbed Bella’s dress. I ran back to the bathroom, where Bella’s mother was talking to her, and looked like she was crying.

Charlie walked in, carrying the old blue hairclip. “Something old, something blue,” he said.

“It’s all Alice would let us do,” said Renee.

I took the clip and put it in her hair.

“The dress is new, so all we need is something borrowed,” I said. I ran back to my room and got my garter from when Jasper and I had gotten married. Ugh, I wouldn’t want it back, but I couldn’t help it.

Wait- where was Angela? She couldn’t handle this many humans. Thank goodness for her father, who’d agreed to do the service, even with his daughter missing. Oh, yes, Edward had told her to stay in the Cullen room. I ran back to the bathroom, and gave Bella the garter.

“That’s mine, and I want it back,” I said. She blushed.