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A Diffence makes a Lifetime

At Bella's graduation party in Eclipse, something vital becomes completly different. Is that why Jasper made a mistake? And why is Jacob following her around? Poor Angela.

I don't own the characters or previous storyline. Just my new storyline.

6. Edward dearest and Bella get married.

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I danced down the aisle, where Bella would be standing soon. Finally, Edward got the biggest smile I’d ever seen on his face. He’d never been happier, not even when Bella said she loved him back. I was so happy for them- and surprised to see the kinship that had sprung up before my new boyfriend and my brother. In fact, Jacob was his best man, because Emmett had wanted to be the priest. (Actually, he’d positively begged Edward, and Edward had burst out laughing and eventually agreed.) The rest of our family sat on the groom’s side of the chapel. Renee, Phil, and Charlie sat on the bride’s side, along with the werewolves and some of Bella’s human friends- Ben Cheney, Mike, and Jessica. Angela wasn’t here because we couldn’t risk her being recognized. Ben’s eyes were rimmed in red, and Angela’s dad had canceled because of his missing daughter. No one even suspected us of kidnapping her, even though she’d been at our party when she disappeared. We were the innocent Cullen clan (or coven…). Bella walked down the aisle to Edward, smiling and blushing, Bella the Blushing Bride. Their vows were over quickly, and it was time for the reception. Only Bella and Edward danced at first, but then more people joined, including Jacob and I. I could practically feel the jealousy radiating off Jessica and Mike as they danced together, Mike yearing for Bella, while Jessica wanted Edward. Like they would ever get their wish. It just wasn’t going to happen. Then I was swept into a vision.

Jessica and Mike, sitting in front of a house, fighting. Two children (who looked like their parents, respectively) came out of the house, and timidly asked them to stop. Finally, Jessica yelled, “Mike, I want a divorce! You and your obsession with Bella Cullen have got to stop!”

The vision ended, and I snickered.

“What?” asked Jacob.

“Jessica and Mike have a hard future together,” I said.

He snickered, too, and I could hear Edward and Bella laughing. Life as I’d never known it before was here, and I was okay with that. Many more dances came and went, and I spent all but one with Jacob. During that one, I danced with Edward, and Bella danced with Jacob. I could hear their playful banter, just like best friends- the way it was meant to be. My life was finally making sense after weeks of awfulness. Jasper had been forgotten, and I held no anger towards Angela. Finally, for the last dance, I saw Edward nodding at Jacob.

Jacob got down on one knee, looking up at me. He looked amazing in his tuxedo, and his smile would have made my heart stop if I was human.

“Alice, I love you. Will you marry me?” he asked. He grinned, already expecting my answer.

I sighed with happiness. I knew it was moving fast, but my answer just felt right, like everything would finally be in its place if I said that one little word. “Yes.”

He stood and kissed me. Life had never been better.