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A Diffence makes a Lifetime

At Bella's graduation party in Eclipse, something vital becomes completly different. Is that why Jasper made a mistake? And why is Jacob following her around? Poor Angela.

I don't own the characters or previous storyline. Just my new storyline.

8. Old enemies make good friends!

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When we got home, Edward was telling Carlisle what happened. Bella was adding things, and looking ill. In fact, she looked more sick by the minute. I told her to lay down, and Jacob ran off to inform the pack of what happened. When he came back, he looked a lot older.

“Jacob, what happened?” I asked.

“I formed my own pack. And then the Clearwaters joined it. Sam’s gonna attack,” he told us.

“What?” Bella gasped. “My EJ is harmless!”

“EJ?” I asked.

She blushed. “I named him Edward Jacob, for the time being.”

“What if it’s a girl?” I asked.

“Then her name would be Renesmee.”

“Interesting name,” Emmett commented. Rose smacked his arm.

“Rosie!” he protested.

“Why don’t you lovebirds go work out your problems somewhere else?” Jacob muttered, and everyone but Bella heard him.

“What, Jake?” she asked.

He laughed. “Never mind, Bella.”

She looked crestfallen. “Oh, I see.”

“Calm down, Bells. I was poking fun at Emmett,” Jake informed her.

She nodded. “Oh.”

“The Clearwaters are coming,” Edward said.

“Fantastic,” Rose said sarcastically. “Don’t we have enough werewolves already?”

“No, you don’t. Although you might when you add us to the mix,” came Leah’s voice. “Hey, Alice.”

I greeted her, but she was looking at Bella’s stomach.

“Already starting to show, eh Bella?”

Bella laughed, it seemed all the pre-formed enemies were vanishing like white smoke today. But Edward said, “Not if we can help it. We’re getting that bloodsucking monster out of her ASAP.”

“Act Swiftly Awesome Pachyderm,” commented Seth. That broke the tension, everyone burst out laughing.

“Si- sin- since when- when did I become an elephant?” Edward gasped.

“I dunno, you tell us,” Seth said. For some reason, we all burst out laughing again.

“Wait, guys,” I said. “Will this put my wedding on hold?”

Jacob looked positively dismal at the thought.

“We could just elope,” he said hopefully.

“No, Jacob, that is one thing I refuse to do. I’m going to have the wedding of the century. Sorry, Bella.”

Bella just laughed. “Guys, why don’t you just push the wedding date up?”

“Because we have no idea when your kid’s gonna be born.”

“Good point.”

For two weeks, Bella kept growing and growing and….-you guessed it- growing.

Then, as I sat in the living room, talking to Leah, with Edward and Bella nearby, Edward looked up, face wonderous. “Did you say something?” he asked, the question directed at Bella.

She frowned. “No. Why?”

He walked over to her. “Like, with your mind.”

“Well, I was thinking about how much I love chocolate…”

“No, that wasn’t it.”

Bella frowned. “Oh.”

“Wait, wait. What if… do you think it could be the baby?”

She gasped. “What’d he say?” Leaning toward her stomach, she asked, “What did you say, my little EJ?”

“He loves you, he loves you,” Edward said.

Bella gasped again. “Oh, my little EJ loves me, yes, he does!” She kissed her abdomen.

I smiled, loving their cute little exchange.

“That’s so sweet,” Leah said, mirroring my thoughts. Surprisingly, there was no sarcasm. I smiled at her, and she smiled back, and I could tell we’d be great friends. She was starting to heal after Sam, and I was happy for her.

Jasper ran down the stairs, with Angela on his back.

“Oh, hey, Angela. What’s up?” I asked.

“We’re just going to hunt, I wanted to talk to Bella, but Jazz said I was too thirsty.”

I nodded. “Okay, but hurry back. We need to go shopping, girlie.”

Angela sighed. “I suppose there’s no way to avoid it…”