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A Diffence makes a Lifetime

At Bella's graduation party in Eclipse, something vital becomes completly different. Is that why Jasper made a mistake? And why is Jacob following her around? Poor Angela.

I don't own the characters or previous storyline. Just my new storyline.

9. Bella might not react well....

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We decided that we would deliver the baby on September 10, which gave three days before Bella’s birthday before the change. Nothing went wrong, and when the day finally arrived, Bella was beaming like she’d already had the baby. Edward sat her down on one of the couches, soothing her. Carlisle quietly prepared the sedative, so Bella would be asleep during the delivery. The rest of Jacob’s little pack was there, too. Everyone wanted to be there for the special occasion. After she fell asleep, Rosalie brought the gourney in and Emmett carried the IV. Edward picked Bella up, and Carlisle began preparing to deliver the baby. Once he was ready, he made an incision in Bella’s bloated stomach with the scalpel. Edward stood by, and Angela and Jasper had to leave in case they got too thirsty. Carefully, Carlisle bit through the sac that held the baby. He pulled it out, cutting the umbilical cord. He handed the baby to Edward, to clean it off, pronouncing that it was a boy. Edward beamed. Carlisle leaned over Bella’s stomach, ready to stitch up her uterus. However, when he did, he gasped.

“Edward, you’re having twins!”

Edward turned, still holding EJ. “What?”

“You have two children, Edward!”

“Oh. My. Goodness.” Edward grinned wider, which had seemed impossible earlier.

Carlisle pulled the other baby out, cutting its umbilical cord. “It’s a girl- Renesmee.”

Edward positively beamed.

Seth and Leah were both standing there, expressions of shock on their faces. Edward glanced at them, surprise written across his face. “You. Stay here.” he said, pointing at them. Their faces fell in unison. He handed Renesmee to me, and EJ to Jake. “Please go clean up my children. I have to change my wife and have a talk with the other members of Jacob’s little pack.” Jacob and I left to the kitchen, and went to the sink, filling it with water. I was extra careful with the water and baby, making sure I was gentle and the water wasn’t too hot or too cold. I could hear Edward talking to Seth and Leah in the other room- it seemed that they’d imprinted on Renesmee and EJ, respectively. Finally the conversation ended with Edward informing them that they would have to tell Bella about this. I could almost hear their faces fall. I giggled.

The next three days passed quickly, and Bella made no sound whatsoever. I was surprised, because I’d heard that the change was extremely painful. I didn’t know, because I had no recollection at all of my human life. Seth and Leah took turns with Rose and I holding the babies, we’d become extremely attached already. When Bella finally woke, Edward was there. They talked for a bit, then we were called up there. I carried Renesmee while Leah carried EJ. When we came in, Bella smiled at us.

“Let me hold my baby!” she said.

“Uh, Bells, Renesmee or EJ?” Jacob asked.

Bella looked confused.

“We have twins,” Edward told her.

Bella gasped. “Twins? Two babies!? Ehmigosh!”

Leah and Seth smiled.

“So, Renesmee and EJ? A boy and a girl?”

“Yep!” I said.

“Let me hold them!”

“Are you thirsty?” Jasper asked.

Bella frowned. “Now that you mentioned it, I am. But I wasn’t really, before. Dangit, Jasper.”


After Bella went hunting, she was back quickly with Edward. Of course, she demanded being able to hold her babies. Leah and Seth were super- protective, and, well, Bella freaked.

“They’re my children! I won’t hurt them! Gosh! You’d think you’d imprinted on them or something!” she said.

Everyone else froze.

“See, Bella, we kinda have to tell you something…” Seth said.

Bella narrowed her eyes at him.