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Angel On Earth

Edward is a popular, well known guy. He's noticed everywhere,especially from girls but he never returns the attraction. That is, until Bella moves to Forks...

I own many things...Twilight is Not one of them, Though, I wish I own Edward.YUM!

1. Chapter 1

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“This is it…”

I took a good look at the school I would be attending. It was gonna take a while for me to get through all this change. Phoenix was absolutely nothing like Forks. I looked over at Jasper, my childhood friend, and smiled at him.

“It’s not much to look at” I teased. He laughed in response.

“Yeah, I know but you’ll get used to it.”

We walked into the school and Jasper helped me find my first class. Luckyly, we had first period together. Right now, he was the only one I knew. A couple of people smiled and tried to talk to me but they were all guys. Jasper scared them all off with a look that could kill. He was like a brother to me so I didn’t complain. I knew that if Jasper had to step in it was because the guys wanted to get in my pants. Fucking Perverts.

“So how much can you tell me about this school? Anything important that I should know.”

“There’s some people that I want you to meet but they’re not here yet.I would tell you to watch out for Emmett but he currently has a girlfriend so he won’t be messing with you. He’s my best friend…umm plays football so he’s kinda high on the social status chart. He goes out with Rosalie, some blond cheerleader. I haven’t really talked to her much. Then there’s Alice Cullen and she’s kinda on the perky side but fun to be around…And then there’s Edward, her brother….”

Silence. Is he just gonna stop there?


“How do I say this? Um…Well..*sigh*…Edward is basically the ‘shit’ here. “

“oh really?”

“Yeah, but he’s not mean or anything. Actually he’s one of my best friends.”

“You act like that was so hard. God! Is something wrong with him?”

“No, nothing’s wrong with him. Apparently, to every girl here he’s perfect. But what I don‘t understand is why he isn‘t interested in any of the girls here. It‘s like none of the girls here are good enough for him. I don‘t know what his problem is.”

Wait! I thought he said he was his best friend.

“Do you not like him?”

“He’s a cool guy. I told you were good friends but I just don’t understand him sometimes.”

He has to be exaggerating. I’ve been here half and hour and haven’t seen ONE cute guy. And right at that moment, the most gorgeous guy I’ve EVER seen in my life walked into the class room. This guy looked like he could have been in a Calvin Klein ad. I looked at Jasper.

“Who is that?” He rolled his eyes.


That was Edward? God Jasper wasn’t kidding when he said this guy was perfect. He certainly looked perfect. I notice all the girls swooning over him, giggling and giving unnecessary smiles and he just kept walking. It wasn’t until now when I noticed that he was walking toward us. He and Jasper pounded fists and then he looked at me.