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Angel On Earth

Edward is a popular, well known guy. He's noticed everywhere,especially from girls but he never returns the attraction. That is, until Bella moves to Forks...

I own many things...Twilight is Not one of them, Though, I wish I own Edward.YUM!

2. Chapter 2

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( E POV)

I walked into the school and immediately their were girls at my side. All talking at one and trying to get my attention. Why the hell wouldn’t they leave me alone? I walked a little faster hoping that all the girls in heels would get tired and stop following. They didn’t. They sped up too, matching my pace. I had to think fast. I went into the boys bathroom and stayed for a little while. They we so god-damn persistent.

I walked into my first period class and saw Jasper, completely ignoring the girls once again. I pounded fists with Jasper and was about to say something when I notice a unfamiliar face standing next to him. She wasn’t smiling or giggling or flipping her hair. She just looked at me and I looked back at her. We were practically staring at each other but I didn’t care. This girl actually caught my attention and now that I think about it… beautiful. I think she realized that we were both staring we she looked down at the ground. I saw a faint blush and then she spoke.

“I’ll be back, Jasper. I’m gonna go to the restroom.”

And she walked away. I couldn’t help but to check her out as she walked away. That’s really not normal for me.

I wonder who she is? She Knew Jasper…maybe it’s his girlfriend. OH GOD! I JUST CHECKED OUT JASPER’S GIRLFRIEND!! I looked over at him searching for any signs of anger. He looked confused and slightly amused. Was he enjoying this?


“Where you just checking her out?”


“You were”

“I wasn’t”

I looked at me and smiled.

“If you say so.”

I thought that Jasper might be mad about me looking at his girlfriend. Or maybe he was proud? All I know is that Edward Cullen Does NOT show interest in girls. Although, this girl seemed different.



“Is that your new girlfriend?”

He burst out laughing. What was so funny about that?

“Dude, that girl is like my sister. Nothing more.”

Suddenly, I feel stupid. I walked over to my seat behind Jasper and pulled out my books for class. I realized that the girl had come back. I heard the teacher notify the class that we have a new student and that we should make her feel welcome. Then I heard her name…Isabella. Beautiful.



I walked into the cafeteria with Jasper, surprised that I had survived half of the day. But for some strange reason, it seemed that many people were looking at me. I tensed up a bit and I think that Jasper noticed.

“Don’t worry. You’re becoming really popular around here.”

“Excuse me?”

“Well, all the guys want to date you and all the girl wanna be you.”

I rolled my eyes and we started walking again. Being with Jasper made me feel a little more comfortable. But suddenly my comfort zone was taken away from me when I noticed where we would be sitting. My heart was pounding so hard that I was sure it would rip from my chest. I tried to ignore my nervousness as I followed Jasper…it was harder than I thought. He walked over to the table and stopped to speak to four people now looking at us.

“Guys, this is Bella. She a family friend and just moved from Phoenix.” Then he turned to me. “Bella, this is Emmett, Rosalie, Alice and Edward.”

I gave a smile and a small hello. It’s not my fault I’m a shy person. Jasper got my attention.

“You can sit by me if you want to.”

Of course I was gonna sit by him. Well, apparently Alice had other plans.

“Nope, she’s sitting by me. I’m sick and tired of talking to you boys. Bella, you can sit by me. Scoot over Edward.”

Wow she was a perky little thing, wasn’t she? I walked over to the other side of the table, an sat awkwardly between Alice and…Edward.