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This is the first poem I wrote, that is based on the Twilight books. It captures how Bella is feeling about Edward in New Moon. How she can't shake off her addiction to him, even though it hurts. Please review!


1. Scars

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When you chose me over all the rest
I was never sure
How could I hold your touch so firm
When you were so above me?

You said it time and time again
That I was the one you craved and loved
That you would never leave
Me and you to eternity

But the trees revealed the lies that night
the night that sucked out my life
the night that freed you
the night that holds me hostage

I will never regret my choice to love you
Even though you don’t feel the same
And I will always be here if you come back
Standing in the shattered remains of my love

And now your still gone
I am still broken
Into pieces like before
I am a prisoner
To your loving face
And from this I will never heal

My face has lightened maybe a bit
but the mask will slip away
if i ever let your face be buried
then the heat cannot save me

The red keeps haunting me
but your face is worse
cause even though it hurts like fire
i crave it now more than ever

Maybe i will welcome the shadows
there to relieve me from my pain
cause no you, means no me
and that's how it will always be

I guess that time will heal the wounds
That’s burning in my heart
That the pain will somehow cease in me
I can hope, I can believe
But some scars will always be