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This poem views Bellas feelings towards Jacob in New Moon, and in Eclipse, when she os trying to explain this to Edward. No "Jacob is her rightful lover shit" in this btw.


1. Chapter 1

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With one arm stretched toward where you left
and the other to hold me together
I scream your name to the darkness
no hope in my heart

The arm stretched out before me
sadly went to the ground
I fell into the darkness
landing never

then I woke up as the sun gently burned me
tired of holding on to me
I couldn't forget you
nor stop loving you

I jumped with the voice of you in my head
silently whispering my name
deeper than death I sank to the floor
until warm hands pulled me to life
it was not your hands

Now that your back and I'm with you
my hands are set free
but you left me once upon a time
and I will never quite forget

And I know it hurts you
when I cry for him
but if he had not been the sun
in that night of my life
I would not have woken

So what reason do you have
to keep holding on to me?
Yes, I love him, more by each minute
But I will always love you more

If my sun had darkened

black by an eclipse

but you would still hold me
I would breath

If my sun had shined

Brighter than stars
but you had gone lost
I would sleep forever