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The Day I Met My Daughter's Boyfriend

This is Charlie's view of the books in journal format. I previously posted this on fanfiction.net before Breaking Dawn came out, but now I've edited and added to it.


1. Frist Events

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Forks, Washington- January-

Dear Diary,

I just got this for my birthday from one of the guys at the office. I think it is a good idea to record my thoughts in here, so I can look back and see how screwed up my life has been. Also, so Isabella's kids can read it and know what their grandfather was like long after I’ve been laid in the ground.

My daughter, Isabella, moved in with me last week, but I was so busy worrying about her, I didn't have time to write. I bought her a new, well new to her, truck. To my surprise, she loved it. I was a little worried about it, it is very retro.

School seems to be going well for her. I'm glad she is adjusting without too many awkward moments. She is terribly easy to live with. She insisted on kitchen duty, which suits me just fine. None of the boys seem to have caught her eye yet. This suits me just fine. I pray every night that the hormones won't kick in until she is away at college.

Work is going well, it is rather slow, but it pays the bills. Billy and I still aren't talking because of our argument about the Cullen family. Stubborn old man! All in all, the past few days have been really good! I'll try to write more frequently.

Charlie Swan

Forks, Washington- March-

Dear Diary,

Sorry I haven’t written for so long. Who knew having a daughter demanded so much time? Bella was almost run over by a car, but Edward Cullen saved her. Dr. Cullen stitched her up and she seems to be perfectly fine. Dr. Cullen is a great man!

For the past month Isabella has been mopey, but that all changed about a week ago. I wonder what that was about. Girls are complicated. Bella is home. I'll finish writing before I go to bed.


Well, I thought my life was going wonderfully, until Bella dropped the bombshell. She has a boyfriend. And not just any boyfriend, a Cullen boyfriend. He acts perfectly polite and seems to adore my daughter, but I've learned over the years that the one who seems innocent, is the one that requires the most attention. I will have to monitor the situation very carefully. Maybe some more pepper spray for Bella wouldn’t be a bad idea…

Work is as good as ever, and my relationship with Billy has improved; we are speaking to each other again. In fact, last week he and Jacob came over and watched the Basketball game on the big screen.

Well I'll sign off for the night, Bella and Edward have just pulled up. I have to make sure my porch doesn't become some sort of make out spot.

12:00 am

I can't sleep and this news is too important. Maybe if I vent my feelings in here, I'll be able to work out an explanation for my daughter's abnormal behavior. She came home in hysterics. When I asked what was wrong, I only got vague answers. She spent five minutes in the house before taking off for Phoenix.

If I didn't know that that boy was still in town, I would say she was in Vegas right now. Well, I'm going to bed now. I still have no explanation.

Charlie Swan

Forks, Washington - August-

Dear diary,

Well, they are both back, Bella, and that boy. She had a scar on her hand, broken ribs, and a leg that was in a cast. She can hardly move!

My daughter and that Cullen boy spent all summer together. He almost needs a bedroom here! I don't think his family has seen much of him at all. I get that unlucky pleasure all too often. I only put up with him because I see how happy he makes my daughter and to keep peace in this household.

She would just go behind my back to see him, and I'd rather know what they are up to instead of hearing about it through the town gossip chain. They go back to school in a few weeks. Maybe over the next year they'll break up and move on.

Charlie Swan