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The Day I Met My Daughter's Boyfriend

This is Charlie's view of the books in journal format. I previously posted this on fanfiction.net before Breaking Dawn came out, but now I've edited and added to it.


2. Stress

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Forks, Washington - September-

Dear diary,

He left her, that bastard, Edward, left her in the woods! She is totally crushed. It has been three weeks, and she has gone from catatonic to walking around in a daze. I feel helpless, it’s like I’m living with a zombie! I feel she should be with her mother in Florida. Maybe I am doing something wrong, but she doesn't want to go and I selfishly want to keep her with me. I'll monitor the situation and write about it as I have news.

Charlie Swan

Forks, Washington - February-

Dear diary,

Bella is getting better. She is spending almost all her free time with Jacob Black. She seems happier and that makes me happy. Man, that boy is getting big! I hope that it will grow into something more. Jake would be a good boyfriend for her. He wouldn’t leave her in the woods like that boy did.

He would watch sports with me, unlike Cullen, who always got a bemused expression on his face…it was like he could outperform the men on those teams. What an ego! I don’t know what Bells ever saw in him.

Some strange sightings of giant wolves have been reported recently. It’s got me worried. I need to ask Bella to not go in the woods anymore.

Charlie Swan

Forks, Washington - March- St. Patrick's Day!

Dear diary,

Bella and Jacob, for want of a better word, broke up for a couple weeks. I was so worried she would go back into her shell, but since then they've made up and she has been spending all her time in La Push.

That is good, since I've been out in the woods hunting the giant wolves that have killed numerous hikers. I don't have much spare time anymore. March Madness is going on right now. I hope that the Memphis Tigers win!

Charlie Swan

Forks, Washington - late March-

The Kansas Jayhawks won! I'm still spitting mad over that one, but my thoughts right now are in a more upsetting channel.

Alice Cullen, wonderful girl despite her relations, dropped by, and Bella really seemed to be enjoying her visit. I think Jacob was a little jealous though. Oh well, a little disappointment builds character.

It was good that she was here, because Harry Clearwater died of a heart attack, and I was helping Sue with all the arrangements. He was one of my best friends and I will really miss his company. His kids are about Bella's age and every time I think about them, I feel horrible.

I went to the funeral in the awful suit, which I've had since my wedding. When I got home, Bella was gone! Jacob was so upset he actually started shaking. He mentioned Edward's name, but nothing else. I don't even know if she is coming home. Jake seemed to think that she didn't know either. All I can do is sit and wait. It feels like Phoenix all over again, except she actually said goodbye, albeit rudely, to me. I'll write as I get news.

Charlie Swan

Forks, Washington - April-

Dear diary,

Bella is home and he is with her. I placed her under house arrest and tried to ban him from the house, but she threatened to move in with him, so I relented. Now I have to endure him in the house every day. I'd stay later at work, just to avoid him, but I'm worried about what kind of trouble they would get into, if I wasn't here to watch him.

They have made up and seem to be closer than they ever were before. The way he looks at her, is how a drowning man would look at air, or a starving person would look at a giant bowl of mint chocolate ice cream. It is disconcerting to see that kind of look in someone so young and inexperienced!

They have all these strange inside jokes, which I think contain double meanings. Sometimes I wonder if I ever really understand what they are saying. It is like they are speaking some long lost dialect that resembles the English language, but the meaning is totally different. Oh, the doorbell just rang. I'll sign off for now and write later tonight.


If I thought things couldn't get worse, I was so wrong! Jacob came over to the house today, because he thought Bella might want her motorcycle back! I didn't know she even owned a motorcycle. Jake told me that they went riding all the time while she was down in La Push. I didn't think she was that suicidal.

Do I know my daughter anymore? It is entirely that Cullen boy’s fault! If he hadn't left Bella, then she wouldn't have been out riding motorcycles. That would explain all the trips to the emergency room. She lied to me about that, knowing full well I wouldn't approve.

When I was yelling at her, I was replaying the months since September in my head over and over. Cullen looked like he was going to be sick or something. Bella noticed, and glared at me. It was as if she thought he could see everything I was seeing in my mind or something. Well he should be able to. It would be some sort of strange justice. Her grounding became more restrictive, meaning I shaved off more Edward time; it is the only thing that I have left to cut out.

No more problems with the wolves. Everything is back to normal at work. I'm going to bed. It has been a long, stressful day.

Charlie Swan