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The Day I Met My Daughter's Boyfriend

This is Charlie's view of the books in journal format. I previously posted this on fanfiction.net before Breaking Dawn came out, but now I've edited and added to it.


3. Acceptance

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Forks, Washington - Early May-

Dear diary,

Bella has been very good over the past few weeks, so I lifted her punishment, but only on the condition that more of her time is spent with people outside the Cullen family; especially Jacob. I think Edward might put his foot down about that one, but the more arguments they have the better.

Bella got accepted to the University of Alaska Southeast today. Unfortunately, Edward did as well. However, he was also excepted to several ivy league schools. Carlisle must want him to go that route! Truthfully, I don’t think that luck will be with me in this case.

Seattle is having problems right now. They've had five unsolved homicides in the past two weeks! How can people live like that?

Charlie Swan

Forks, Washington - late May-

Dear diary,

Bella and Edward just returned from visiting Renee in Florida. I wasn't too keen on the idea of them going together, but I didn't have much choice in the matter. Lately I've felt as though I have no say in anything that goes on, even in my own house.

Jacob called all day today; I think my phone has rung more today than it has in the past three years. When Bella got home, she talked to Jacob and I could hear in her voice that she missed him, but he hung up on her. His behavior toward her has been very strange since Edward came home. I think he’s jealous.

I came into the kitchen to get a glass of water and saw one of the most disgusting things I'll ever witness in my life. Bella and Edward were hanging on each other, having a wordless discussion. They both looked really upset and depressed, but very much in love. It looked as though they were about to start kissing. My stomach wouldn't have been able to handle that, so I brought them back to reality. Maybe I should start coming home earlier, so I can supervise them.

Charlie Swan

Forks, Washington - June-

Dear diary,

Bella came home today after spending the afternoon at Jacob's (Edward was hiking again), with a broken hand. Apparently, Jacob, being the 16 year old that he is, kissed her and she didn't like it at all. She was spitting nails when she got home. She immediately called Edward and he raced over. I thought I was going to have to be a witness at his murder trial, but he kept his cool. I'm glad Jake got his feelings out there. It gives him a fighting chance.

Charlie Swan

Forks, Washington - late June-

Dear diary,

My Bella graduated today. She is a college girl now. After the graduation she told Edward something that made him lose his cool. From the looks of it, I would have thought she had told him she was pregnant, but she didn't relay that message to me, so it must be something else.

Bells seemed distracted all through dinner, but I'm sure she was just dreading the graduation party at the Cullens' house later. She invited me, but I'm an old man and never did like the party scene.

The murders in Seattle continue to escalate. I made Bella promise to stay away from there until it is all cleared up.

Charlie Swan

Forks, Washington - a week later-

Bella spent the weekend over at the Cullen house with Alice. Edward was hiking again, so she and Alice decided to have some girl time. I have to wonder if Edward was really gone though. She has lied to me before. I'll believe her until I find evidence to the contrary. It is the only thing I can do. I don't want to be a become paranoid father.

While Bella was with Alice, Jake got in a really bad motorcycle accident. He nearly died. I'd spent the day with Billy- man was he acting weird today- and I saw Jacob when they brought him in. He looked bad. That boy can cuss more than some of the criminals I've dealt with!

When Bella got home, I could tell she'd heard about it already. She made my dinner and went down to see him. When she got home, she was crying. At first, I thought Jake had died. I think she broke off the friendship.

It is two in the morning and I can't sleep, because she is still crying…loudly. She will get over this though. I should look at the bright side, at least Edward didn’t leave again.

I've decided Cullen isn't that bad. I'll try to like him, no promises though. I have a feeling that he will be my son-in-law soon.

The wolves were sighted again today. I hope we don't have any more problems. Weird noises were being made in the forest today, like things were dying.

Charlie Swan

Forks, Washington - the next day -

Dear diary,

I'm am so angry! I had a good day at the office and it was sunny. Always a plus in this little town. I should have known it was the calm before the storm.

I came home to find Bella and Edward waiting for me; not an uncommon sight. I was fine until Bella told me she was marrying Edward. Where did this come from? At first I'd thought she was pregnant, but she and Edward laughed as though I had told a good joke, and explained their reasons for getting married. Love being the most prevalent.

I have to hand it to Cullen, he sure knows how to pick jewlery out. Looking at the rock on my Bella's finger, I would estimate it cost more than my house! I bet Alice or Esme helped him pick it out. At least my daughter is marrying someone who can support her.

I didn't throw a fit, but said she had to call her mom and tell her. I really didn't care to hear an hour-long lecture from Renee. To my surprise, and extreme annoyance, Renee had no problem at all. Traitor! Now I'm up a creek without a paddle. I have to pretend that everything is peachy keen when it isn't. I will always hate the day I met my daughter's boyfriend!

Charlie Swan