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The Day I Met My Daughter's Boyfriend

This is Charlie's view of the books in journal format. I previously posted this on fanfiction.net before Breaking Dawn came out, but now I've edited and added to it.


4. Wedding Bells

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Forks, Washington – August 13 – Bella's Wedding Day

Dear Diary,

My little girl is getting married today! I can hardly believe it! Did she really only move in eighteen months ago? I don't want to get all sappy, but right now I want to cry. I have a strange feeling that I'll never see my daughter again.

I got dressed in the monkey suit Alice was forcing me to wear, and drove to the Cullen mansion. Alice, Esme, and Renee had really outdone themselves in decorating. Flowers were everywhere!

Renee and I went upstairs to Alice's bathroom, to see Bella. She looked so beautiful! She's not my little girl anymore. We gave her sapphire hair combs as an early wedding present. They looked amazing in her brown hair.

I escorted Bella down the aisle, suppressing tears the whole way. Edward looked very dashing in his tux. The way he smiled at my Bella will linger with me until my dying day. They were both grinning ear to ear, almost like the Cheshire cat.

Even though I'm not exactly excited about gaining a son-in-law, I guess I'll just have to deal with it. Their vows were simple, but heartfelt. I can't help but believe that this marriage will last.

The reception was… interesting. Our father/daughter dance went as well as can be expected, considering Bella and I are two of the most uncoordinated people on the planet. Edward and Esme put us to shame! Not that I expected anything else, considering how well-rounded the Cullen's education was.

Jacob showed up for a few minutes, but left hurriedly. He acted as if Bella's marriage was her death sentence. I know he really liked her, but that is a bit much. Billy, Seth, and Sue came as well. Edward and Seth seem to be friends now. That's good. Seth's such a nice kid.

I got to meet Edward's cousins. Wow! Is it a prerequisite for a Cullen to be amazingly gorgeous? Their grace was of another world. Bella seemed to be slightly jealous of Tanya, but she'll get over it.

Mr. and Mrs. Edward Cullen drove off in a black limo to the airport, where they would fly down to an island in the South Pacific. Bella had no clue where they were going, but Alice told Renee and I as soon as the car was out of sight. Renee gushed about how romantic it was for at least ten minutes. I preferred not to think about any detail of my daughter's honeymoon….

-Charlie Swan

Forks, Washington – September 14 -

After a few weeks, I began to call the Cullens. Bella and Edward should be home by now. Bella had contracted a rare South American disease that Carlisle tried, and failed, to explain to me. All I understood was that Bella was sick and I was not allowed to see her.

I was able to talk to Bella a few times on the phone, and she sounded like death was at her door. I could tell the whole family was desperately worried.

Edward picked up the phone once. From the sound of his voice, he was dying as well. Even though I've never forgiven him for leaving my daughter last year, I couldn't help but feel his pain! Bella might be physically dying, but Edward was already dead inside.

For a week, I heard nothing. It was as if the entire family had been swept off the face of the earth. I was going to give them another week and then go see my daughter, no matter the consequences. Even though Bella was Edward's wife now, she would always be my little girl.

-Charlie Swan

Forks, Washington – The Next Day –

Jake came by the house today and…exploded into a giant wolf. I'm not sure how I feel about that. He told me that Bella was fine now, but different. As long as she didn't explode as well, I would be able to live with the changes. Jacob seems a lot happier now. What changed?

I went over to the Cullen house and walked into the living room. Bella looked stunning. Jake was right, she looked more like Esme than Renee.

The most beautiful little girl I've ever seen was sitting complacently on her lap. Her name was Renesmee. Edward tried to feed me some cockeyed story that she was dead brother's daughter. I didn't buy it. She looked like a perfectly blended mixture of the newlyweds. How did one month turn into nine? Bella was so overprotective of her . . .

We had a nice evening watching sports. I tried to ignore Emmett's suggestive comments, but it was hard. Bella looked as though she wanted to blush, but her white skin stayed the same, almost like it was frozen.

I took my leave, hugging Bella before I stepped onto the porch. She was cold and hard! I could tell she wasn't breathing. I don't want to dwell on these facts too much. I want a need to know relationship.

Bella told me that we shouldn't tell Renee. This stuff isn't for the faint hearted. It takes some mettle. She also told me that Nessie's middle name was Carlie; Bella and Edward named their daughter after her grandparents!

I went over to Sue's where she made me a good dinner and we talked about the Cullens. Seth, Jake, and Leah were spending a lot of time over there these days. Apparently supernatural creatures flock together.

I'm exhausted. Finding out your daughter is a supernatural being, has a daughter, and has a best friend who erupts into a giant creature is rather distrubing.

I got home, too tired to even turn on the flat screen. I'm going to bed now.

-Charlie Swan

Forks, Washington - December 25- Christmas is here! -

Dear diary,

Merry Christmas!

I'm sorry I haven't written in so long, but most of my time is spent playing with Renesmee, Bella, and Jacob. Jacob never leaves the house. He seems to really love Renesmee though. Now that I think about it, he loves her a little too much. I wonder why he calls Bella mom all the time now?

Everyone came over to my house for Christmas. There were so many people! Bella and Edward gave Nessie a locket and Jake gave her a pretty bracelet. For some reason, Edward seemed upset over Jake's gift. I wonder why that was.

Sue's lunch was really good, but for some reason the Cullens didn't eat too much. It's Christmas! Eat, drink, and be merry! Die tomorrow. The Quileutes ate us out of house and home, though.

Bella looked really tense and sad. It was like she had a terminal disease and this was the last Christmas that she would spend with the family.

Homicide reports have picked up on the west coast in the past few weeks. Forks is safe and sound though. No monsters here.

-Charlie Swan

Forks, Washington - February - Valentines Day-

Dear diary,

Yesterday, Bella, Alice, and I went to Tiffanys in Bellevue, to shop for Sue's engagement ring. That's right people, I'm asking Sue Clearwater to marry me. It took forever to convince Alice that $1,000,000 was an inconceivable sum. She almost threw a fit in the middle of the store and raced off to Neiman Marcus, which was down the street. Upon returning, she carried eight super-sized bags filled to the brim with designer clothing.

While Alice was gone, Bella and I found something respectable. It was perfect. Bella was happy that I had found someone to settle down with, for real this time.

We stopped by Whole Foods Market on the way home and bought organic, free trade conversation hearts. I personally did not know such things existed; let alone where to find them. Alice is cute, but terrifying when she doesn't get her way. We put the ring in the box and Alice kept it for safekeeping.

Today I met Sue, Jake, Seth, and Leah over at the Cullens'. Jacob gave Nessie a wolf charm, like the one on Bella's charm bracelet. She kissed his cheek. They're together a lot.

Sue and I walked out back to the river, where I faced Sue. I gave her the conversation hearts and when she stumbled on the ring, tears formed in her eyes. I asked he to marry me and she said yes!

The family was so happy! Alice immediately began to plan the wedding. If it was anything like Bella's, the whole world should be trembling in fear.

We all watched a sappy love story, even Nessie, and stared into our love's eyes. Jake and Nessie were copying us. It was rather disturbing, but my happiness was so overwhelming, I didn't care.

-Charlie Swan