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The Day I Met My Daughter's Boyfriend

This is Charlie's view of the books in journal format. I previously posted this on fanfiction.net before Breaking Dawn came out, but now I've edited and added to it.


5. Chapter 5

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Forks, Washington – May 25 –

Dear Diary,

So much happened today! Today Sue and I were married. Alice went overboard, of course. In the end it was beautiful, though, so she's forgiven. Sue looked amazing. I still can't believe she said yes!

Seth and Edward were my attendants, while Sue had picked Bella, Leah, and Alice. Sue actually hadn't picked the latter, Alice had insisted on being included.

Renesme was the prettiest flower girl to ever grace the planet with her presence.
This was Renesme's first public experience. Everyone in Forks was enchanted. She behaved like a perfect young lady, but hung out with Jake for most of the time.

The reception was over the top! Everything was black and silver with splashes of dark green. We danced and danced…and danced some more. Bella was better at the waltz, even in the strappy shoes she was wearing. I haven't seen her trip since her wedding…

Well, I'm happy, healthy, and have a wonderful new bride. My daughter is married to a man who adores her and I have a granddaughter that is as cute as a button. Life is definitely wonderful. My journal is complete now. I don't believe my life could be any more wonderful. I might start another…if someone gave one to me.

Shakespeare said, so Bella tells me, "We know what we are, but we know not what we may be." This is a truth beyond truth. If someone had told me two and one half years ago that Bella would be married to the Cullen boy, have a daughter, be best friends with an exploding person, and that I'd be married to Sue, I would have replied that they were insane..."We know not what we may be."

-Charlie Swan-

Dear Diary,

Renesme was over at the house visiting Sue and I. Wow, she's grown! What is my son-in-law feeding her? She got bored and went to search our scanty bookshelves. She is so like Bella! She found a small leather book and began to read. Oh no! That small book was my diary. There were some not nice things about her daddy in there!

I tried to get the book back, but it was too late. She had begun to read! After a few minutes Renesme asked, "Grandpa, why didn't you like daddy? What did he ever do to you?"

"Well…" I grumbled, "Nothing in particular. I was just worried about your mommy. She really loves him. I was afraid he'd break her heart." I had had good reason to worry.

"Hmm." Renesme read on. Again she asked, "Why did daddy leave, Grandpa?"
If I knew that, I would have possessed the key to understanding my daughter's relationship with her creepy boyfriend. "Carlisle and Esme moved, darling. Your dad had to move as well."

"No he didn't. Grandma and Grandpa Cullen wouldn't have moved away. Not without mommy. I'll ask daddy when I get home. " She read on.

"Jake kissed mommy?! My Jake kissed my mommy? We are going to have a talk when I get home! No one kisses my Jacob." What had Renesme just yelled?

My Jake? What was going on at that house?"What do you mean, 'my Jake,' Renesme? " I asked.

"Well, he loves me and I love him. He gave me a Quileute promise bracelet for Christmas last year. He can't kiss mommy!"

What had she just told me? A Quileute promise ring? Sue had explained imprinting to me, but this was my granddaughter and Jacob! I can accept this. I think I can. I think I can. "Oh, your mom doesn't kiss him anymore. Trust me. It was only once and she'll never do it again." At least I think it was only once. Bella had become very sneaky around that time.

Shortly thereafter Edward picked Nessie up. "Edward," I began, "Nessie told me that Jake gave her a promise bracelet? What is going on?"

Edward sighed and replied, "Trust me Charlie, I don't like it any more than you do, but my hands were tied. He imprinted on her! It's fate. Jacob is a great guy and respects and adores my daughter. It could be worse. Fate could have picked Mike Newton." He visibly cringed at the last sentence. Edward continued, "Besides, now I get to boss Jake around a little. He's a helpful dog. It could be a lot worse…" he trailed off.

I felt for the first time that Edward and I had some common ground. Neither of us liked Nessie being engaged, but there was nothing we could do about it. It felt nice to actually understand and sympathize with my son-in-law. For the first time I was almost thankful for the day I'd met my daughter's boyfriend.